A/N: This one is also for Cheeky Slytherin Lass's Non-Canon Galore Challenge.

Prompt: Dance
Pairing: Lily/Alice

Dancing In A Silent Room

The song starts to play.
It's soft and it's sweet
(and it is everything that they a r e).

They join hands.
They twirl and they laugh,
and as the melody g r o w s,
speeding, transforming,
they find themselves closer together
than ever before.

It is like a f a i r y t a l e.
But these Princesses don't want no Prince Charming
(because they've got each other
and that is enough for a happy ending).

They are used to being chased:
Alice by Frank,
Lily by James.
And they laugh and they giggle
and they think it is oh-so funny.
Because they both are very much t a k e n.
(But shhh! that is their little secret.)

What started out as friendship
turned into somuchmore.
Hugs start to last a little longer,
fingers knot themselves together under tables,
away from prying eyes.

They are blind to the world,
blind to anything outside of AliceandLily.
They can barely spare a second thought
for Frank and James's incessant doting.

But as the song nears its e n d
it slows, it darkens,
and suddenly nothing is quite as perfect,
quite as flawless.

And when the song ceases to play,
they find themselves dancing to s i l e n c e;
it whispers the secrets
that they would rather not hear.
Their fairytale can't mask the truth,
it can't h i d e reality.

Their fairytale has to stop,
it all has to come to an end.
Because you can't freeze time;
you can't capture a single moment
and keep it forever on r e p l a y.

You can't dance forever
to the beat of dreams.