Chapter One- The Dream

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          Harry hated living at the Dursley's.  His dreams, which plagued him, made life a living hell by night, but the Dusley's made it a living hell by day.

        Harry decided to try to sleep, even though he'd have the dream of Cedric.  He deserved the dream though, because Cedric's death was his fault.  At least, that's what he believed.

        Yes, Harry Potter was no normal boy.  He was a wizard, but not even normal by wizarding standards.  He had defeated the most feared dark lord, Voldemort, as a baby.  Not many people knew that Voldemort wasn't truly gone.  Just last year the Dark Lord rose again.  That was when Cedric died, and to Harry, it was all his fault.  Harry was expecting the same dream, but this night, something was different…



        "Yes, Master?"


        "We must get the Potter boy before he turns fifteen.  You and Lucius Malfoy go and get him…tonight."

        "Yes, Master."

        Harry sat up with a start.  He had to write to Dumbledore.

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