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The Shiz University campus was simply structured in the form of a student hierarchy; the beautiful, social and rich creatures graced the top, followed by those less financially fortunate and then those whose looks and social skills were so lacking as to make them almost transparent. This observation was shrewdly made by Fiyero Tiggular, a man whose friends would be both confused and stunned that he could notice anything, let alone notice it shrewdly. However, notice it he had, and where he would previously have been oblivious to the possibility of his being on any other part of the hierarchy, recently he had become ashamed of his position.

"Fiyero? Did you hear what I said, darling?"

Starting, he came out his thoughts to see Galinda Upland (the Queen of the hierarchy stroking his hand and sipping her tea. "I'm sorry. I was just thi . . . um . . . no, I didn't."

"Oh." She shook away her disappointment at his inattentiveness. "Well, anyway-"

Fiyero assumed his interested face and returned his gaze to the people walking by them. He had been employing that face much more in her company than usual since the day Galinda's roommate had first turned his head. Miss Elphaba Thropp's unusual talent for chaos had suddenly and unexpectedly become strangely fascinating to him – though he felt guilty for it – and he found himself thinking about the green girl more often than not.

He had seen Elphaba's complete and utter exclusion from the hierarchy. At first he had assumed she was a bottom-rung member, but now and even despite the fact that Galinda's friendship had managed to prevent anyone from hating and fearing her outright, they all seemed confused as to where in Oz she belonged on the social ladder. Her father was the Eminent Thropp, she was rich and she was clever. These qualities should mean she became immediately popular, but they were just so thrown by her damn skin.

And so, she was excluded.

Not only did this hurt Galinda, but he was troubled, too. Galinda had explained that her new friend's prickly exterior was nothing but smoke and mirrors because showing vulnerability had always led to many imaginative and thoughtless comments designed solely to hurt her.

"So she doesn't trust anyone."


Fiyero started once again, but the blood rushed to his face; he hadn't meant to say that out loud. "Um . . . I was just thinking about Elphaba and . . . how she must really appreciate your friendship."

Though the consequences of this not completely untrue admission may have been fatal with any other girl, he knew Galinda well enough to know she hardly ever thought badly of her friends. With Elphaba, she was especially sensitive, and always fervently defended her. "Oh, how sweet! I'm sure she'd be glad to know you care about her."

"Yes," he did, "maybe she should come out with us, sometime." He offered, hoping this innocent suggestion would lead to an opportunity for him to see more of Elphaba without coursing his mind with guilt. He wanted to know if she gave him the same spark she had the other day. He had not laid eyes on her since the day Dr Dillamond was fired.

Galinda considered his offer for a moment, and then exploded with glee in a way only she could. "To be honest, she's been so insular and reserved since that awful thing with Dr Dillamond – yes, even more than usual – and a little society and dancing would be good for her."

A moment later, they left their little coffee table and walked down the avenue. "Fiyero, I am so excited about your idea. Come for us at seven." He nodded dutifully. "Bring some friends and we'll go the B Bar for dinner and dancing!" She gasped, causing his heart to jump into his throat. "There she is!" Fiyero's heart unfortunately remained exactly where it was and no amount of swallowing could make it go back. He could only turn his head in the direction of Galinda's cries and hope for the best. "Elphie! I'm so glad you're outside for a change."

Elphaba glanced up from her book, having seen Galinda coming from miles away and mentally preparing herself for her arrival at her side. She sat, book in hand, neatly folded under a tree and quite comfortable. "I had a headache." She saw Fiyero. "And I like it outside."

He smiled. "Hello, Elphie."

She frowned. "Don't call me that."

"You love it." Fiyero watched her roll her eyes and look down.

Galinda snatched her book away and sighed. "Elphie, guess what?"

"I was reading that. It's rude to grab." She chided.

"Oh never mind that, listen! Fiyero and I have decided to take you out tonight. And don't say no!" She added when Elphaba took a breath.


"Oh come on! I understand how introverted you are and that it is very important to you to maintain that profile," Elphaba let out a small smirk at her friend's rare moment of observant humour, "but it is possible to be more than one kind of person." Galinda put a sympathetic hand on Elphaba's shoulder and her look softened. "Remember how happy you were that night at the OzDust?" Elphaba grinned quickly. "Everyone's not so . . . judgemental anymore. Especially now that they know I'll never talk to them again if they laugh at you."

Fiyero also remembered that night at the OzDust and he knelt on her other side, hoping to charm her into agreement. "Oh Galinda, I don't know why you try. Elphaba would never be brave enough to face those people. She couldn't possibly prove them wrong about her." He saw Galinda smile knowingly at him and turn a coy expression to her friend. Elphaba's eyes narrowed and she stared at him. It took all of Fiyero's effort not to look away from her burning gaze.

"This pathetic attempt at manipulation will get you nowhere." She said, confidently.

"So," he began, nonchalantly, "you won't come out with us tonight?"

She stood, determinedly, and her eyes bore so far into him he swore she read his soul. "No, I'm going to come out and I'm going to be more charming and interesting than you could ever hope to be!" Elphaba gathered her books and sauntered in the direction of Crage Hall. Fiyero thought she could be quite graceful even when she was angry.

"Well done, Fiyero." Whispered Galinda and with a kiss she too, walked off in a flurry.

Elphaba stalked off as quickly as her rigid legs would carry her. Her face was so hot it must have been bright red and her pulse was hammering in her chest. It had taken all of her strength to stare at him like that and to keep her voice calm. Now, she paid for it.

Suddenly, an unexpected force hit her and linked its rose-tinted arm into hers. "Oh Elphie, this is so fantasmagous." Elphaba sighed in frustration, giving up on the hope that Galinda would outgrow the nickname. "Sweet Oz!" She gasped and Elphaba jumped. "I can do you over!"

Elphaba did not know what her friend meant but the implications made her nervous. "What – I am loathed to ask – what does that mean?"

Galinda stopped her and put her hands on her shoulders. "Makeover." She whispered carefully, anticipating Elphaba's reaction.

Her face fell and she shook her head emphatically. "No, no, no, no, NO!" She began to walk away but Galinda's surprisingly firm grip kept her in place. "Galinda, you know how much I hate it. Why do you insist on making me do something I hate so much?"

"Because you do not give me enough credit for how well I know you, Miss Elphaba." She guided her up the front steps to Crage Hall. "And I promise you that if you will let me show you just how beautiful you are, you will spend the rest of your life eternally thanking me!" Elphaba searched Galinda's expression; she was steady and serious and however flouncy and excitable her personality, she never made a promise she could not keep. Sighing in expectation of what she was about to put herself through, Elphaba nodded.

Galinda screeched and jumped and bounced up and down and dragged Elphaba along the hall, up the stairs and into their suite where she promptly shoved Elphaba into the shower and began to rummage in her closet.

Elphaba turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. She loved the shower; she loved to sit down and just let the water cascade over her shoulders. It was the only substance that wasn't repulsed by her skin. But she remembered perfectly well that she had done that just this morning and when she looked in the mirror, she didn't look in need of another one; no amount of water would scrub away her skin.

Elphaba poked her head round the door and stifled a laugh at Galinda surrounded by tissue papers, boxes and hangers (or at least she hoped nothing she saw was a dress meant for her). "Galinda, I showered this morning. Is it necessary to do it again?"

A mess of blonde hair popped up from a pile of shoes. "Yes! Absolutely! I want a fresh and clean palette and you have been sitting on the grass all afternoon."

Elphaba sighed and shut the door.