A/N: This is written for Indigo Pearl's Femmeslash Freeverse Challenge. There are 20 prompts and I've decided to make them into a collection. I have another Freeverse Collection I've been working on, but this one is going to be all femmeslash.

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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize belongs to JKR. Summary quote is by Mae West. Collection title comes from the song Broken Open by Adam Lambert.

Prompt: False
Pairing: Alice/Narcissa

Bittersweet Memory

She was the secret that you'd take to your grave,
and maybe she was a mistake
(but she'd always be your favorite).

It was never meant to h a p p e n.
The two of you were never supposed to be
a n y t h i n g.
But one (forbidden) conversation led to another;
one accidental brush of hands led to touch after touch,
to kiss after kiss.

You tell her she means nothing to you
(if only to try and convince yourself).
But it's f a l s e, a lie –
the biggest lie you've told
in your seventeen short years, no doubt.

She's the Gryffindor princess,
and you're the Slytherin queen.
She's the dark to your l i g h t,
the c l u m s y to your grace.

And you hate (love) her for it all.

But it doesn't m a t t e r.
It will never matter.
Because you are going to marry Lucius,
and she is going to marry Frank.
And in the end it will be just like nothing ever happened
b e t w e e n the two of you.

(Maybe that's why you try so hard
to convince yourself that she means nothing to you;
because you know it can't last.)

So you lock her up in your heart
because, in the end, that's all
that you are ever going to have:
a distant,
b i t t e r sweet,

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