Shizuo is angry. This isn't unusual, and nor is the cause - a man with a wicked smile and a fur-lined jacket is crouching on the overpass above him, laughing softly.

Shizuo's mind goes blank whenever he sees Izaya. Not in a good way; it's raw, pure fury that courses through his veins, setting his body alight with a rush of adrenaline comparable to an orgasm from really amazing sex.

A street light post is the nearest prop at hand. With a roar he pulls it from the concrete pavement and swings it up at his infuriating enemy. Izaya isn't taken off guard, but the pole whistles just over his head and he half-falls, half-jumps from the overpass to land before Shizuo. It's like a fucking red cloth before a ball, and Shizuo throws the post away and charges, arms outstretched.

Izaya has an odd glint in his eyes and it's matched by the glint of his switchblade, already bared and waiting for blood. The first punch doesn't even come close. Izaya is fast, fast enough to be a match for Shizuo's brute strength.

The taunt comes. "Shizu-chan, you can't even touch me?" Says that mocking voice. This time, Shizuo's fist connects, hard. Izaya will have a bruise across his left cheekbone in just a few minutes. In return, Shizuo will probably scar where the switchblade has opened his vest and the skin below in a violent display of bloodlust.

And suddenly Izaya is behind him, with one arm twisted so high up behind his back Shizuo is vaguely amazed his shoulder isn't dislocated yet. The smaller man is using his full body weight to keep the other arm pinned to the side, which leads to an awkward sort of an embrace and Izaya breathing heavily into his ear, that switchblade cutting a slight nick into his cheek.

It's not the sort of position Shizuo's strength can counter quickly. He grits out a low, rough "You bastard, Izaya!", but almost doesn't get to finish what he's saying before those soft lips are pressed against his neck, just below his ear, in what will show up as one hell of a lovebite come tomorrow. The flesh is broken immediately, and Shizuo roars again, trying to throw him off.

Izaya is having none of that. To be thrown would be to forfeit, and while he runs away a lot - he thrives on escaping, one could almost say - this is one fight he doesn't plan on losing. Pulling away, he grins viciously, looking at his own reflection in those sunglasses and licking first the blond man's lips, then his own, tasting the coppery tint of blood.

Shizuo finally gets one fist free and slams it into Izaya's ribs. They both hear the bone crack, and Izaya's eyes turn another shade darker; the pain is making his mind a mess and he grabs a handful of that hair and covers the other man's open mouth with his own. A snarl emanates from the other man and he feels his broken rib crack again when he is slammed against the cold wall, but he doesn't care.

This will be his victory, sooner or later.

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