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It was a bright morning in the Slytherin Dungeons. Albus Potter opened the curtains on his four poster bed, and looked around. The rest of the boys were slowly rising for the day, yawns, drool, and morning wood were clearly evident on most of the blokes getting up and stretching. Others, like him, were keen on making sure no such thing as horrible and unsophisticated as drool could be seen past the privacy of one's bed.

Albus, though popular in his own right, wasn't very sociable. Mostly, he got his fame and friends because he was the 'Chosen One's' son. It didn't help either, that he was almost an exact replica of his father. Same jet black unruly hair, not overly tall, green eyes, and a scrawny body. He was a quidditch fan through and through, and like his father; he was the seeker of the Slytherin Team. The poor Gryffindors, hadn't won a match in quite a while, thanks to his sharp ability on a broom. So his body, though scrawny, was muscular, and lithe in its own way. He got plenty of stares from both girls and boys alike, but it never bothered him, he had his girlfriend, Lotus, and no one else mattered.

Not wanting to wait too long on a line for the loo, he dragged himself out of bed, and mindlessly swept his hair away from his face. Thankfully, though a close as a doppelganger to his dear dad, he had no scar, and he was always grateful of the fact every time he laid eyes on himself in a mirror.

Upon entering the bathroom, only one person looked up at him. Scorpius Malfoy looked as polished as any Malfoy ought to be. The other boy, Aidan Pucey, was busy getting ready for a shower, and paid them no mind.

He nodded at Malfoy, and then went back to observing himself in the mirror. Not much hair grew on his face, but he liked cleaning it nonetheless, a scruffy look never really suited his tastes. With a quick wave of his wand, what little hairs that were there, disappeared.

Brushing his teeth was never much of a ceremony; he brushed, rinsed, and flossed, no big deal. He didn't sleep in much; at home, he generally slept naked, if no one was over visiting. At Hogwarts though, he shared a dorm room with five other boys, and going around naked would probably offend at least one or two of them. So he met his needs half way in the middle, and wore boxers and an undershit. It was comfortable enough, and no one got offended.

His morning wood had gone down sometime during his morning routine, and he was glad. Malfoy was doing something or other with cream; Albus raised his eyebrows but said nothing, perhaps that was how he refrained from acquiring acne, like most boys their age.

He shrugged, and lifted his undershirt above his head, he put on a plain if slightly fitted white shirt, and then changed his pants. No one batted an eyelash, he took a fresh pair of pants, and then put on his favorite trousers on top. They were steel grey slacks, with pockets in the back, front, and down the legs. It was very handy when he needed to carry spare quill and parchment for class, and the color helped too, it matched well with most other colors, and it was by far the most comfortable, he did like jeans, but sometimes, soft feeling cotton was better than the material jeans came with. He slipped on his tie over his head, and tied it loosely about his neck, he was never much one for ties, but he did it to appease his mother, who would get complaints if he wouldn't wear it often enough. He left his shirt tucked out, and granted himself one more gaze in the mirror. He looked pretty good, at least Lotus would be happy. He smirked to himself, and then left the bathroom. Malfoy had chosen that same moment to leave as well, and they bumped into each other. "Oops, sorry mate," Albus said cordially, but did not give the other boy a second glance. Besides, he had places to be, people to impress.

Other than that, the two of them had hardly spoken in the six years they had thus far been at Hogwarts. They shared a few similarities, such as sharing the Prefect title for Slytherin. Why McGonagall had chosen to boys, from the same house, was beside him, but it never bothered him, the bloke was good at being a Prefect, and he never had any complaints before, so why start now?

Even though they met each other in classrooms they shared classes with, or at the Great Hall where they ate their meals, they weren't exactly friends. Perhaps he would pursue it, if he felt the need. But that time could come later. Right now, he was expected at the Great Hall, where his girlfriend, and a fanbase was sure to be waiting.

As Albus walked out of the Dungeons, and up to the Entrance Hall, he thought about the competition Malfoy and himself fought for since they were in Third Year. Apparently, they were tied for Best Looking Blokes in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and every so often, one of them would come out the successor when more girls or blokes would follow them around during the day. It was always annoying, but he never put a stop to it either. He wasn't sure if Malfoy had a fan club as he did, but he never bothered to check, he didn't think he ever would, it just didn't matter to him.

He entered the Great Hall, and made a beeline for his girlfriend Lotus, who immediately started prattling about this that and the other. He smiled; this is what he lived for. Not the fame, or the popularity, but the happiness those closest to him brought to him every day.

Scorpius watched Albus Potter leave the bathroom after they had bumped into each other. The other boy had looked happy; as if he had nothing of importance to worry about, nothing that could possibly ruin his day. That was something worth being jealous about. His father was a Pureblood to the highest standard, and if he ever did anything out of line, his father would scold him, and tell him what an embarrassment to the family he was. He knew without a doubt that his father loved him; his mother did too, even though she wasn't as hard on him with punishments as his father was.

Other than his family, he was pretty satisfied with himself so far. Sixth Year was coming along great, and he was getting decent grades, usually an Exceeds Expectations. There were times he managed to get an Outstanding, but he never bragged about his grades to anyone.

His only rival in looks was none other than Albus Potter. Where Albus was tanned, he was pale. Where Albus wasn't very tall, he hovered above many of the boys in his year, by at least three inches. He had muscles everywhere, but nothing too extreme, they were nice, and even, his body giving off an angelic look. The most contradicting feature between the two of them was the color of their hair. Albus' was jet black and messy, whilst his was nearly platinum blond and lay sleek and still atop his head.

He usually felt perfect, and content, but today, something was off. He looked presentable, in all the ways a Malfoy was required to look, and yet, there was that strange something that tugged in his mind, something that wasn't there the day before or at least he didn't notice it.

The warning bell went off somewhere in the distance, and he knew he had spent too much time contemplating nonsensical things. It was time to shape up his act, and go to class. He would be able to think about it again later that night, if the feeling still niggled at him then.

The last class of the day was finally upon the students of Hogwarts. For the Slytherin's and Gryffindor's that meant Defense Against The Dark Arts. Albus had made his way over to the waiting students, whom had been instructed by the Professor to wait in the corridor.

Because of his dad, Albus had scored an O on his O.W.L.'s. He had been delighted, and only slightly mollified to find out that his cousin Rose Weasley, and his Prefect's partner, Scorpius Malfoy had received the same grade as him.

Rose appeared next to him, and he smiled at her in acknowledgement. She smiled back, grinning slightly. He quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing, he knew Rose to be effervescent, and if he would wait she'd burst with excitement from restraining whatever piece of gossip she held within her tongue.

About a minute passed, and Rose finally broke the silence, her eyes shining. Albus could never understand what was so exciting about gossip, but sometimes, she really did have things to say, that had nothing to do about who kissed whom and what happened to that poor unfortunate soul that did whatever. But this was Rose, no one could help that. He smirked again, and listened to her speak.

She didn't say much.

"So, what's up?" She asked him, her eagerness to talk spilling over the brim, even though all she said was as common as the color green in the Slytherin Rooms. He rolled his eyes. "Nothing to report on this side, Rosie" he replied noncommittally, retaining a smirk.

"Hmmm, that isn't very interesting" Rose said very seriously.

Albus laughed. "I'm well aware of how boring my life is" he replied smoothly.

"Well, are you taking your girlfriend to the Hogsmeade trip that's coming up?" She asked, pressing for information.

Albus nodded, he knew she would fish for information somewhere along the line. But like everything else, it didn't bother him. Rose was his cousin, and he loved her dearly, like a second sister. "Yep, I am, she probably wants to go shopping though; I hate shopping" he added the last part to make Rose laugh, he really could care less if he went shopping or not. He'd likely find something he needed somewhere along the way

"Well Mate, just be happy you have one of the hottest girls to take with you" his friend Liam Bones interrupted them, sidling into the empty spot where they stood by the wall.

Rose snorted. "Eww, can you not discuss girls in front of me… Now maybe if we were to discuss the hot guys in this school, I'd be willing to converse." She smirked at their horrified expressions, clearly reveling in making their minds reel. "You are such guys! Seriously!" she stormed off muttering obscenities under her breath, and moved to speak to another girl, probably in their year.

Albus chuckled heartily, "Yes, well, you're such a bloody girl" He laughed to Liam's agreeing slap on the back.

A stream of students entered the corridor then, bringing with them Harry Potter. The awed whispers and gaping mouths that ensued was very embarrassing.

Albus knew his dad was going to come teach for a week, and tell the class stories about the war, but he didn't realize the time had come already. The students all rushed into the classroom all trying to get a front seat. Albus, on the contrary waited as long as possible before he followed the last of the students trickling in. He shrunk down in his seat, and pretended not to notice his father stand in front of the class looking very dominating. Everyone stared at him in admiration as he started speaking.

If Albus had never heard these stories before, he might have been interested. Instead, he took out a spare bit of parchment and scrawled a message on it, passing it discreetly to Liam on his side.

Liam took the parchment and glanced at it I'm bored he rolled his eyes and wrote back go fuck yourself; I'm trying to listen here….hello it's Harry fucking Potter! Liam sent the parchment back with a smirk. Albus took it and read the contents. Scowling he ignored Liam and shoved his shoulder slightly. "I hate you mate! I'm going to have to endure this for a week" he whined petulantly.

Liam sighed. "So ask to leave, and go fetch you're girlfriend for a quick shag or something" he suggested. Even though he knew Liam was kidding; his eyes lit up at the idea. He put his parchment together and dumped it in his school bag. He slithered out of his seat quietly and headed for the door.

"Albus" he heard his father call. He turned around, paling slightly "Where are you going?" His dad asked him sternly.

"Ermmm Bathroom" he lied. His dad sighed but shooed him out. Albus knew that his father understood how he felt with all the attention. He didn't like attention. Not at all. He was at the door when his dad said "Come back shortly, we will be practicing dueling"

Albus heaved a sigh but nodded "Alright" He ran out and made his way down the corridor. Obviously, he wouldn't have time to shag his girlfriend; but at least he wouldn't have to listen to stories about the war. Again. As long as there was dueling to anticipate, he would be back.

During the summer, his dad would always train him extra hard in Defense, just in case something were to happen. He never minded, it was a thrilling experience, and it always increased his grades.

He moved up a couple of moving staircases; and then walked down another corridor. Fifteen minutes had passed. Dejectedly, he made his way back to the class, making sure to walk slowly, coming back too early would not do.

By the time he got back to the classroom nearly half an hour had passed. He slithered into class; his father was busy assigning partners for dueling and didn't look up. For a moment, Albus thought he was off the hook, but then Harry caught his eye and glared. Albus bowed his head in apology; he had not meant to upset his father.

"Albus" he beckoned toward the front of the classroom. Not wanting to anger his father any further, he strolled forward and waited for instruction.

"Here," he pushed Malfoy forward. "You guys work together today" Malfoy flushed. Albus chose not to notice.

"What will we be practicing, Dad?" he asked seriously.

"Just defense; Shield charms to any N.E.W.T. level hexes."

Albus nodded, excited now. "Yes Dad"

Sounds of "Protego" and other random curses flew around the classroom.

"Rictusempra" Albus shouted; Malfoy suddenly started giggling.

"Stop! Stop!" he cried; breathless with laughter.

"The tickling spell? Really Albus?" his father came up behind him grinning.

Albus snickered. "Yeah, I thought I would surprise him with something random, besides, it's pretty funny to watch him roll around laughing like that."

In the meantime, Malfoy was still doubled over, nearly choking in his giggles. Taking pity, Albus lifted the spell. Malfoy ended up in a heap on the floor, taking deep breaths of air. Harry moved elsewhere, leaving Albus to fend for himself.

Albus kneeled besides Malfoy. "You alright mate?" he asked him tapping him uncertainly on the shoulder.

"Yep" Malfoy gasped out "Fine"

Satisfied Albus moved away, ready to duel again. From that point on however, Malfoy was on guard and neither of them got another shot in.

The bell rang for end of classes, and Albus made his way down towards the Slytherin dungeons. The School had a half an hour break before dinner; and he wanted to wash up and refresh. Deciding he would rather do it in the Prefects bathroom; he changed directions. Albus threw his bag over his shoulder thinking about the quidditch practice after dinner. He couldn't wait. He absolutely loved quidditch.

Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him; he turned around and saw Scorpius Malfoy running towards him. He paused and looked inquiringly at him.

"Malfoy?" he asked curiously

"Hey, Potter, I just wanted to say nice work today; your spell totally took me off guard"

"I noticed, that was entirely the point," he replied cheekily.

Malfoy smiled back. "Git."

A pause. Albus waited.

"Ye, so what are you doing now?" Malfoy finally asked, his cheeks flushing slightly again.

Must have been from his running to catch up with me, Albus reckoned. "Gonna go up to the Prefects bathroom, take a shower, and freshen up before dinner." He replied thoughtfully, "Though it's probably useless because after dinner, the Slytherin quidditch team are gonna have a brutal practice; And then I'll just lay in a bath and soak in bubbles and it'll feel mighty good." Albus smiled to himself; he adored the prefect bathroom; the bathtub was bigger than an average swimming pool.

He looked up to find Malfoy staring at him strangely. What is wrong with him today?

Albus rolled his eyes, and moved along; "See you at dinner Malfoy" he said before jogging away towards the prefect bathroom.

Scorpius Malfoy stared at the empty corridor long after Albus had ran off; wondering why he felt different; why he felt like Albus was different. Or was it him? Albus had made him feel funny; a strange tingly feeling had gone through his stomach every time Albus had grinned at him, and when he had checked up on him, after throwing that tickling spell at him. Must be nerves, he decided. But then the feeling from the morning returned to him, and he frowned. Maybe I'm coming down with something?

He went down to dinner early, already deciding on a plan. He would get a good seat at the Slytherin table, or and wait for Albus to show up. He wanted to be able to see the latter as he walked into the hall. He would acknowledge the feelings and emotions that would cross him at that point, and from there he would go on. Obviously, if nothing affected him, nothing was wrong with him, right? Right.

Dinner arrived on the table then, and he began to pile his favorites on his empty plate. Fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes with fried onions, and gravy…he licked his lips as he reached around for said foods.

It couldn't have been longer than a minute that he was sitting there, when all of a sudden a girlish shriek pierced through his ears. He turned his head and saw one of his exes; who through some miracle remained friends with him. "Hello McKenna" he said as greeting. She beamed back at him.

"So, Scorpius, what are you doing here so early?"

"I could ask you the same thing" he replied churlishly, eyes narrowing in annoyance.

She flinched.

He sighed. "Sorry McKenna; I didn't mean to be harsh, I'm just in a strange mood, and it's taking up my mind right now, it's a weird feeling that I haven't felt ever, and I'm wondering if I'm sick…"

She nodded; "Do you want to talk about it Scorp?" she asked him rubbing his arm.

"Well…." He paused, blushing "I don't really know what it is, perhaps, when I know I will tell you" he replied softly.

She smiled at him comfortingly "Whenever you're ready, Scorp, I'll be here to listen" she told him soothingly. She moved down the bench to one of her other friends, and Scorpius stayed where he was, keeping an eager eye on the entrance to the Great Hall. He was eager? Why did he care what Albus did, or thought or looked like? It didn't make any sense. Probably just want to become better friends with him; he convinced himself; ye, that's it. He smiled, pleased at his conviction and looked away from the entrance. He could do this.

Scorpius had kept his head diverted from the Entrance Hall for a full five minutes. He felt proud of his accomplishment. Not wanting to ruin his long record; He took out a muggle book about vampires. Total idiocy, but it kept his mind occupied. And then…


Reluctantly he looked up, and immediately regretted it. There stood Albus Potter, sitting down a few feet away from him; freshly showered, his hair still wet. He wore a pair of jeans that fit nicely on his legs. He forced his eyes away. Why the hell am I noticing this? Unable to stop himself, he turned back to Potter and watched as his girlfriend snogged the living daylights out of him, resulting in a deep blush. That blush looked so adorable on him, and then a different feeling erupted. Anger, that someone else was touching Potter. It's his girlfriend, you dolt! But still, the feeling of jealousy did not decrease. Why couldn't I have such a wonderfully beautiful piece of meat like that for myself?

Scorpius paled. When had this started? Why hadn't he noticed these reactions to Potter until now? What had happened to him?

He stood up abruptly all appetite lost. Grabbing his belongings he walked briskly out of the Great Hall; running would mean something was wrong. Nothing was wrong. Everything was fine. He was totally normal, thank you very much.

Scorpius couldn't keep his heart from pounding heavily in his ears. These reactions weren't normal. Why didn't he notice how good looking a random girl looked coming to the table, with her hair dripping wet, and being snogged. Why was it Potter he noticed, and why did it bother him?

Suddenly, an inspiration flitted through his heavily lidded brain. He needed to find a girl, one that was preferably good looking. A girl that he could snog the living daylights out of, thus seeing his positive or negative reaction. Brilliant plan, right? He hoped so.

He sprinted down the corridor away from the Great Hall. Suddenly, as if an answer to his silent plea, a girl came down the staircase right next to him. "Hi Scorpius" she said cheerfully.

"Oh, hey." he replied, wracking his memory for a name. None came.

"You look nice today" she complimented him.

"Thank you," he said, in what he hoped was a happy voice that said he was just complimented.

The girl was nice enough, slender, with a pixie haircut, brown eyes… Her appearance wasn't doing anything to him, not like it usually did. And this scared him. He was a sixteen year old boy, a healthy libido, and a cock all too willing to do his bidding for him, why was it sleeping now? He needed for his dick to respond, but nothing happened. He pushed away his tremulous thoughts and pushed himself to follow his original plan; find a girl to snog. End of.

He leaned closer to the girl. She blushed, but didn't move back. "Can I try something" he asked softly.

She nodded, seeming to understand what he wanted. "Sure Scorpius, It would be an honour!" she told him giggling. "All my friends think you're the hottest guy in the whole school."

He smiled, and leaned in to kiss her. Her lips were warm, and soft; but he felt zilch. No butterflies, no tingling feeling, no nothing. He kept the kiss going for a minute, so the girl wouldn't get hurt. When the appropriate time for a decent kiss passed, he pulled away and smiled at the girl. "Thank you" he told her sincerely "that was nice" It was, but he didn't feel anything to make him feel good, or special.

The girl waved at him, still smiling, and her face aglow. She left him standing there, back to his doubtful thoughts, his panic mode almost bursting to the surface.

He felt his lips. He literally felt as if the past five minutes had not happened. Hoping to find another girl, he made his way up the stairs and walked down another long corridor. He had reached the library; why people were here, and not eating was beyond him, but he didn't ask questions. If there was a pretty girl here, he would try again.

He walked in, feeling slightly better. Madam Pince nodded at him; Scorpius waved, and then strolled through the high shelves. A few guys were studying together, but he didn't dare look in their direction; if he was what he thought he was…. A guy certainly would be of no help to him.

In a secluded area of the library he found another girl, she was herself, a couple of tomes piled high; and she was scribbling on parchment. Homework, probably. She was even prettier than the previous girl. Long blond hair, perfect teeth, slender body blue eyes… He approached her slowly. When the girl looked up, her reaction was the same as the previous girl. "Oh my dear Merlin! Scorpius Malfoy!" he smiled, playing along.

"Hey!" he responded readily, keeping the grin on his face. This time, he didn't even need to initiate his question. She was so over eager to touch him, he could see it in her eyes, and squirming body. He waited, he figured it would take about thirty seconds for her to burst. It didn't, fifteen seconds of silence passed before she blurted "Can I give you a kiss?" Scorpius couldn't help the snort that came out. He was surprised at her bluntness. But hey- he was a hottie, apparently these girls didn't care. Shame, it was a little off putting. He needed this though, and so he just responded how he knew he had to.

He pushed himself forward, murmuring "Sure," as they both began walking over to each other and met halfway. Scorpius grabbed her face in his hands. She took the invitation and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing them closer together.

He felt like crying when he didn't get hard, and no feeling of euphoria or excitement came from the heated and thrilling kiss. She had made it so, taking the one chance that she would get to be with Scorpius Malfoy; and he had complied, kissing her back like the world depended on it, which it rather did. He had to get out of there.

He gently pulled away from her, actively ending the kiss. He spoke quietly, and softly even though he felt like fleeing. "That was nice" he reiterated; "unfortunately, I must be going now." Feeling lame, he retreated a few steps away, and being the good sport that she was, merely nodded; grinning, and went back to her studying.

Walking out of the library, Scorpius waited half a corridor before he would allow himself to panic completely. Something was wrong, something was definitely wrong. He ran to his dormitories; and flew to his bed, which was ironically right next to Potter's; wonderful he thought angrily. He drew the curtains around his bed, and closed his eyes. When tears threatened to spill out, he squeezed his eyes closer together, trying to prevent the inevitable.

But, rebellious tears slowly dripped down beneath his eyelids and he could do nothing to stop it. He wiped them away furiously, only for fresh tears to slide down his cheeks. What was he going to do? He didn't know, but he was royally screwed if he didn't find a solution fast.

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