Magic Gambit

*I don't know any Days characters. I also don't usually write Days so apologies if any characters are OOC. I know Magic as Victor/Maggie's couple name is not to some people's liking but it works here. Spoilers included.

"You know, Maggie, you only have about two inches of carrot before you start chopping your fingers off," Julie observed as she nibbled a slice of carrot.

"I've cut more vegetables than you. And I'm done with the carrots. Onto the cucumbers," Maggie reached for a skinned cucumber.

"It was nice to been invited over for dinner. It must get boring to cook for one. Soup for one, salad for one, Ben&Jerry's for one…"

"Julie, I do own a restaurant. I tend to eat well there."

"Ah, so you eat well. But do you meet any interesting men there?" Julie asked. Maggie narrowed her eyes.

"Did Melanie put you up this?"

"You don't think I can meddle on my own? I'm offended."

"Julie…"Maggie sighed, putting her hands to her temples, "yes, you can meddle on your own. You're one of the best meddlers I know. I just prefer you not to. I'm not ready to date. Anyone."

Julie looked thoughtful. "You realized Mickey started dating Bonnie Lockhart about two months after you 'died', right? And considering I married a widower, I'm offended that you considered your life's over."

"Not everyone can marry their mother's widower and live happily ever after," Maggie shot back, "And I don't consider my whole life over. Just my love life," Maggie added quietly.

"Would Victor agree with that? The man is like a dog. I mean, he—" Julie was cut off by Ciara and Doug.

"Are we interrupting something?" Doug asked.

"No," Maggie said at same time Julie said, "Yes."

"Ciara, did you wash up for dinner?" Doug asked.

"Yes, Grandpa."

"Good. Do it again."

"O.k." Ciara left, thinking grown-ups were so weird.

"Julie, darling, stop bothering Maggie. It's none of our business," Doug said. Maggie looked pleased until Doug continued,

"Besides, Victor is dating Kate now. Kate's moved in. I've heard from Will." Doug glanced at Maggie. Maggie paled but recovered.

"Good. I'm not interested. Pass the potatoes."

"Right. Just like you were not interest when Victor was stopping by for coffee at least twice a week and talking about the scholarship. You were so uninterested in Victor that when Bo was hurt, you waited all night…." Julie said.

"I care about Bo. It had nothing to do with Victor, no matter what Caroline thought," Maggie said.

"Daddy loves you, too, Aunt Maggie," Ciara said.

"Good. It's nice when people love each other, isn't it?" Maggie smiled at her niece.

"Grandpa Victor doesn't love Miss Kate. He always makes excuses to get out of the room when she's home. And she's so fake. But he seemed to like her more than Miss Vivian who he won't let me play with. Besides Miss Kate's only there because of Steven-o the bad bird," Ciara explained importantly.

"Dear lord, he managed to brainwashed a six-year-old," Maggie threw up her hands.

"One date wouldn't kill you, Maggie," Julie said.

"I was just friends with the man and it almost killed me. Remember the sarcophagus? Toxic fumes?"

"Which was not Victor's fault. Besides how long has it been since…." Julie looked at Ciara, " you had baklava?"

Doug snickered.

"Baklava, Julie? Really? That's the best you could come up with?"

"It fits so well."

"I'm just happy you prefer apple pie," Doug said.

"I like both," Ciara piped in.

"And I'm on a no desserts diet. Which is my choice. When I chose to eat dessert, I'll pick something I like. Maybe chocolate cake or even doughnuts," Maggie said.

"O.k. So not dessert. Just dinner. Have dinner with the man. I'll even make interesting…." Julie offered.

"Really, I think having dinner with the man who tried to killed my daughter would be interesting enough. But what do you have in mind?" Maggie began to dish out ice cream over baklava, which made Julie smirked.

"Have dinner with Victor and I'll pay for the pastry dough maker you've been eyeing and to redo the entry of Chez Rouge," Julie said.

"How are you paying for this, darling?" Doug asked.

"Out of my jewelry fund?" Julie said innocently.

"Excellent answer," Doug smiled brightly.

"Fine. One date. And just dinner. But after the date, no one can bother me about Victor or my love life. Including you, Melanie or Victor."

"Great. Except for the dinner, it can't be at Chez Rouge. Let me plan this," Julie said.

"It can't be worse that what Viv had planned," Maggie muttered under her breath, wondering what she got herself into.