Hey. I should warn you now that I have never written smut before but this is going to be quite graphic. You have been warned!

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Chapter 3: The Dare.

He moves closer to me looking almost predatory but rather than being frightened I just let him do what he wants. I move my hair off my shoulders and expose my neck to him. He just laughs;

"I'm not going to do it straight away I want to get you feeling relaxed and comfortable with me touching you first, that way when it does happen you're more likely to feel pleasure rather than pain." His admission helps me to relax and also surprises me it's like this is a completely different person I'm talking to.

"Plus I want to get you begging for it" he laughs out seductively. Ahh there he is; I think to myself.

He cups my cheek before kissing me gently at first and then with more force. Almost on instinct I respond and am kissing him back with just as much passion.

My hands resume their previous places in his hair and at the base of his neck whilst his other hand holds tightly at my waist. Without breaking the kiss he guides us towards the bed.

I can feel my legs brush against the edge of the bed but rather than pushing me down onto it like I expected; his hands come up to the buttons on my shirt. Locking eyes with mine he silently asks my permission; after seeing no objection he begins to undo them one by one. My fingers run down his still bare chest from his earlier shower and I'm amazed at the softness of the skin beneath my fingertips.

I allow my nails to gently scrape across his abs and nipples eliciting a soft moan in response. Once I am out of my shirt he kisses along my collarbone whilst moving to the button on my skirt and pulling it down. He unclasps my bra and stands back to take a look; I'm suddenly nervous thinking that I'm not as beautiful as his other women.

"My God. You're breathtaking." He exhales. I can feel my confidence coming back.

I step forward and grip the towel at his waist before untying it quickly letting it drop to the floor. Now it's my turn to check him out; I stand back and admiring his toned chest and firm muscles; he was like a god; my god. I can't help myself and my hand drifts lower towards his erection, it was huge and incredibly sexy; rather than being frightened the anticipation only turns me on more as I continue lightly caressing and stroking it. I can tell that he is enjoying it almost as much as me because his whole body tightens and he lets out a sexy low moan. He forces my eyes back to his and he kisses my again with a passion that could only belong to him.

He pushes my back onto the bed without letting our lips part and he positions his hot body on top of mine and settles between my legs. I can feel his erection pressing against my core with only the silk material of my panties separating us; it does nothing but excite me more. His lips leave mine and trail down my neck over my pulse point gently sucking on it, I stiffen ever so slightly but he continues lower, leaving hot open mouthed kisses along my collarbone and down my breasts before taking one of my nipples in his mouth and gently sucking. I find it hard to focus as his tongue swirls around my nipples and his hands gently palm my breasts. His hands continue south shortly followed by his kisses which make their way down my abdomen and towards oblivion removing my last item of clothing in the process.

He parts my legs further and settles between them gently taking my clit into his mouth and sucking on it. I can see stars behind my eyelids and I'm finding it hard to breathe. His tongue laves my clit and continues over down to my core; with speed that only a vampire could possess he strokes his tongue up and down at inhuman speeds causing me to squirm beneath him and grip the sheets on the bed as if it's the only thing still connecting me to this earth. Within seconds he has me stiffening and screaming out his name in release. He smiles triumphantly and makes his way back up my body.

He kisses my hand and I can taste myself on his tongue, it's kind of erotic. His hand sinks down between my thighs as his lips make their way back to my pulse point. He sucks gently on my neck and I can feel the blood pooling there; in one quick motion he simultaneously pushes his fingers deep into my core as his fangs pierce my skin. Within seconds the pain is gone and is replaced with nothing by euphoric pleasure. His fingers trust in and out of me at miraculous speeds curling slightly to reach my sweet spot whilst he tongue laps up the blood that is trickling from my neck. He was right; it doesn't hurt, but his fangs didn't pierce too deep and he's savouring the flavour rather than gulping it down like I expected. I scream his name as I reach the high again. He licks over my wound one more time before his eyes lock with mine again and he smiles.

"Okay you won. I did feel pleasure when you tasted me, although I was supposed to be pleasuring the vampire not the other way round." I giggle at my statement before pushing him back into a sitting position. I kiss along his neck sucking at his pulse point and gently nipping on it; the action has him whimpering and I smile inwardly. My hands cup his balls and squeeze, he moans loudly. I kiss down his body mimicking his previous movements and my hand tightly grips his hard cock stroking it firmly before licking it from shaft to head. He grips the sheets tight as I capture him in my mouth and begin sucking him hard. I have found a rhythm that has him shuddering and moaning my name and I can't help but be pleased; perhaps I'm better than I thought.

As though reading my mind he grasps my chin pulling my up towards him. "Trust me Beth you have no problem pleasuring a vampire that was amazing." I can't help but smile at this. I had started off trying to learn what I could do to pleasure Mick but ended up wanting nothing more than to have Josef moaning my name and wanting to fuck me hard.

Kissing me again he gently pushes me down onto the bed and climbs on top of me. His hard manhood once again pushes against my core but this time there are no barriers. Without breaking the kiss he plunges forward burying his cock in to the hilt inside me and we both moan in delight. He pauses for a minute allowing me to adjust to his size before pulling out most of the way and surging back in. He stretches me to my limit, something no-one has ever done before and he sets a pace that no mortal could equal. My legs wrap around his back pulling him in closer, deeper and he pounds in to me with force, harder and deeper than ever before. My moans and cries are mingling with his and there's no knowing where one person ends and the other begins; it's like we share a soul.

He has me falling over the edge more times than I ever have before.

I can feel his release building as his thrusts become more erratic and I am suddenly reminded of his previous statement.

"Bite me Josef." I exclaim moaning his name as I feel myself once again approaching oblivion. He quickly relents sinking his teeth back into my wounds; the action once again sends me over the edge and seconds later I hear him follow screaming my name.

We recover soon after and begin putting our clothes back on. I can't help but confess that that was the best kinky session I've ever had and it wasn't with the guy I love, I feel slightly guilty at that fact. I always knew Josef would be good in bed but he was better than I ever imagined and I can't help but want it again.

"Thank you Blondie; I'll look forward to similar occurrences in the future." He smirks confidently. I try to seem annoyed but he sees right through me.

"You'll be back. Once they've had a taste of Josef they can't seem to stop themselves. See you later" he winks at me before leaving the room.

God I hate that arrogant attitude but no matter how much I try to deny it he's right. I'll be back.

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I'm thinking of turning this into an affair.

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