Author's note : The last chapter :) Enjoy~ The pairings in this (well, at least the OBVIOUS ones) are LenXMiku, KaitoXRin, NeruXMikuo. Don't like them, don't blame me I just found a NeruXMikuo fic and instantly liked it, that's all! Also, a few thousand Vocaloids are missing in the story. I don't bother to look them all up, I just put down what I remember.

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Len and Miku entered the Kagamine twins' house, with Rin and Kaito behind them. Both couples were holding hands sweetly, showing off their affection and new-found love interests. Many Vocaloids crowded in the house didn't seem affected by the Twin's appearance, so they continued with their own conversations. Miku noticed Kaito and Rin behind her, so she waved at them.

"Kaito, I see you've gotten over me. That's wonderful!" Miku smiled cheerily at him, still holding Len's hand. Kaito started to grin.

"Yup. Rin, here, is as cute and pretty as I thought you were, but she actually likes me back," the blue-haired ice-cream loving idiot stated proudly as he tugged on the hand that was holding his. Rin beamed, and you could feel her proud aura radiating off her.

"Damn right I'm cute and pretty!" The female of the birthday Twins grinned smugly. Len groaned in embarrassment at his twin's arrogance.

Upon noticing Len's discomfort at Rin's actions, Miku decided to changed the subject. "Len, it's time to cut the cake~!"

All the Vocaloids in the house gathered around immediately, excited to see the twins' faces when they saw the cake. Kaito had chosen the KIND of cake, Luka and Gakupo chose the design together, and Meiko had baked it (in her non drunken state, of course). When Miku got out of the kitchen shortly after she ran in, Len and Rin's mouths dropped. The smell of icing was intoxicating them, but the sight of the cake itself completely entranced them!

But the flavour itself was hard to tell from just smelling the cake.

One side of the cake was orange-flavoured, with a picture of an orange drawn on it with banana-flavoured icing. The other side of the cake was banana-flavoured, with a picture of a banana drawn on it with orange-flavoured icing. The banana side had a creamy yellow complexion, tan perhaps, while the orange side was, well, orange. A bit paler than an actual orange's skin colour, but still counted as the colour orange, nontheless.

The icing blobs around the edge of the cake were in a pattern. When one blob was banana-flavoured, the two blobs it was in between would be orange-flavoured. An equal number of icing blobs was confirmed by Luka during the designing.

"IT'S AN ICE-CREAM CAKE!" Kaito screamed happily as he made a dash toward it. Rin WANTED to actually eat the cake, so she stopped Kaito in his tracks before he could devour the whole thing.

"I thought you loved me more than ice-cream!" Rin scolded.

"Well, yeah, but-"

"No 'but's! This is MY birthday, and to make me happy, I would like everyone to have an equal amount of this cake, got that?" Rin retorted at Kaito's pathetic sounding excuse, or at least what he had managed to get out before being interrupted.

Speaking of the blue-haired ice-cream loving idiot, he had his head drooped down as he agreed to the rules Rin had set. Being in a relationship was hard. But... maybe he could attempt to eat the cake before Rin would notice... So, he dashed toward the cake again.

After Kaito was tied up to prevent any further disruptions, the cake had 14 candles stuck into it. All 14 had been lit, but were blown out when both the twins had finished wishing. During the wishing time, both twins had closed their eyes and joined their hands together.

The blonde male had wished that all of his Vocaloid family would stay safe, and that Miku would love him truly and forever. The blonde female had wished that she would rank above ice-cream in Kaito's list.

Miku gave Len a bear hug after he had opened his eyes and let go of his sister's hand, while Rin stared at Kaito, who was still tied to a chair. Everyone in the room, Yuki, Gachapoid, Iroha, Piko, Miki, Defoko, Dell, Haku, Lily, Sonika, Sweet Ann, Mizki, Luka, Gakupo, Gumi, Meiko, Miku, the Twins, Mikuo, Luki and Neru (who was texting on her phone while hugging one of Mikuo's arms) and Teto (who wasn't a Vocaloid but was sweet enought to be invited), cheered for the twins and clapped.

After the cake eating, Kaito was untied and free again. He had been spoon-fed by Rin, and it took so long of a time he actually thought the ice-cream would melt and drip out of the cake! Luckily, it didn't.

Kaito led Rin out to show her the firecrackers that all the Vocaloids had prepared, so that the Twins could enjoy a fireworks display that night.

"Come on, Rin, you can do the honours of lighting them up!" Luki encouraged.

Meanwhile, Miku and Len were cleaning the dishes. Len had wanted to clean the dishes himself at first, but Miku insisted he could not. He would not be persuaded, so Miku ended up doing the dishes with him, to lessen his workload. No way she would let him do any work on his birthday if she could help it. A while after the chore of cleaning the many dishes was done, the two wanted to get some fresh air, so Miku brought him outside to where the fireworks were supposed to be held, thinking that the fireworks would be beautiful in the night sky.

You could say, what they actually saw gave them both a shock.

Miku immediately released Len's hand and ran back into the house, sighing and calmly stating , "I'll go get the fire extinguisher."

Len stared at the fire in one half of the backyard and all the Vocaloids screaming in the other half, called the fire department, and after hanging up told himself, "I will never let Rin near fire again."

Ending note : Never let Rin near fire! DX