AN: Just a quicky I decided to do to try and show the similarities and contrasts between L and Light. I'm not trying to make one seem good and the other evil; if I accomplished what I want they should both be in the gray somewhere. Bold is for Light, italics for L, and both for… well, both. ;P

Disclaimer: Death Note and related characters © Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.




I am justice.

I am justice.

I protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

I uphold order and bring criminals to light.

Those who do evil have no place in this world.

The line between right and wrong is not always clear.

The good and innocent deserve peaceful lives.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live freely.

The evil people of this world have given up their privileges, and deserve to die.

No one person has the right pass judgment on another.

Those who stand in the way of righteousness, they are just as evil.

Those unwilling to take risks or make hard decisions should stand aside.

Manipulating others to see that the guilty pay for their crimes is justified.

Using questionable means in order to discover the truth is often necessary.

Good is good, and evil is evil; to dispatch the wicked without hesitation or remorse is true justice.

Not all crimes are created equal, not all motivations are comparable; to recognize this and act accordingly is known as mercy.

Evil acts will not be tolerated.

Evil is intolerable.

I will create a perfect world free from sin.

I will see criminals answer for their crimes.

You cannot escape from me.

You cannot hide from me.

I am justice.