05: Accident

"Bella, we will be back home in three hours. Are you sure you'll be fine alone?" Renee asked for about the tenth time.

Bella smiled and hugged her, "Yeah! I'll be fine here, just go and have a good time." she said.

She has grown up so quickly and is already seventeen; her brown hair is longer than before, and her chocolate brown eyes held more depth to them. I stood proudly behind her and she took a step back into me.

"Alright...we will be home at eleven." Renee said, hesitantly stepping towards the front door.

Phil took her hand and whisked her away in his arms romantically. We could still hear her laughter when they seated themselves in the car. Chloe and Jeremy waved at me, they mouthed goodbye and I did the same. The car lurched forward and sped out of the driveway, disappearing onto the road. Bella stood there for a few minutes with a blank face before she finally closed the door.

Her heart was racing and she wrapped her arms tightly around herself, I don't know why she said that she'd be fine alone. Bella despised being home alone. She was paranoid. I played with a piece of her hair, "I'll protect you." I breathed.

Her brown eyes glanced around, "" she murmured to herself as she made her way over to them.

She locked everything up. I hated seeing her like this without being able to do anything that could possibly help her, she was here alone basically. I followed her around as she quickly checked outside and then settled in her bedroom upstairs.

I have a heart, I swear I do.

But just not, baby, when it comes to you.

I get so hungry when you say you love me.

Bella grabbed her cell phone and answered it, "Hello?" she said.

She leaned back into her pillows with a comfortable smile on her face, "Oh hey, Max." she said.

Her and Max spoke for awhile on the phone. She was smiling and laughing, giggling like crazy. I was happy that she was happy and so I let myself relax on the window sill with the window wide open. The wind ruffled my feathers on my wings and I spread them widely. It felt nice to stretch them.

Eventually, she hung up with Max and she tossed the phone to the side. She was smiling to herself! A beautiful sight. She got up and turned on her iHome. The song Cannibal by Ke$ha began to play loudly and she danced. Danced! Can you believe that?

This Max made her so happy that she danced to music. I need to see this Max but he lives in another state entirely, it was kind of a long distance friendship. She danced and danced until she tired herself out.

She threw herself back onto the bed when suddenly the home phone rang, she reached over and picked it up.

"Hello?" She answered.

I could hear the other voice clearly on the other line, "Are you the daughter of Renee Dwyer?" the voice asked.

"Yes...why?" she asked.

The news I heard broke even my heart, "I am afraid there has been an accident and your mother died on arrival." the voice said

Bella was silent for awhile and I glanced at the clock, it was only about ten. An hour before they were due back. The other person had hung up the phone. Bella broke into a fit of sobs and punched the bed with such anger and sadness. I reached over but then pulled my hands back in fear of her striking me. Tears poured down her flushed cheeks as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Bella...oh Bella..." I whispered, trying to hide my own tears.

She scratched at her arms and that's when I intervened, "Bella! Bella, stop!" I cried.

But she could not hear me, she would never hear my voice. Those tears were being burned into my memory and the blood was photographed by my two eyes. These are the times that every angel wishes they could just show themselves and take their child into their arms.

"Kill me...Kill me!" she panted heavily.

Who was she speaking to? I looked around the room and saw no one but myself in the mirror. She was staring at the mirror though she couldn't see me, she wasn't looking anywhere near me. She got up and made her way over to the mirror with her red eyes.

Bella grabbed her iHome and hurled it at the mirror causing the glass to shatter. She began walking all over the glass and I wrapped my arms around myself, why must I go through this? I couldn't bare anymore of her pain. Blood was everywhere, staining the ground, and her feet were bruised. When her feet couldn't take it she collapsed which caused glass to stab into her arms and waist. She looked up at the mirror with an agonized face.

"Chloe...Chloe...Jeremy, please!" I exclaimed.

That's when Chloe came through the window and Phil was heard running up the stairs, "Those fucking bastards!" he growled before throwing the door open.

When his eyes landed on Bella I could see that he wanted to cry as well but he had to stay strong for Bella. Chloe settled behind me on the bed and wrapped her arms around, "I am so sorry." she whispered.

Phil knelt down and carefully lifted Bella up into his arms, she cried out in pain. I looked away and sighed heavily, "More pain will come." I said.

"What do you mean?" Chloe asked.

I looked up at her, "I must bare her own cross." I said.

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