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Part 5: Epilogue

Lucius kept her in his bed all night, taking turns shagging her rotten and making pure, sweet love to her. Going from rough and hard, to gentle and whispered caresses of both his hands and hips. Ravishing her and coaxing her, claiming her and treasuring her, branding her and worshiping her. He did it all before the sun peaked over the horizon the following morning.

When exhaustion finally claimed them, they slept wrapped together and barely stirred a single bit. Neither moving away, and if they did shift positions, they did it in sync so that they didn't part at all.

It was late morning before either of them woke. Lucius came awake first, his bare chest pressed into her naked back, his arm wrapped possessively around her as he held her close to him. Breathing deeply at the thought that this was just the first of many mornings to come.

He wasn't exactly certain when she had noticed him in his indoor pool, but he knew he'd been watching her for so long. Discretely, of course. Waiting for the time to be right, for the moment when instead of simply giving him a vague smile in greeting, she would look upon him as she had last night. Fully, longingly, passionately, and without another thought of anyone else in her head as she did so.

Now she was in his bed, after a night where he'd touched and tasted every inch of her lovely body, a night filled with her impassioned cries for him and only him, a night where he knew he'd found magnificence and refused to ever have anything less again.

He'd asked her if she really wanted a life full of mediocrity, but that is what he'd been living while waiting on her. He spoke of himself, as much as, he spoke of her that night in his office. He had wanted her to come to him, but only because, like her, he'd never truly believed that having what he wanted was possible.

As she continued sleeping, her hair a wild mass of curls that spread across her pillow, he couldn't help but think of what all last night had brought. From the moment she'd walked into his office, he'd been shocked to see her at all. Shocked that she'd asked if she could speak with him after the way she'd left the night of the party.

He'd done his best to hide it, but he'd seen a flicker in her eyes that said his surprise wasn't completely hidden. However, it was seeing her dressed as she was, the skirt and blouse showing hints of the curves he knew where hidden underneath, courtesy of her memories he'd taken, that had him confused. He hadn't understood why she would arrive dressed as she was, especially when she never really had before.

She always dressed casually when she visited his son and daughter-in-law. The only time she really dressed up was for a party she attended at his home. Which she didn't always attend anyway. Otherwise, the only time she wasn't in her muggle jeans or some other more comfortable attire, was if she by chance was still dressed for work.

The more she spoke last night, the more confused he'd become. It was obvious something had happened, something had brought her here, and when he'd learned her reasons, it had taken everything he had not to pounce on her. Which he kind of thought she expected in a way.

The way she'd looked at him several times while they spoke, it hinted at what she wanted, even before she told him that it was him specifically that she did indeed want. Hearing the words he'd hoped to for so long, it had been difficult to not take her at face value.

Knowing what he did, he had to be sure that she wasn't looking to do with him what she'd done with Black. Seeing the hints of doubt in her eyes at his words, he'd almost caved, almost said to hell with it and taken whatever he could have with her. But he knew if he did, he'd only kick himself later while calling himself a fool.

As much as he wanted her, he didn't want her unless it was for keeps. He didn't want a night of heaven, only spend the rest of his days in hell with wanting more than she was willing to give. So he'd pushed her, taunted her, even though he'd hated to see the flickering of her fire, the dousing of the flames at her thinking he was doing what others had done to her.

But she'd pushed through it, not letting those flames die out, and pushed right back until she understood what he wanted from her. That was the fire he'd wanted from her. He'd wanted her to raise her chin and tell him to go to hell. That she was worth more than what he'd implied with his harsh words, though she hadn't done that at all.

Seeing her frustration, he'd been unable to keep from give her a glimpse at his thoughts. Unable to keep from leading her towards what he wanted to hear from her. That tiny prodding, the hint that spoke of his own wanting of her too, had given her exactly what she needed guidance wise, and gotten him so much more than he'd thought he'd ever have.

He hadn't expected her to answer him in the way she had. To ask why they were still dressed. He'd expected something slower with the flames barely having been lit inside her again. Expected her to retreat a tiny bit after admitting what she wanted, instead she'd surprised him with her words, which was why he was hesitant at first when he'd kissed her. Then, she surprised him again at just how passionate she truly was.

He couldn't understand how any man could walk away after having her in his bed. She was both innocent and sinful, giving and demanding, shy and vivacious. She was so many things all wrapped in one, that he'd been hard-pressed to not only keep up, but to keep from simply pinning her to the bed and taking all she had to give him. Though, he was sure there had been a bit of that included as well during their many long and interesting bouts of play.

All of it had him completely stumped on how any man could not want her more after having her. Stumped on how her recently discarded lover, her bit of fluff, as she had thought of the man, had been capable of wanting anyone else either with having had her for so long.

Idiots, all of them, he decided as his hand smoothed down her side. He knew what he'd found, what he now had, and he was a very smart man. A smart man who wouldn't let this petite little witch get even an inch from him with thoughts of anything but returning again in her head.

Feeling her stir, he debated between breakfast with his family, and breakfast in bed with newly acquired lover. A small grin curving his lips, he knew exactly which one he'd be choosing. It wasn't like he didn't see his son and daughter-in-law on a regular basis anyway. Besides, how often did one get to dine with a delicious and naked witch, such as her, the morning after taking her to bed the first time?

Needless to say, they didn't leave the master bedroom for any reason that day. Draco knew not to disturb him when he was confined to his chambers unless it was important. Draco would insure Ginny didn't disturb him either.

Breakfast the following morning was an interesting affair to say the least. Hermione came down with him, wearing a dressing gown of his shrunken down to fit her, since the elves had confiscated her clothes to wash them before she could done them again.

He saw the nervous fidgeting she was doing as she walked with him down the stairs towards the dining room, but kept his silence about it. Letting her handle her own thoughts and worries, curious to see how she reacted to the other occupants of the house when they saw her. He'd be ready to jump in if he was needed, otherwise, he wasn't going to push just yet.

When he entered the dining room, Draco nodded at him before going back to his breakfast, but his head jerked up a moment later at seeing who was with him, with his eyes wide in shock. Ginny, on the other hand, had seen right away who was with him and her jaw dropped. It didn't take much to figure out why Hermione came in with Lucius. Her hair was a tousled mess, even after she'd combed it out, and the robe screamed overnight guest. Since neither had known her to be there at all, she obviously hadn't been there for them.

Hermione had to fight to keep her laughter at bay at the surprise on Ginny's face and the shocked confusion on Draco's. Though the confusion part didn't last long. Especially when Lucius pulled out a chair for Hermione right beside him at the head of the table. Which was right across from Draco's seat.

Still fighting the laugh clawing to get out, which washed all nervousness away, she gave them a smile. "Good morning." She said, somewhat cheerfully.

Draco at that point looked at his father, who had a hint of amusement in his eyes at her greeting to the two still staring. Ginny finally closed her mouth, and a hint of a smirk curved her lips as she said her own good morning. Though she did give Hermione a look that said 'we're so talking about this later'. Hermione gave her a tiny nod before reaching for her coffee cup that Lucius had filled for her.

Draco lasted a good five minutes before he couldn't contain himself any longer. Manners be damned. "What the bleeding hell is the meaning of this?" His hand pointed at Hermione.

It had taken awhile to get him calmed down and Hermione was proud that she held her laughter in the whole time. Though it almost slipped out several times.

Ginny had pulled her aside and into a sitting room since Draco had demanded to speak with his father in private and with a mild squeal at Hermione arriving with Lucius did her own demanding. Though Hermione was positive that Draco probably wasn't nearly as pleased as Ginny seemed to be.

Learning that the redhead had been aware of Lucius' interest and purposely took Hermione through the indoor pool so she'd see him swimming, had stunned the curly haired brunette. "You knew?" Hermione asked when she could finally speak again.

Ginny sighed. "You think I hadn't noticed how he would find a reason to come into a room we were in after you had arrived, even if only for a few moments? Or that he'd perk up if you were mentioned in a conversation? I was raised with brothers, I know when men are interested and don't want it known. Why do you think I made sure he was around to overhear when Draco and I would discuss your love life?"

Hermione bit back a fresh laugh at that. "Then, why did you push me towards Draco's friend the night of the Christmas Party?"

Ginny shrugged. "I'd hoped that it would push Lucius to make a move finally. What finally did it anyway?"

Hermione took a deep breath, deciding it was time to tell some of what she'd been doing the last few years. "I have a secret." She started.

Ginny's mouth dropped more and more as Hermione went on. Hermione almost decided to leave out details, but decided what the hell, and spilled it all. When she was done, Ginny's jaw was almost on the floor and it took her a bit to speak again.

With a shake of her head, Ginny finally spoke. "You're telling me that you took hair from Sirius and used Polyjuice to shag his brains out, with some guy that had you taking a potion too? Bloody hell, why didn't I think of that?"

Hermione frowned at the last part of Ginny's statement, but the redhead snorted out a laugh before speaking again. "You think you're the only one that ever wanted to sleep with someone that they couldn't have? Hell, Hermione, I'd have snagged more than just one wizard's hair if I'd had Polyjuice available. The list could go on for ages. There is...Sirius, Remus, Professor Snape..."

Hermione cut her off. "What? Professor Snape? Really?"

Ginny smirked. "Are you telling me you never sat in his class, all but melting as he gave his lectures? The man is sex on a stick, wrapped in chocolaty voiced goodness. You had to have thought it at least once."

Hermione stared at her stunned for several moments. "Er...well...I hadn't thought about it before, no."

Ginny smirked. "And now?" Seeing Hermione pondering that one as she sat there.

The smile that curved Hermione's lips said enough. Ginny folded her arms as she spoke smugly. "See. Sex on a stick. I cannot believe you didn't make more use of what you had at your disposal."

Hermione laughed softly. "Where does the stick part come into play?"

At Ginny's wiggled brow, Hermione shook her head as she spoke again. "Never mind, I don't think I want to know. But...I got caught trying to snag a hair from Lucius, what do you think would have happened had I tried to take..."

But at that moment the doors opened and Lucius walked inside, ending their discussion. Ginny quickly found a reason to leave the room, something about getting dressed and searching for her husband, which left the two of them alone.

Hermione found out that while Draco wasn't overly pleased at the moment, he was at least keeping an open mind to the idea. When Lucius asked if she had a pleasant discussion with Ginny and gotten things squared away, he'd seen a sparkle in her eyes when she said that yes she had. One that had him curious what exactly had been discussed, but again Hermione pointed out that some conversations where best kept between those involved in them only.

He hadn't like it, but she found a very good way to distract him from pressing the issue any farther. One that kept them occupied a good chuck of the morning before she said she had to go home.

It didn't take long before Hermione found her nights spent mostly in Lucius' bed. The few she wasn't in his, he was in hers. He refused to spend any more nights without her beside him. Something she found she really liked as well.

Now, they were headed towards their two year anniversary. She had given up all pretenses of having her own place within the first year and moved in with him at the Manor. It wasn't like she spent much time in her flat anyway with all the time she was at the Manor. While Draco was still very adamant about wards and silencing charms in place at all times before anything started, he was much more easy about the whole relationship.

Now as they neared their third Christmas spent together, the first being within a matter days of them getting together, Hermione had a sinking suspicion at what Lucius' present this year would entail. The odd looks from Draco, the extra smiles from Ginny, even Lucius' strange behavior, all of it pointed to one thing in her mind.

It was something that she hadn't really thought about before, but now that she had a feeling what was going to happen, she'd taken the time to properly way the pro's and con's of such a gift. Already had her answer ready for him, assuming she was right.

If she was wrong, she didn't care. She already knew she loved him, and that he loved her, both having admitted as much to each other before she even moved in. Though it had been harder for him to actually say the words than it had been for her. Something she was surprised at finding wasn't as hard for her to say considering her past history with such things.

However, with the festive holiday nearing, the ball that started it all set to happen that very night, Hermione knew that if Lucius asked, she'd tell him yes. That she would indeed marry him. Knew she would except the ring she was sure he'd give her on Christmas morning, and never have any regrets about accepting it either.

During the Christmas celebratory ball, Hermione mingled with their guest, Lucius arm around her waist, sometimes moving his hand up her bare back to trace her spine as they went from group to group. The tingles his fingers caused, as he traced along her naked flesh, had her aware of him all night. Creating warmth that spread through her whole body, as she spoke to different ones.

The smile on her face never faltered, even when he let his fingers dip into the very low back that barely covered her bum. Grazing the top of the rounded flesh, before moving back to a more appropriate level on her back. He already knew what she wore underneath the silk that clung to her body, not much at all. Only her stockings and that was it. The cut didn't allow for a bra, and tight sheath would have shown the lines of her knickers, so she was naked underneath.

Something Lucius was aware of, and it had him distracted all night. Itching to peel the dress from her, so he could sink into her softness and not come up for air until morning. He couldn't complain at the distraction with her lack of attire under the dress, he had been the one to pick it out and purchase it for her.

As the night wore on, they danced many dances and Lucius was even more aware of the sensual woman in his arms, as much as she was aware of him. Even after two years, they still lusted for each other constantly. Something he was very happy to find, though his son was less pleased over it. Especially, since Draco would find his hand flying away from the handle of the library sometimes and quickly figure out who was inside and why they didn't want to be disturbed or interrupted.

At the end of the night, he led his beautiful witch to their bedroom, and after stripping the wonderful silk gown from her body, he made love to her. Both frenzied at this point with the touches and looks they'd shared all night.

It wasn't long before he was buried deeply inside her, riding her hard and deep. Her passionate cries echoing off the walls around them. Her scream of pleasure only making him work harder for the next one.

Her leg hooked over his shoulder, he hammered into her. Still unable to get enough of her, still convinced the men from her past were complete idiots for letting her get away. Her nails raked down his back, his groan of bliss harsh as he neared his own release, he gave her everything inside him.

She screamed his name, just as sweetly and passionately as she had the first time he'd taken her to his bed. Her pulsing and clenching walls pulled him with her into ecstasy with a loud roar of his own as he exploded inside her.

Both panting, he kept as much of his weight off of her as possible, even as she tried to pull him down on top of her fully. She loved feeling his weight pressing her into the mattress, and he usually gave in, but only until he had the strength to move off of her. To roll them over so that she was resting on his chest instead of him on her.

When she was on his chest, his hands tracing her spine again, he closed his eyes in contentment. This woman was his and he loved her deeply. He knew she loved him in return and that alone amazed him every time she said the words. Which she did often, not to reassure him, not to convince either of them of it, but because she couldn't contain the blissful feeling inside her and had to share it with him. The words, along with the look in her eyes as she said them, had his heart melting each and every time.

Some might say he'd gone soft, and maybe he had. However, he found he didn't care. His reason for his softness, the woman in his arms, she made any normal derisive thoughts about such softness fade away like they never existed. She was the only one he was soft with anyway. Otherwise, he was just as he had been with anyone else.

"Lucius?" She whispered, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"Yes, my love?" He replied quietly.

He felt her lips curve against his chest. "I love you." She said, her voice still whisper soft.

His eyes still closed, he breathed deeply, feeling his heart melting once again at hearing her say those three words to him. "Marry me." He said in return, though that wasn't what he'd instructed his brain to say.

Realizing what came out of his mouth, he frowned slightly. He'd meant to say that he loved her too. However, he knew he wouldn't take the words back, he' already planned on asking her, just not like this. He'd planned something much more romantic for when he asked her.

Hermione's lips curved even more, she knew those words had been coming. Not tonight, but she knew it would have been soon. "Yes."

He brought his hand to her chin, lifting it so he could look into her eyes. "Yes?"

Her smile still in place she nodded as she looked into his silver eyes. "Of course, yes. Did you honestly believe I'd give you any other answer?"

His smile forming, shifted them, making her sit up as did so himself. Her legs straddling him, as he held her by her waist. "I wasn't sure if you'd want to be my wife. Are you sure?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm positive, my love."

He brought her mouth to his, kissing her with all the love he felt inside him. His hands holding her tightly to him, though the kiss was gentle and sweet.

All of this started with a secret, one that she'd felt shame in having at all. Now, she couldn't imagine how her life would have turned out, had her secret not been shared with the man that held her. The man that caught her trying to steal a hair and forced her to tell him her secret.

Now as he brought her back down to the their bed, ready to love her again, ready to cherish and treasure her with his lips and body, she couldn't help but give to thanks to any omnipresent being that was listening for him having caught her, pushed her, and loved her.

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