*5 years later*

Clare's pov:

I'm 20 and Eli is 21 and he is a famous book writer, while I stay home with our 3 kids. Me and had another baby after we got married. It's a girl. We named her Sabrina Claudia Goldsworthy. She has my hair and Eli's eyes. Ashton is now 8 and Christopher is 5. Me and Eli got married when I was 18 and he was 19. I had our daughter Sabrina at the age of 19 and she is now 2. Ashton still goes over to K.C's house on weekends. K.C married Jess, Alli married Adam, Jenna married Drew. Adam got his sugery and he is now a boy. He and Alli have twins a boy and a girl named Pheobe Anne Torres and Connor Andrew Torres. Jenna and Drew have 1 baby that's a boy and they named him Rupert Adam Torres. K.C and Jess only have a daughter named Bonnie Abigale Guthrie. Right now I'm at a doctors appointment with Sabrina because Eli took Ashton and Christopher to the ice cream shop. There is something I'm not telling Eli and that is telling him I might me pregnant again. I got called back and Sabrina walked infront of me. Yes she can walk.

"Hello Mrs. Goldsworthy" said my doctor.
"Hello" I smiled.
"So you took a pregnancy test and it said positive?" asked the doctor.
"Yup" Ii smiled again.

He took blood and went to run the test. He came back 5 minutes later.

"Congradualtions your 5 months pregnant" my doctor said.
"Thank you" I smiled wide.
"Lay down so we can see if we can see the gender" I layed down.

The doctor told me I was gonna have a son and I was excited. I left with Sabrina and I hooked her up in the car and drove off.

"Mommy, are you gonna tell daddy?" asked Sabrina.
"I don't no, I might keep it my dirty little secret" I smiled.
"No tell him, I want to see what he does, please" she begged.
"Okay, but we have to get home first" I sighed.
"Okay" smiled Sabrina.

We got home and I saw that Eli's car was home so he is home. I un hooked Sabrina and picked her up and went inside. Once we were inside I put her on the floor and she went to play with her toys.

"Eli!" I yelled.

Eli came from the kitchen with Chris and Ashton behind him.

"Where were you, we came home and you weren't here?" asked Eli.
"Eli there is something I have to tell you" I smiled.
"Okay, what is it?" asked Eli.
"We're having a son" I smiled.
"What?" asked Eli with a smile.
"Me and Sabrina went to the doctors today and they said I was 5 months and we're having a boy" I smiled again.

Eli walked over to me and kissed me and hugged me.

"I'm so happy" smiled Eli.
"Me to" I smiled.

A/N: This is the end of the story. I'm not gonna make a squeal to this. But i will tell you that Clare had the baby and they named him Daniel Thomas Goldsworthy and they are all happy has Eli's hair and Clare's eyes. The name Sabrina I got from my friend Sabrina and my co- writer for my one story on a different account. The story is called the boy all the good girls want and Claudia i got from my friend and co- writer from Vampiress.