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Summary ~ Audrey is assigned to be Bella's guardian angel and she must protect her no matter what. When Bella meets the Cullens and finds out about the supernatural world, a war is started between the vampires. The Volturi are involved and everything is a mess. Audrey must reveal herself to Bella in order to protect her but is protecting Bella worth the loss of her wings?

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01: Italian Spell

"Audrey, watch over Isabella and never let anyone hurt her."

My eyes roamed over the young infant's small body and I nodded my head, "As you wish." I said with the most highest respect.

Master ruffled my hair and I looked up at him with my large topaz eyes, "You are my most trusted student and also one of the most powerful. I expect nothing but the best from you, especially you, Audrey." he said.

"As if I'd ever let you down, Master." I murmured so gently.

His sea blue eyes lit up with happiness, "I will meet you when her time is up but I will warn you now, she will have many obstacles and will also become involved with the creatures you have spent your last hundred years researching." he said.

"Vampires and werewolves? This is absolutely exciting!" I exclaimed with a wide grin.

Master chuckled and tapped my shoulder three times, "You must bare the cross for her." he left me after that.

You must bare the cross for her...

What exactly does that even mean? Master wants me to make him proud and so I shall. My large black wings stretched out and almost knocked over a small lamp, I caught it before it could shatter on the wooden ground. A bright light surrounded this infant. Her chocolate brown eyes fluttered open and she looked right at me with a knowing smile.

"Isabella, I am your guardian angel. I go by the name Audrey." I whispered softly so that no other nearby creature could hear me.

She let out a tiny squeal and I quickly brought my finger to my lips, " mustn't wake your parents, young child of God." I warned.

Isabella quieted herself, she's very intelligent and so I took note of them mentally. This could be very useful in the future. Master mentioned something about a birthmark that only supernatural creatures, such as myself, could see. I took Isabella into my arms and ran my left hand over her fragile body. A cross like symbol rested on her right hip. This was truly amazing.

"You are truly a child of God." I said.

She clapped her hands together and I laid her back down.

Such a small girl, so fragile and tiny, that I felt as though even the slightest touch would break her. Those eyes of hers told me otherwise and I knew from that very moment that she would grow up to be a strong leader not only to protect but to love and serve others.

To protect her I recited an old spell Master had once taught me,

Si tratta di un raro momento in cui un angelo custode bambino crebbe le ali se stessi. Una persona saggia una volta ha detto che si tratta di quelli che lasciano cadere la grazia di Dio su quella degli angeli diventare. In qualche modo, che è una affermazione vera ma in altri è proprio il contrario. grazia di Dio può strappare la sua strada nel tuo cuore prima di conoscerla e solo allora si sarà concesso le tue ali.

(It is a rare moment when a guardian angel's child grew wings themselves. A wise person once said that it is those who let God's grace fall upon that become angels. In some ways, that is a true statement but in others it is quite the contrary. God's grace can wheedle its way into your heart before you know it and only then will you be granted your wings.)

Isabella fell into a deep sleep and I laid her to rest, humming a gentle melody. She would be under my guard and anyone who even attempted to harm her would be slaughtered by my own hands. Guardian angels aren't sweet...some can be deadly and others even worse.

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