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A Fairly Odd Christmas Carol

Stave IV

Kellen: The spirit had left Remy all alone in the alleyway. He wandered around for a few moments.

Remy: Spirit? Come back! I wish to talk! Perhaps I...have made a mistake. I never gave charity any thought. SPIRIT! Have pity, don't abandon me like this!

(Just then, Remy heard three bells ringing.)

Remy: 3:00? That means the last spirit should arrive!

(He came to a light in a wooded area and saw a man in black robe.)

Remy: The Grim Reaper? Wait a minute...I feel like I know this person. Are you the spirit which Henry O'Connell fortold your arrival? Are you the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?

(The ghost nodded.)

Remy: Who are you really? Anti Cosmo? Norm the Genie?

(The ghost stood silent.)

Remy: Are you about to show me things that will happen, correct?

(The ghost nodded again, then held out its hand.)

Remy: I'll go with then. (he touches the ghost's hand) What are you waiting for? Let's go!

(The two arrive at a warehouse where Chester, Tootie, and Binky are talking.)

Chester: I know very much other than he's dead.

Binky: When did this happen?

Chester: Last night, I think.

Tootie: What of his money?

Chester: With the company.

Tootie: Funeral's going to be small.

Binky: As long as there's free food, I'll go.

Remy: They don't care that a man is dead?

Chester: I think I'll go. We did do business together.

Remy: What did that have to do with me, spirit?

(There was a flash of light and the two were taken into a bedroom of a funeral home. There is a dead figure covered on the bed.)

Remy: I'm scared. I want to leave!

(The spirit points to the bed.)

Remy: I understand your reasoning, but there has to be someone here who feels for this man!

(Another flash of light and the two are taken to building. The ghost points at the door.)

Remy: In there?

(Inside, there were two figures. One was Wanda Cosma, a collector. The other was Helen Ibrahim. Both are overlooking a box.)

Wanda: Open it. If you want your money, let me see what's inside.

Helen: Okay. Just so you know, I stole them from a dead man who was such a jerk! He didn't have anyone to take care of him!

(Wanda dumps out the bag and pulls out a watch similar to the one Remy had on.)

Remy: Those are my stuff! That witch stole my stuff!

Wanda: What's this?

Helen: Bed curtains.

Wanda: You took down his curtains?

Helen: The rings are pure gold. So what can I get for all of this?

Wanda: How much are you looking at?

Helen: $2000.

Wanda: I'll give you $700. My only offer.

Helen: That's harsh, but okay.

Remy: This is not what I asked for, spirit! I asked for compassion, not greed! Where is the compassion?

(Another flash of light and the two appear in front of Timmy's house.)

Remy: I've already been here.

(The spirit points inside, where Trixie and Faith are sitting down, sighing sadly.)

Trixie: This color hurts my eyes. (she adjusts the lamps) That's better. I don't want your father to see me like I'm crying...he should be her any minute.

Faith: I swear he's getting later every day.

Trixie: It's hard for me to see him without...Poof on his shoulders.

Faith: I miss Poof, too.

(Just then, Timmy came in.)

Faith: Hi, dad.

Timmy: Hi, honey. (he gives Trixie a kiss) Hi, sweetie. (both he and Faith exchange kisses)

Trixie: I'm glad you're home.

Faith: Me too.

Timmy: You're getting quite a handful. Anyways, I walked by "there" today.

Trixie: Today?

Timmy: I couldn't help it. It's so beautiful on Sunday. I promised Poof I'd visit there...every Sunday. (bursts into tears) My child! My little Poof!

Faith: Dad, don't cry!

Timmy: Sorry. At least I still have you, Faith. Phillip saw me today. I told him about Poof's death and gave his condolences.

Trixie: Timmy, Poof is in our hearts now. Move on for his sake. Poof said "Never die alone; your love towards others will keep you alive spiritually.

Timmy: Right.

Remy: I don't need to see anything else. Take me home.

(The two arrive at a cemetery during the night.)

Remy: What is the meaning of this? I said take me home!

(The spirit points to an unkept grave covered in the snow. Remy goes to that grave. He remembered the man that was lying dead on the bed.)

Remy: Spirit, who was the man we saw lying dead?

(The ghost points to the grave.)

Remy: Before I go any further, tell me... Are these the shadows of things that WILL happen or things that MAY happen?

(The ghost points to the grave.)

Remy: History can be changed, you know! Tell me, if the events from the present change, then this future will change, right?

(The ghost points to grave still. Remy removes the snow and is horrified at the inscription on the headstone: HERE LIES REMY BUXAPLENTY: 1991-2011.)

Remy: I demand to know who you are!

(The ghost unveiled his hood...It was Jorgen von Strangle!)

Remy: Jorgen? Please spare me! I'm not the man I used to be! I can change!

Jorgen: (aside, to the fourth wall) If you thought I was bad with Timmy, wait until you see this! (to Remy) FAREWELL BUXAPLENTY...FOREVER! (he slams his wand down onto the ground, conjuring skeletal hands that grab Buxaplenty by the shoulders and ankles.)

Remy: Please tell me I can change the events you've shown me! I'll honor Christmas in my heart and keep it forever! I'll live in the past, present, and future! The trinity of spirits will live within me! Tell me if I can erase the name off this headstone!

(The hands pull Remy into the grave as he screamed his heart out.)

End Stave Four

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