This will be my first crossover. And this crossover is something I always wanted to do. I hope I made the characters' personalities like their mainstream ones. I'll update more chapters once they are ready, but I can be lazy, so some chapters will be later than others; in fact, I might abadon this story, but I will keep updating to finish it.

Chapter 1: Failed Portal

"Hey Coop, what are you doing?"

Copper lost concentration for a bit and turned around to see Ben walking through the door; behind him was Helen carrying a box of new equipment. The Plumbers had decided to use the former military base, Los Solidad, as a new base of operations. The government agreed to them, so now Ben's Team and the Plumbers' Helpers have a new headquarters. Now, they are just moving things here and there and Cooper thought it was best to get started on his new lab.

"Just creating a trans-dimensional jump portal. It's something I wanted to do for a while, but I need to build it in a location that won't cause too much damage for any people. One false calculation might mean everything vaporized in a 20 mile radius."

"Whoa Cooper!" Ben said while raising his hands in defense. "You sure it's safe to build it here?"

Cooper laughed a bit. "Don't worry, I ran the necessary protocols. This piece of tech won't blow." He went back to fixing the machine with his mind even if Ben still stood wryly near the portal.

"If you say so," he stated as he took a box of junk and rubble.

"Don't worry Ben, Cooper is smarter with computers and tech than me," said Helen as she placed the box on a nearby desk. "Besides, this place can withstand anything."

"I'm just surprised that this place can withstand us with all that we go through here," retorted Ben as he walked out of the room.

"Hey Ben, can you grab that last box for me," Cooper asked as he commanded the wires to attach to the proper connecters.

"Sure thing."

"He seems to back to his old self," stated Helen as she sat down on a chair. Cooper stopped his work for a moment after hearing that. Since Kevin was cured, Ben was able to act carefree and happy again. He shuddered at the memory of what happened when he almost killed Kevin. Even though he was busy with tech, he could see how ruthless and serious Ben was fighting. Gwen also looked so scared on what was going to happen to him with Ben like that. Although he didn't like Kevin so much, he was glad that they got him back to his old self; even if he kissed Gwen after he was cured.

"Yeah. By the way Helen, are you and the others sure you're okay?"

Helen nodded. "We're fine Cooper, don't worry. Pierce, Manny, Alan, and I were back to our old selves the moment Darkstar lost those powers." Cooper chuckled a bit, remembering how Kevin gave him a black eye.

"Come on, I just want to hit him! Levin deserves it!"

Cooper and Helen looked towards the entrance to see Manny and Pierce walking in and arguing, again. Manny was still angry at Kevin since the beating he took. As for Kevin himself, he is performing community service and suspended from active Plumber duty for all the crimes and damage he did when he was insane. Gwen went to help with his punishment; wishing to stay with him after what happened.

"See, Manny is back to his old self," signed Helen as she watched him and her brother fight.

"Yeah, no thanks to Levin!" retorted Manny. "Come on! Just one punch; I'll even use one hand, even the mechanical one." He held his metal hand for all to see how serious he was. Pierce just sighed.

"Manny, let it go already. Kevin is innocent, just stop it or I'll stop you myself." His quills on his face becoming sharper as he said that.

Manny cracked his knuckles as he retorted, "You wouldn't last ten seconds."

Cooper sighed, knowing he won't be able to concentrate with these two going at it. He may work while being threatened by DNAliens, fight off an army of aliens, or against the clock from an insane Kevin, but he can't concentrate when Pierce and Manny are having their usual arguments.

"Can't you two just stop arguing for five minutes?"

The helpers turn their heads towards Ben as he carried another box of Cooper's equipment; his face showing a serious, yet amused look.

"Shut it Tennyson! I just want payback from Levin, y'all got that?" shouted Manny as he edged away from Pierce.

"And I'm saying that you are not going to fight against orders!" yelled Pierce as he stepped in between Manny and Ben. Ben just shook his head and placed the equipment on the desk before heading back into the arguing teens; both glaring at the other waiting for a fight.

"Calm down guys, why don't we all just go out for smoothies; I'll buy."

"You think you can stop me Porcupine?" shouted Manny; completely ignoring Ben.

"I know I can," simply said Pierce. That got the tetramand riled up; he rushed forward to attack. Pierce side stepped and grabbed one of his arms, flipping him to the ground. Manny got back up and tackled Pierce to the wall to punch him. Pierce just kicked him in the face and removed one of his quills and threw them at the four-armed teen. Manny's tough skin held no effect to the quills; he simply used his arms as a shield before rushing in to punch him again.

All the while Ben, Helen, and Cooper watched the two duke it out. Helen was still recovering, so she couldn't stop them; Cooper never wanted to go between the two of them; and Ben, he was just too bewildered at the fight to do anything.

"Shouldn't you do something Ben?" Helen said as she saw Ben just standing there.

"Right," Ben replied as he twisted the dial of his Ultimatrix. The hologram on the alien watched shifted between forms before settling for a four-armed monkey. Ben slammed down on the hologram and let his watch do the rest. His body shrank and reformed; his arms splitting apart, giving him four of them; his body grew blue fur as he gain an extra pair of eyes and a long tail. In the center of his chest was a disk with a green hourglass symbol. When the transformation was over Ben began jumping and did back flips as he said, "Spidermonkey!"

Spidermonkey wasted no time; he jumped in between the fighting teen aliens just when Manny was about to head straight for Pierce again to throw in another punch. Instead, he found himself being tackled and sticking to the wall by a web from Spidermonkey's tail. Pierce was flipped to the ground thanks to Spidermonkey; the alien shape-shifter sitting on his back.

"I win," laughed the blue monkey from on top the spiked teen. "Now you guys have to buy the smoothies." Manny; however, didn't want to back down. He struggled in the wrappings around him until he grabbed one of his blasters and fired it at Spidermonkey. The monkey alien just jumped into the air to avoid the blast, and instead it fired at Cooper's jump portal.

Sparks flew from the machine as it suddenly activated from the shot. "MANNY! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" shouted Cooper as he tried to shut the malfunctioning portal down. The other helpers moved away from the swirly vortex that appeared from the portal's center. The force of the vortex was getting stronger and stronger; threatening to pull them towards regions unknown. Helen zoomed to the control panel. She worked feverously to help Cooper stop the machine, but everything she typed was doing nothing to stop the vortex.

Cooper tried his best to shut down the portal. He shifted his glaze to see how his friends were fairing. Pierce was gripping on to the steel column with all his might. Manny was still securely stuck to the wall, but he can still feel the vortex's pull. As for Ben, he was still Spidermonkey; using his webbing to secure himself from the pull.

"Shut it off Cooper!" commanded Pierce as he gripped on harder.

"I'm trying!" Cooper was having a hard, no, extremely hard time to shut off the device. Leave it to him to forget to make the portal Manny proof.

"Let me try something Cooper." Cooper watched as a spider thread was wrapped around him, tied to a strong, heavy structure. He looked around to see that Helen and Pierce had also gotten the same bonds to keep them tied down.

Spidermonkey landed on the ground and slapped his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol. His body changed from a small, warm-blooded monkey to something more cold-blooded and larger. His hands became two once again as his tail became thicker. His fur was gone, instead replaced by orange scales. When all was done, his high pitched voice became deeper as he yelled: "Humungousaur!"

Humungousar headed straight to the whirlwind of cosmic energy. Because he was heavier, Ben had no fear of being sucked in. What he was focused on was to take down the metal contraption. Cooper didn't mind that the thing had to go; in fact, he hoped the thing would shut off already. Humungosuar pulled away from the pulling winds and focused on the archway. He grabbed on to the side and did his best to lift it from its position. The force from air currents and its heavy structure was even harder than he imagined.

"I got it," yelled Manny as he aimed his blaster.

"Manny NO!" yelled Cooper as Manny fired. The blaster hit the control panel, causing the vortex to pull harder. The alien dinosaur's weight wasn't enough anymore; he was getting sucked in. The control panel finally exploded. The last gush of the pull was enough to drag Ben in before shorting out.

"BEN!" yelled out all the Helpers once the galactic hero disappeared.


Rex darted through the halls of Providence, and he had to be careful of who he ran into. Things in the EVO world were running pretty slow since the attack from the Pack. Now, he is suffering from an extreme case of boredom. With no EVOs to fight and Bobo asleep, he decided to sneak away to hang out with Noah. He just hoped that he won't run into Six or Dr. Holiday.

Sure, he loved to see to see Holiday, but if he had to run another test over this new nanite, he is going to scream.

He pushed a button on the communicator in his ear and said, "Noah, meet me at the court. It's time we settle that game."

"Yeah Rex, I'll meet you there. And don't think you can win with those so called skills." Noah answered with an air of cockiness.

"Please. Just wait and I'll show you how awesome I am, as usual," retorted the EVO teen as he made it outside the doors. He activated his nanites to build him a pair of metal wings on his back. "Just make sure you're ready to buy me those tacos when I win."

Rex smiled as he flew through the air. He needed a piece of normal now. Or at least, some action. If things continue to be this slow, then he probably should think of an early retirement. He just hoped that things pick up soon.

What he didn't know is that it will happen so very soon…

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