Homare Kuba looked on his younger brother, Misao Kuba.

Even though they've know each other their whole lives, grown up in the same house with the same experiences and known the same people, they only resembled each other by appearance.

Misao was so reserved and quiet, Homare often wondered if his brother by any chance had gotten his emotions stolen.

The older of the Kuba twins sighed deeply and looked down on his hands clasped together in his lap. He sometimes worried there actually was something wrong with him, but there was no reason for it.

None in their family had ever had any kind of brain damage, and of what he knew his brother had never been in any accident involving damage to his head.

"Aniki, is there something bothering you?"

Homare found himself staring on Misao, his brother's eyes asking a silent question

"Nothing ototou" he said

"I heard Ayase-san watched Sex" the younger said

"What?" Homare said, standing up

"… and The City" he ended

Maybe it really was something in his head, or he may just be a bastard.

AN: wow! Second story I've uploaded in two days. I must admit I only began reading Okane Na Gai today, but oh how I love it! Especially ... everyone! But I couldn't stop thinking about the Kuba twins (so adorable) and their VERY different personalities.