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Yuki's diary page one

Dear diary,

Today was relatively good. Today in class we had to write a poem about the person we love and give it to them. In order for nobody to be embarrassed by this sensei* said for everybody to put on a blindfold of some sort. So when a person's name was called nobody would make fun when they got their poem. This was mine.

Life again

By: Yuki Sohma

'I sit alone,

Begging for your forgiveness.

I am not only but a drone

Awaiting for you to once again caress my face.

I think you're amazing,

Yet I claim I hate you every day.

My skin is pale,

While yours is tanned.

I wait patiently,

For you to crawl up to me.

So I can hold you,

And look into those eyes of inferno.

But it is not so,

Unlike me you hate the snow.

You like the summer,

Your spirit is flaming with power,

And your kindness shows like an ember.

Others may not always see it,

But I know it's there.

I hope you know,

The way I feel about you.

Always and forever I will hope for you the best of outcomes,

Near or far.

Rejection or none,

I hope you'll keep me as yours,

And treat me as one.'

So when People's names were called to read the poem aloud they were given directions to not say the writer's name. When it was Kyo's turn to read, he stood up, and tore it to shreds. Nobody questioned him really. It was just like him. To rip something up that he didn't like was wasn't pleased with.

That Baka Neko really does know how to drive people crazy with their own emotions. When said was done sensei told Kyo to stay after class and pick up the pieces. As well to find the person in the class and apologize for ripping up their writing.

"Why should I apologize to that damn rat?" there he goes. Everybody's attention was on me at that point. So I stood up, walked over to him, flicked his nose. "Stupid cat." I then proceed to pick up the pieces of paper at his feet and toss them in the recycling bin and sat back down in my seat. Waiting for further instructions. Sensei looked at me with a blank stare as did everybody else. Well, except for Kyo who looked like he was about to burst into flames.

Oh well I'm just glad that the day is almost over and that I'll be asleep soon.


Yuki sohma.