As Michael and Erison got to Dr Grog's, Keira was crazy with power.

"We need some help! Dr. Grog, get some light eco!" Erison said.

Michael still had no idea about what was happening. How could he? He's just a random teenager brought into these weird things. Grog got the light eco. "Michael, shove this down her throat!"

Erison said, trying to keep Keira's arms down. " No way, I'm not going to shove some weird liquid down my girlfriend's throat!" Michael yelled at Erison.

Erison put it down and she was healed.

Michael was shocked about what just happened. "Michael, wait!" Keira said, running after Michael.

Michael kept running. He ran about 50 miles an hour back to his own apartment he had rented. Keira went inside along with Michael. "The truth is, Keira, my name isn't Michael, its Alex." Michael, or Alex said. "People just call me Michael."

Keira was shocked. "Well, I have to take care of Lou." "Already done." Alex said.

Was keira meant for Alex?