Lee flew through the air and landed on a rock several feet away. A sharp pain surged through his leg as he tried to stand up and he fell back to the ground.

Gai Sensei had strongly suggested they spar an hour before training every morning. "It keeps you alert and youthful" he said, throwing his pointer finger up in the air. Lee, of course, agreed. It would have been weird if he hadn't. He was always so eager to do any sort of training, always wanting to get ahead and be the best. The only problem, however, was that he didn't feel like training lately. He had no inspiration to fight. The only thing he could think of was Gaara and it was driving him insane. It had only been three weeks since he'd last seen him. It shouldn't have messed him up this badly. He spaced out in the middle of a sparring session and now he was on the ground. That never happened. It was impossible to think something like that could affect him so badly. He mentally kicked himself and made a note to run two hundred laps around the village backwards after training was over. It was bad practice to let himself get so carried away. He rubbed his leg tenderly, noticing how swollen it was. Most likely it was sprained. He'd know if it was broken. Besides, even though a kick from his sensei could definitely break his leg, they were only sparring so it wasn't that forceful. They didn't want to accidentally hurt each other.

"Lee!" His shocked sensei ran over to him and knelt down next to him, immediately inspecting the wound. "Are you ok?" Lee nodded and leaned back, resting his head on the rock and looking at the sky. Of course he wasn't ok. He was slowly falling into insanity but it wasn't like he could tell anyone.

Deciding Lee's leg wasn't broken and obviously relieved at that fact, Gai relaxed and sat down next to him. He was worried though. He'd never seen Lee so out of it. "Lee, what's wrong? You've been acting odd lately."

"Nothing. I'm just tired. I haven't been sleeping well lately." Gai gave him a quizzical look.

"Oh? Can't fall asleep? Maybe you're not burning up enough energy. It might help if you train more." Lee sighed. He loved his sensei but agreed with the rest of the village when they said he could be a bit thick at times.

"I've just been having… guy… issues… I guess." That was one way to put it. He felt bad that he couldn't tell him the truth but decided that it wasn't lying and that eased his guilt a little bit.

"Oh." Gai's eyes widened. "I see." He cleared his throat nervously. He knew he was like a father figure to Lee but they'd never talked about these things before. "Well, you've just got to try different ways of doing it and see what works best for you." Lee gave him a what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about look. "I mean, it's different for everyone. B-but don't worry, just because you haven't found what works for you yet doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. Once you figure it out everything will get better and I'm sure you'll be able to fall asleep easier. Don't get too frustrated."



This is the last thing he wanted to talk to his sensei about. He didn't need a sex talk from the person who had practically been his father for the past twelve years. Yeah, he masturbated, but he figured it all out years ago and never even thought about talking about such things with his sensei. It felt so… unyouthful.

"And there's absolutely no reason to be embarrassed Lee. You're young and discovering different things about yourself." He was starting to stumble over his words and Lee could tell he was nervous. "It's a perfectly normal thing for someone your age to go through. I remember when I first…"

"Sensei." Gai, glad for the interruption, stopped mid-sentence and looked at his perturbed student. "It's all good, ok?" Lee didn't want to be rude but he didn't want to hear about how his beloved sensei discovered himself. "I-I'll figure it out. Thanks." He smiled awkwardly, hoping he hadn't offended the obviously uncomfortable older man. Gai nodded.

Lee wanted to tell Gai about Gaara but didn't want to betray Gaara's trust. He was sure there wasn't anything his sensei could do for him anyway.

He stood up but flinched slightly when he put weight on his sprained leg. Gai quickly changed into super-protective-sensei mode and stood up, alarmed. "Don't put any weight on it!" He demanded and scooped Lee up in his arms. Lee yelped as he was flipped over and lifted into the air. "We need to find you a medic nin ASAP!" With that, he rushed off as fast as he could back to the village.

He burst through the hospital doors and, much to the nurses' dismay and annoyance, started yelling frantically that Lee needed a medic. Some of the newer nurses were alarmed but those that had been there long enough and knew about Gai and his oddities were annoyed. This happened at least once a week. He would burst into the hospital and disrupt everything, freaking about some small injury one of his students or sparring partners had.

"What's wrong sir?" A timid nurse walked up to him, slightly afraid.

"He needs immediate medical attention!" He yelled loudly, causing her to flinch. "Don't just stand there! Do something! Get a medic!" She nodded and backed away nervously.

"Of course. Follow me please." Gai ran after her, shouting frantically about the hospital's lack of service and how everyone in the village was going to die if this kept up. Lee felt bad for the poor girl but was too used to his sensei's outbursts to be embarrassed. He admired his sensei for how much love and care he had for those close to him.

The nurse led them to a small white room and, after sputtering many apologies, shut the door and left to get a medic. Gai placed Lee on the blue cot and paced the room concernedly.

"I'm supposed to go on a mission tomorrow morning but if your leg is too messed up I am staying. I will not leave you at the house helpless and incapacitated and alone." He looked worried.

"Don't worry about me sensei. I can take care of myself." He gave his sensei a huge grin and a thumbs up. This seemed to ease the taller man slightly and he smiled.

"I know. You're sixteen. You're very much able to take care of yourself. I just want to make sure you're ok." Lee smiled and was about to respond when the door swung open and a very unhappy Lady Tsunade walked in.

"Lady Tsunade!" Gai shouted. "Please tell me he is going to be ok! Please tell me there's nothing wrong!" She ignored his frantic pleas and walked over to Lee and quickly examined his leg. "There's nothing wrong with him is there?" Gai danced around behind her, trying to see over her shoulder.

"Gai." She turned around to face him and he stopped talking, his eyes wide and mouth agape. "Shut up. He is fine. I'll just quickly fix his sprain and you two can get out."

"Oh thank you Lady Tsunade! You truly must be the greatest woman to ever live! NO! You ARE the greatest woman to ever live!" He went into the nice guy pose and Lady Tsunade could swear she saw his teeth sparkle a bit. She really could not stand that idiot. "Thank you! Thank-" FWACK! Gai looked at her, dumbfounded and holding his head.

A bit peeved, Tsunade looked at her broken clipboard. That man really knew how to test her patience. She pointed a shaky finger toward the door. "Out." She stated, gritting her teeth.

"B-but, my lady…"

"OUT!" He jumped back, alarmed. "And stop upsetting my nurses! There's enough going on here without all of your mindless blundering! Go. Now. Or I'll make sure you take permanent residence here!" Gai bowed quickly and backed up towards the door.

"A-as you wish my lady! Lee, I'll see you outside." He rushed out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Tsunade sighed and turned toward Lee. He didn't like it when people talked to his sensei that way but knew better than to get into any kind of confrontation with Lady Tsunade.

"Put your leg flat." He did as he was ordered without hesitation. She was already irritated and he didn't want to make her any more upset. She made a ball of chakra between her palms. It glowed a light violet color and swirled slowly in her hands. "It won't hurt. You've splintered your femur and sprained your ankle. I'm just going to fix it up. It shouldn't take more than a few moments." Lee nodded.

"Thank you Lady Tsunade." She pressed the chakra ball to his ankle and pushed it in slowly. Lee felt the warm fluttering chakra flicker in him. It felt odd but nice. The pain was gone within seconds but he held completely still as she continued up his leg to his knee. She then traced back down and lingered a few seconds more on his ankle. When she was done she lifted her hands off of him. Lee felt the warm chakra dissipate from his leg and rather wished she had continued a few minutes longer.

"Ok Lee, you're all set. You can go now." Lee slipped off the cot and smiled at her.

"Thank you very much Lady Tsunade!" She just nodded.

"Yeah yeah just get out of here. And be more careful. You two are in here way too often."

"Of course. Thank you again." He bowed and walked out of the room.

When he got outside he found his sensei pacing right outside the hospital. He stopped dead when he saw Lee. "Lee!" He rushed over to him. "Are you ok? Does it hurt?" Lee chuckled.

"I'm fine sensei. Lady Tsunade fixed my leg. There's nothing wrong with it now." Gai looked relieved.

"Oh good. I was so worried. Why don't we go home? I'll make us some dinner." Lee smiled nervously. His sensei wasn't exactly the best cook but he never protested. He couldn't stand to hurt his feelings so whenever Gai cooked for him he always ate it with a smile on his face. Whenever they had company, however, Lee always took it upon himself to cook for everyone. He didn't want his beloved sensei's feelings hurt if they told him they didn't like his cooking. Lee always had the same excuse too. He always told Gai it was his responsibility to entertain the guests and he couldn't properly do that while cooking so he always let Lee cook without question. In truth, Gai didn't really like cooking anyway. He only cooked when Lee wasn't home or to let Lee relax if he'd had a hard day. He liked to treat his student to a quiet work-free night every now and then. Because Lee had been acting oddly lately he thought he was distressed and had been cooking a lot. Accidentally causing him to hurt his leg made him feel bad too, so he felt it was his responsibility to cook tonight so his student could relax.

After dinner, which was rather burnt and far too seasoned for any normal person's tastes, Lee brought the dirty plates into the kitchen and put them in the sink. He looked around at the destroyed kitchen and sighed. There was no such thing as a clean kitchen when Gai Sensei cooked. There were hard globs of burnt something-or-other stuck to the stove and something sticky covered the wall beside the fridge. He put the cap back on the milk and put it back in the fridge. Gai always had a bad habit of leaving milk out and it usually went bad when Lee wasn't home to save it.

It took Lee about ten minutes to scrape everything off the stove. He left a few scratch marks on it because he had to use a metal spatula to get it all off. Then he wiped up the rest of the mess and cleaned the dishes. He didn't mind cleaning, especially if it meant less work for his favorite sensei. They didn't have a dishwasher because both he and his sensei believed they were for lazy people who didn't feel like taking twenty minutes out of their day to make sure they were cleaned properly. It also didn't help that Gai didn't even know how to use one.

When everything was cleaned Lee went into the living room. His sensei was doing stretches and poses with a very determined look on his face. If Lee was anyone else, he would have burst out laughing. Every night after dinner Gai would go into the living room and do his 'after dinner exercises'.

"It keeps the body youthful!" He said, the first time Lee asked what he was doing. "It's no good if you just sit around and get fat. You need to burn off those calories and keep your body in tip-top condition!" It usually ended up being a mixture of taijutsu and yoga and was sometimes made into a very interesting dance session when music was playing. Lee admired his sensei's determined nature and sometimes joined him for an hour or two.

Lately, however, he'd taken to cleaning and heading for bed, or at least entertaining himself until he got tired and went to sleep. Sometimes he'd train or do poses like his sensei. Sometimes he'd clean his room, not that it was dirty, but it gave him something to do. Sometimes he'd just daydream for hours. He'd been daydreaming a lot lately and felt awkward doing so around Gai, especially when it involved a short, adorable redhead whom he was head over heels for.

"Good night sensei." He smiled at his sensei who was currently in some ridiculous pose that only someone with his flexibility could pull off.

"Off to bed already Lee?" He stood up, breath uneven. There's no way his lungs could have been fully functional in that position.

"Yes. I'm really tired. When are you leaving tomorrow?" He wanted to get up early so he could make him breakfast. He always cooked for Gai before he went away on missions.

"Actually I'm leaving really early. I have to be out of here by four."

"Oh. Ok then. I'll get up around three then. You need a good meal before you leave." Lee smiled. He didn't usually wake up until six but he didn't mind waking up earlier to cook.

"No, don't worry about it Lee. You should sleep in. Besides, I'm only going to be gone for a few days. How about you just cook me something when I get back?" He gave Lee a thumbs up. He didn't want to upset his precious student's sleep pattern. Sleep is essential to stay youthful. It keeps you young, vibrant and energized.

"Are you sure? I really don't mind…"

"No. I insist. Sleep." He beamed and Lee nodded.

"Ok then. Good night sensei. Good luck on your mission!" He gave his sensei the nice guy pose and hug tackled him.

"Good night Lee. I'll see you in a few days."


He walked down the hallway that led from the living room to his room. His room was on the first floor but Gai's was on the second floor. Their house had a very odd shape, kind of like a wonky L-shape, and the top floor only had Gai's room and a small bathroom. Before Gai took Lee in, he had used Lee's room as storage but threw most of it out when Lee moved in because it was all junk he never used.

He walked into his room, closing the heavy wooden door behind him, and plopped down on his bed, not even bothering with the lights. He stripped to his boxers and got under his sheet, kicking the blankets off his bed. It was too hot to deal with them.

He folded his hands over his stomach and stared up at his ceiling in the pitch blackness. He used to have glow in the dark stars all over it but took them down a few years ago when he decided he was too old for them. He changed a lot when he decided he wasn't a child anymore. He'd changed the pictures he had on his wall from colorful drawings that he drew to pictures of his friends and favorite idols. He'd gotten rid of all his kids toys. He even started to read the newspaper, though he usually didn't find anything interesting in it. That's also when he cut his hair. He regretted doing that now though. Every time he tried to grow it out he decided, after two months or so, that it looked too gross at such an awkward, half-grown length and cut it again.

Gaara had nice hair though. It was only a few inches longer than it was when they were thirteen but it was still short. Lee liked it though. He loved the color too. And the way it felt so soft when he ran his fingers through it. His mouth twitched into a smile.

Gaara had a nice smile, he mused. He mentally traced over the thin, soft lips in his mind, wishing his adorable redhead was there with him. He'd give anything to be with him right now. He closed his eyes and pictured him. Every detail was as clear as if he was really there. The narrow jade eyes were sparkling and smiling as if they were hiding a secret from him. In spite of his narrow face he had a strong jaw, which led down to a slender neck where an adam's apple was just visible beneath his soft, pale skin. He wanted to kiss it. He'd stroke Gaara's hair and kiss his neck gently, smiling every time he felt him shiver beneath him. Then he'd nip along his collar bone while tracing small circles around his belly button. He'd chuckle when he felt the goose bumps appear in his wake and when he met Gaara in a deep, passionate kiss, Gaara would sigh and relax into him, pressing their bodies together, showing Lee how much he needed him. Then Lee would trace his fingers down Gaara's stomach teasingly and slowly pull his pants down and then…

No. He demanded. It's very unyouthful to think such things of other people. These are the kinds of thoughts that get you in trouble. Maybe Gaara doesn't want me to think of him this way. It wouldn't be fair of me to imagine something about him he doesn't want me to.

He imagined Gaara being very upset with him if he found out and how horrible it would be to upset him like that.

But doesn't everyone think about things like this?

Naruto, being his closest male friend, and extremely blunt about everything he says, tells him things like this all the time. Lee usually just tries to block out the graphic parts, feeling like he was imposing on whoever Naruto was talking about at the time.

It doesn't seem right. Though, I suppose if you don't tell anyone about it, it doesn't hurt anyone right?

An image of a shy, smiling Gaara in a very suggestive pose flashed through his mind and he immediately felt heat pour into his face, along with certain other parts of his body he was trying so hard to ignore.

And we're together, so it's not like he's a complete stranger or anything.

The imaginary Gaara winked at him and blew him an air kiss.

And maybe it'll happen someday anyway. What's wrong with thinking of the future?

Gaara layed back and started tracing his hands down his petite frame, drawing little designs on his stomach and smiling at Lee, trying to lure him closer. He felt more heat rush through him.

And what if he thinks things like this about me?

This last idea seemed to settle it for him. He jumped out of bed to lock his door and quickly jumped right back in. He closed his eyes and pictured Gaara again, who was currently smiling seductively at him and moving his hands lower. His eyes narrowed with every inch until they were closed completely and his mouth opened a bit as he firmly grasped himself.

Lee watched eagerly as he pulled his own boxers off. The imaginary Gaara moaned and Lee grabbed himself, emitting a sharp gasp. He slowly pumped up and down in rhythm with Gaara's breathing which matched his own. Gaara started pumping faster and Lee smirked. He stopped suddenly and Gaara moaned in protest. Then he rubbed his thumb over the tip, sending shivers up his spine. Gaara crawled on top of him and straddled him, taking over. One hand teased his dick while the other massaged his own.

Then he knelt between Lee's legs and lowered his head, one hand still stroking him. He kissed all up and down Lee's stomach, covering every inch possible, going lower and lower. He finally got to the base of Lee's shaft and nuzzled it lovingly, whispering soft words of love Lee could not hear. Suddenly, all at once, he took Lee in his mouth completely. Pleasure coursed through Lee's body as he played with the soft red hair.

He starting moving his hips in rhythm with Gaara as heat ran through him. He felt close and when he finally came, white sparks flashed behind his eyelids as his back arched into his lover. He collapsed back onto his mattress but when he opened his eyes he was dismayed to see his beloved redhead wasn't there at all. He rolled onto his side and sighed, wishing he could hold him. He'd give anything to be with him right now. He shut his alarm clock off. He didn't plan on waking up early at all the next morning. Then he closed his eyes and he was out.