Wu is martial, physical and battle-readiness. Wu is power, the body, persuasion, self-control and containment. Wu is vital to being a true man.


Wu control also means being able to restrain ones own orgasm in order to satisfy their partner's need for pleasure. Often several times.


Ranma was sitting on the porch out back of Dr Tofu's clinic. It had been a while since Shampoo and Kodachi had tried to ambush him, and he figured he was about due. With that in mind, he'd gone to the doctor and asked him for some help and the use of his clinic for the evening. The man had been surprised at Ranma's explanation, but more than willing to help once he'd gotten over his shock.

Now, Ranma was waiting.


It seemed that Shampoo had arrived first. Already she was plastered to his side, trying to convince him to choose her by rubbing herself against him. Really, she wasn't doing herself any favours. She never listened to him, she invaded his personal space, her Jusenkyo curse was a cat of all things, and she always brought him the same thing to eat – which he never wanted in the first place, but at least it wasn't Ryoga on a platter any more.

Ranma picked up one of the medical needles that had been laid out beside him and carefully jabbed it into the purple-haired Chinese nuisance.

"Ai...ren..." Shampoo said again, but her tight grip on him was loosened and she slumped onto her knees then backwards, out cold from the heavy sedative Ranma had just used on her.

He quickly wrapped her up in a straitjacket, so she wouldn't be glomping him again any time soon, and then rolled her off to the side before returning to his seat – checking first just in case Kodachi had appeared while he was preoccupied with Shampoo and had booby-trapped it.

"Darling Ranma-sama!"

Ah, there she was. Snuggling up to him with a black rose held between her lips. Yeah, just what he never wanted – a psychotic girl with a talent for narcotics and a neurotic joy in causing other people to suffer as long as she came out on top. Ridiculous.

The sedative that Ranma stuck into her was enough to knock out an elephant. With all the poisons she regularly handled, Ranma wasn't taking any chances. He put her in another straitjacket.

Ranma didn't know why Dr Tofu had one straitjacket, let alone two, but right now no one was going to catch him complaining about it. As far as he was concerned, he'd lucked out. He wasn't going to ask why Dr Tofu had elephant-strength sedative either. It was probably for when himself or Ryoga, they were that hard to knock out. Well, he was keeping a lot of it on hand for any time that Kodachi started to come around.

First, he carried Shampoo back to the restaurant and presented her to Cologne and Mousse.

"I have no intention of ever marrying her," he stated firmly. "But I figure you're not giving up until she's got a child by me, right?" he scowled.

Cologne cackled and nodded. "Does this mean you surrender son-in-law?" she asked, a horrible, greedy smile on her face.

Ranma tossed the sleeping girl at the bespectacled boy. "Like heck," he growled, and pulled a container out of his pocket, handing it over to Cologne. "You can use that to get my children in your damn clan. I'm marrying who I want."

Cologne blinked in surprise at the container of sperm, looked up at Ranma's face, and sighed. "Fine," she grumbled. "Come on Mousse. We'd best do this quickly. Artificial insemination isn't a fun process, so we'll take advantage of Shampoo's sedated state."

Mousse nodded and followed.

"Oi Mousse," Ranma called, stalling the other boy for a moment.


"The sedative will leave her woozy in the morning. Maybe you should try winning her then," he advised. "And maybe get some new glasses, so that you can actually see?" he suggested.

Mousse blushed. Possibly in shame, fury or embarrassment, and then hurried off behind Cologne, still carrying his beloved Shampoo.

Ranma sighed and noticed that Kodachi was beginning to stir. He gave her another jab of the sedative, tranquilliser really, and hurried off to a building that was staffed by men in clean white coats, and had rooms with padded walls.

"She's a danger to society and herself," Ranma said as he laid her out on a stretcher that the doctors had brought out when they spotted him. "For everybody's sake, I'd advise you to keep her restrained at all times, and sedated, and don't let her cook, or give her a room with a window. It's just not safe."

The doctors had nodded their understanding. It wasn't a pleasant duty they performed, but for some it was necessary – and so was following the requests of the people who brought them their charges.

"Who should we contact about her?" one doctor asked.

"Her name is Kuno Kodachi, so I'd say the Kuno family, but I'm concerned that they might all need to be put under your care," Ranma answered solemnly.

"Ah," the doctor said, smiling. "Another Kuno. That's fine, we know how to handle those ones."

Ranma smiled back, and headed home.

"Ranma?" Akane said, rubbing at her eyes as she sat up in her bed, having been woken up by Ranma coming in through the window. "What were you doing out so late?"

"Go back to sleep Akane, and have sweet dreams about never being bothered by Chinese Amazons or the crazy Kodachi ever again," Ranma answered, kissing her cheek softly and pulling her quilt up over her.

Akane smiled as she lay back down. "That sounds like a really nice dream," she said softly.

The next day, Ranma's mother was visiting the dojo, and Ranma was particularly happy because he had an announcement to make – one he'd discussed just quickly with Akane when they'd both woken up that morning, before going down to breakfast.

"Today," Ranma said, "Akane has agreed to make a true man out of me, and let me make a woman out of her."

"My son?"asked Nodoka, hopefully, her eyes shining.

"We are ready to get married," Akane said, smiling shyly as she sat next to Ranma.

"What about the other ones?" Nabiki asked.

Ranma's eyes hardened. "I dealt with them last night," he said. "That's why I was out so late, for which I apologise. They should not be bothering us ever again."

"A grand wedding!" Suon and Genma insisted happily, crying with joy that their schools would be united at last.
"We don't have the money for it," Nabiki said flatly.

"We want something simple anyway," Akane slipped in, her words firm.

"Wedding clothes aren't cheap, even for a simple wedding," Nabiki pointed out.

Ranma smiled. "But it is possible to get a white dress that doesn't cost the earth, and I have a pair of black suit pants and a collar shirt."

"And with all the pictures that Nabiki's been taking, she's probably better than a professional photographer anyway," Akane put in. "And don't you charge us for the pictures, when we know you're just going to sell them to Kuno-senpai anyway."

Nabiki smiled. "Well, that's true," she said. "But what about booking a church? Holding a reception? Sending out invitations and the guest list?"

"We'll find a judge with a register and that will be the end of it," Akane answered.

"As for the guest list and invitations," Ranma said, and put on a bright smile, "you are all cordially invited to the wedding of Saotome Ranma and Tendo Akane, it is happening today as soon as we can find a nice dress and a judge. How's that?" he asked.

Kasumi chuckled.

Ranma and Akane were married by lunch time. Their parents had the official wedding sheets – which had been in use since lunch time – when the couple finally emerged in time for dinner before they left for their honeymoon.

"Is my son a true man?" Nodoka asked Akane quietly, taking her new daughter-in-law aside during the farewells.

"Oh yes," Akane said appreciatively, watching Ranma as he dealt with two sobbing fathers just across the room. "A man. Very much a man. A kind, considerate, loving, devoted, wonderful man," she said.

"How many time did he make you come?" Nabiki asked, indelicately, but quietly all the same.

Nodoka, Kasumi and Akane all blushed at Nabiki's question.

"The first time? Only the once," Akane stammered. "The second time, when all of the pain had completely faded and Ranma had some idea of what he was doing?" she smiled and looked over at her husband again. "Six times."

All of the women's eyes went wide at the proclamation.

"I've never heard of it being possible," Nodoka said.

"And him?" Nabiki asked, probing for details still.

Akane looked at her sister with a put-out and put-upon expression. "First and second time refer to when he came, and we rolled over and stopped for breath," she explained.

"Men get aroused more easily than women, but their recovery time is longer," Nodoka said quietly, blushing to hear of how her son was in bed. "My mother told me when I was married, and I found it to be true. I'm just passing on the knowledge," she added when all the younger girls looked at her in surprise.

Akane chuckled. "I believe it," she said, then turned to her oldest sister. "Kasumi, I love you, but really, marry Dr Tofu already. He loves you, you love him, and really, he's just as fit as Ranma, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

Kasumi blushed and stared at her youngest sister while Nabiki laughed.

"Akane," Ranma called. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes," Akane answered happily, leaving her sisters, her mother-in-law, and their father's behind to take Ranma's arm and leave the dojo, leave Nerima district of Tokyo, leave Tokyo altogether. They were going to Kyoto for the next couple of weeks.

"Akane," Ranma said, taking her hand as he sat next to her on the train.

"Yes Ranma?" turning her delighted face from the window to him.

Ranma smiled, glad she was enjoying herself. "I love you," he told her.

Akane's excited smile softened to one of contented joy. "I love you too."

~The End~