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Kyo just asked me one of the most bizarre things ever. How the hell am I supposed to react to that?

"Kyo," I say. "I'm not perfect. I try to be, but I really am the worst example of perfection."

Kyo looks puzzled. "How are you not perfect? I mean even your body is perfect! And that's just a bonus my love."

Shit Kyo's lust is coming back…

"Kyo, I'm wearing cover-up. What you're seeing is fake. Not real. Faux." I swear I almost started to cry. So I tried to turn my head away…this didn't work so well seeing that Kyo's hand caught my face before I could turn all the way around.

"Why not go wash it off then and let me see?" I am positive that Kyo has gone insane by now.

Kyo is looking deep into my eyes and I can't stop him.

"Well? What'll it be Yuki-CHAN? Either you go wash it off or I make you." Here's my feral kitten of a lover I always knew and loved! "Oh, um Kyo? I do believe that you're forgetting who wins all of our fights?" "Nope. Because Yuki…Let's face it, you're at a dis-advantage." "How so?" I ask him coyly.

I must give Kyo some amount of Kudos because he said something that blew me away.

"You're the uke." Apparently Kyo was feeling cocky.

I just told Yuki the best thing ever! I bet the bastard didn't even see it coming! Now to mess with him…

After I say my few last words…now what to do…Well seeing that my beloved Nezumi has not yet answered me…I know just the thing!

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