Written For The 100 Challenge On HPFC.

Title: The Right Kind Of Wrong

Prompt(s): Blaise/Parvati, chocolate

she knows its wrong


w r o n g))


but he's just so right


r i g h t))


but this is the first time she's ever really felt like a

g r y f f i n d o r

(roar, baby, roar)


she just wants to show the world that she's not Padma,

because she's not smart

(no fantasticgrades && indianbraids),

or pretty

(no s i l k y hair that manages to curlcurlcurl in all the right places),

or perfect

((not one little bit))


but that's okay,

because she's

P A R V A T I,

and he's

B L A I S E,

and when they're together, she's the fire to his ice,

and he's the glue that's holding her together,


and, yeah, she knows it's wrong, but at this

v e r y m o m e n t,

all she can think about is his

darkdark hair, and his

c h o c o l a t e skin,

and how perfect it all is



who knows?

he may just be

the right kind of wrong she needs

Yeah, I know. Definitely not my usual pairing. But, after this challenge, I might give them a try. It was kind of fun writing this.

Anyway, I hope you all liked it, and please review on your way out!