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Yuki and Kyo

The Rude Awakening

'Ugh, why can't that stupid cat shut up for a minute or two…?'

"SHUT UP YOU PERVERT!" The stupid cat…

"Kyo…..please…shut. Your. Trap." I look around to Shigure and Kyo…no Honda-san?

I wonder where she went…

Shigure snapped me out of my little trance.

"Ahh, so I see the bedridden Yuki-kun has come to join us this fine morning!"

I look at him for a brief moment and my attention was quickly reverted back to Kyo.

He had a surprised look on his face. 'Why is he looking at me like that?'

"What is it Baka* Neko?" I asked as I headed for my regular place at the table. I could see that there was a tray that Kyo had prepared for me.

"You feel okay? Kuso* nezumi it looks like you have a fever or something."

'CRAP! I hope he doesn't check! Please gods forbid that he finds out the way I feel about him, please!'

I was not given that privilege though; Kyo checked my forehead, moving my bangs out of the way. The brush of his fingertips across my skin felt unbelievable the way he caressed me. I just can't help but love it….love…..him…..is that what this feeling is? Oh well, I'll ask Hatori about it.

"Hmm, there's a light fever, maybe you should go back to bed Yuki. Seriously, get your tiny little Nezumi* ass upstairs and I'll bring you your food. Kay? Now go."


I heard him and listened to what he had said, but I couldn't make myself move, his eyes were lit with a burning ember and his mouth…ohh dear, what is it about him that ISN'T perfect?

"Uhh, Yuki…."


Kyo had again caught me spacing, about him….but he doesn't know that.


'I know that he got hurt, but why in the world do I care? Why am I acting like this? Why the HELL is that Kuso nezumi listening to me? And why was I so nice with him?'

"Ohh! Kyo-Kun why don't you admit it to yourself? You love yuki-chan!"

"WOULD YOU SHUT THE HELL UP SIGURE? AND NO I DO NOT LOVE YUKI! And besides and if Tohru came home and he wasn't fed right or at all for that matter. And still in that crazy sleep?"

'Do I really….'love' Yuki so to say? Yuki needs to heal and that's all that matters right now.'

"Plus, the only thing that really should matter is that Kuso nezumi gets better. If he doesn't who else am I going to fight?"

'I hope yuki didn't hear me yell or hear what I said to Shigure.'

So I go into the kitchen trying oh so very hard to ignore the ranting dog behind me, I grab yuki's tray and head upstairs. I then open Yuki's bedroom door a smidge bit and I look in to see Yuki crying softly.

Thump, thump, thump

'Did I do that to Yuki? Did I make him cry? I certainly hope not. Wait, why do I care? What should I do?'

I knock on the door, but he doesn't seem to hear it. So I walk in and set the tray down on his bedside table. He still probably didn't hear me in his room, he didn't show any recognition that he knew I was there. I sat down next to him on his bed and rubbed his back for a short while, he just kept crying. And I can't help but think it was my entire fault. And mine alone. I made him cry because of what I said to Shigure. I know yuki loves me, and I know I hurt him.

'Why don't I ever think before I speak?'

"Yuki?" I ask softly and as friendly as I can be. "Do you think you're gonna be okay?"

Yuki's shoulders then stopped shaking and tears still raining down his face. He looked at me with those giant eyes, the lavender hue, staring up at me and that head full of silver. Not grey, SILVER. Anyways…..

I could have sworn that Yuki just said something. "What?" I ask trying to keep the good-guy voice.

"I asked what you're doing here. Don't you hate me? Ah, yes, I remember now, you only want me to get better so you can take a hit at me. "


"Yuki….." I couldn't get those last words out. I wanted to pull him into my arms and kiss him…but I don't know why I didn't. Nerves I guess.

Yuki then sat up and said "I'm sorry Kyo that you feel that way but I think you should know that I feel the opposite for you and I also have a question for you. How the hell did I get hurt?"

"You guys wanna go get rid of that fag over there? The windows open and you can push him through."

"We don't know Kato…he never did anything to us I don't see why we should."

"Because he's stealing our girls you twit! Fine, if you're gonna be a pussy get outta my way I'll do it."

"Hey! Sohma! What's that in the sky?"

'Hah! He fell for it!'

"I don't see anything what are you looking at?"




"Yuki! Somebody help yuki! He fell out the window!"

"So I came to get you and I took you to Hatori's and he said you had a slight concussion and that one of your ribs punctured you lungs. You died on us four times in a row. Hell, you had us worried sick about you. Hatori and you brother even cried. Hatori while he brought you to life and Aayame because he's your brother and he loves you. We all cried for you Yuki. I think your concussion is why you don't really remember. Oh, and you've been in a coma for about 5 months. Just to let you know."

Yuki looked at me with his lavender eyes wider then they usually were and he totally relaxed , walked up to me and hugged me….Yuki…..is hugging me…me….why?...


He's so warm, and caring, it's hard to believe that he wants me to be healthy for his benefit.

"Kyo…." I whisper in his ear. 'I hate having to stand on my toes….'

"Yes?" I hear him as a slight rasp came out with his voice.

"I-I love you Kyo." I answer as I go back down to my everyday height and go to walk back to my bed and I feel something push me onto the bed and I get flipped over when I suddenly feel Kyo's mouth on mine that sweet taste of cinnamon and the bitter taste of cologne fill my mouth but it all tastes so good.

I love it I want more and my pants suddenly become excruciatingly uncomfortable as Kyo messed and played with my body sucking on my nipple and stroking my member down below and a strange noise escapes my mouth as Kyo made contact with my mouth again. God this felt so good I want more and I need this I need Kyo. I love him, but why is he acting like this?

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