"I'm fine, really," Maggie said when she got home.

"Maybe we should spend the night, in case you need help," Jennifer said.

"Actually, Victor's going to stay with me. He just ran home to get some clothes," Maggie said.

"O.k. then why don't we stay until Victor comes back?" Julie suggested. Maggie agreed.

"Jennifer, why don't you make us some tea?" Julie asked.

"Why does it seem like you are always getting rid of me?" Jennifer asked.

"Because we are, Jen. We want to gossip and what I want to ask Maggie will freak you out. So make tea."


"Maggie, I don't know how to exactly approach this but with the looks between you and Victor, things are moving fast. Do you have protection?" Julie asked.

"Julie, when I have sex with Victor, I'll make sure to use protection. We're going for testing this week. But I think that's between me and Victor. So for right now you need back off," Maggie said.

"Fine. We just worry about you," Julie said.

"We're doing fine. Oh! I still need to call the girls," Maggie said.

"Why don't you go upstairs and do that while we clean up? But I want details, darling," Julie said.

"Julie. You get no details," Maggie laughed.

"We'll see you later, Aunt Maggie."

"Bye, Jennifer."

"I'm fine, really. No, you don't need to come home right now. Sarah…" Maggie listened to her daughter ramble for a minute. "Listen, we need to talk about something else. I'm dating someone…Sarah, yes I know it has been only a year but…it's Victor Kiriakis….yes, I know…well, I didn't plan it either….why don't you come home in couple weeks? Yes, I'll call Melissa…Love you, too. Bye."

"That sound like it went well," Victor said, walking into the bedroom.

"It went as well as any of my calls with her goes. She's coming home in three months," Maggie sighed.

"Hey, if you need more time, Maggie, we can just go back to having coffee."

"Victor, if you think we can really think we can go back to just having coffee, I think we're in two different relationships. I got shot at because of you. That's a thing that girl doesn't just do for anyone. You just need to realize my family might have issues. I need to call Melissa," Maggie reached for the phone. Victor started to kiss her neck.

"Victor…" Maggie warned.

"There's a two hour time difference. You can wait two hours and I could give you a nice massage…" Victor nibbled Maggie's neck.

"Victor, let me call Melissa then we have all night. I'll make it worth your while, I promise," Maggie said.

"Fine. I'll check my email," Victor said, frustrated.

"Thank you." Maggie smiled at him.

"Yes, I know he tried to kill you. Yes…honey…well, you dated a known rapist. Melissa, I love him. Why? I don't know. Look, Sarah's coming home in three months. Why don't you plan on coming then too? I don't know if Victor is going to move in. It's been a long night, o.k.? I love you, too. I'll see you then." Maggie hung up the phone.

"Maggie?" Victor asked.

"Apparently either I was supposed to become a nun upon Mickey's death or only date 'pre-approved by the Horton family' men," Maggie said.

"Well, then I qualify because Julie approved of me," Victor teased.

"They're coming home in three months. The mood is totally killed, isn't it?" Maggie said.

Victor shrugged. "We could try to get it back. Do you have a deck of cards?"

"Victor…" Maggie smiled at the memory.

"I bought condoms and massage oil," Victor kissed Maggie's hand.

"A massage sound good. It's just so frustrating when they want to micro-manage from afar."


Maggie looked at Victor, realizing what she was doing.

"I'm sorry. I just won't think about anything except this room and you."

"I have an idea," Victor said.

"This one?" Victor kissed the scar on Maggie's left hand.

"Ah, frying donuts with Alice. We used really hot oil that splattered…"

"This one on your shoulder?"

"Hmm? Oh, Sarah had a psycho cat for two years."

"This one?" Victor paused by Maggie's right breast.

"Mickey. A warm summer night," Maggie grinned wickedly at the memory.

"He had good taste in women," Victor said, capturing Maggie's lips.

"Mmmm…." Maggie couldn't agree more. She also would have to remember to thank Julie. But much, much, later.