No copyright infringement intended, all rights belong to their respective owners. This story was influenced by Halfcent's "Alabastar God" which was just amazing and i wanted to explore what could happen next.

I love Mick, I really do, but he's so caught up in protecting me that he doesn't see that he's pushing me away. I can understand why he's hesitant about us taking our relationship to the next level, he keeps saying that he doesn't want to hurt me but being a woman with raging hormones its hard to stop once I get going. It's frustrating when he pushes me away each time I try, I mean I know he loves me but I cant help feeling insecure and thinking that I'm not doing something right. I needed lessons on how to turn on and pleasure a vampire.

And that's why I'm pulling my car up alongside the cast iron gateway of the Kostan mansion. Josef Kostan is Mick's best friend and fellow vampire and the only one I would ever consider asking advice from. Yes I know that sounds weird asking your boyfriends best friend how to pleasure him but I'm getting desperate and besides Josef is hot! Not much acting needed for what I hoped would happen.

I informed the intercom on the gate who I was and within seconds the gates opened and I was let inside. Stepping inside Josef 's house never ceased to amaze me, it was massive and beautiful and i wandered up the stairs and along the hallway to where I knew his study to be. However, when the door swung open I found the room to be empty. That's odd Josef not working was a rare thing indeed.

I wandered along the landing randomly opening doors until I found what appeared to be his bedroom. It was huge and its d├ęcor screamed Josef so I figured I must be getting closer. The one thing that did surprise me though was the enormous bed, I thought all vampires slept in freezers but then again Josef probably used the bed when entertaining his many conquests.

"Josef?" I called out louder than was necessary as he had super heightened hearing and sense of smell, he had to know I was here. Seconds later he emerged from the en suite wrapped in nothing but a towel; my mouth went instantly dry and I had to force myself not to look like a goldfish with my mouth open so wide. His body was pale and muscular and his hair still damp from the shower and it stuck out in different directions as he unconsciously ran his hand through it. He looked like a god, I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. His muscles tightened as he walked and little droplets of water still clung to his body. I watched in awe as one drop slid from his shoulder down his toned chest and my eyes followed it as it was absorbed by the towel that hung low round his waist. Dirty images ran through my head of me running my tongue all over his body lapping up the drops of water and feeling him shudder in delight beneath my tongue. I subconsciously swept my tongue across my lips and I had to shake my head to break me out of my little daydream.

Definitely wasn't going to be having any trouble getting horny I was already hot and bothered and I had even asked him yet. My blatant staring hadn't gone unnoticed and he smirked wickedly whilst walking towards me.

"See something you like Blondie?" he asked his tone laced with obvious amusement. I had to force myself not to scream yes at the top of my voice in response

"What would Mick say if he caught you looking at me like that? I mean I understand, most girls fall for me eventually and can't resist me." Typical Josef always was annoyingly arrogant.

"In your dreams Josef" I tried to deny it but he could see right through me and he boldly walked straight towards me, stepping into my personal space and not even attempting to get dressed. He was just inches away now and I could feel his breath on my cheek.

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