Izaya is in Ikebukuro, and Shizuo is fucking pissed about it. The bastard knows not to show his face around here, but he still persists. If there is trouble to be made for Shizuo, Izaya must of course be the one to cause it.

The same is true of today. An innocent talk with Simon has somehow led to a large, unwieldy shrub, a public telephone booth and Simon himself being thrown in a fruitless effort to put another dent in the smug man's face.

The pretty bruise beneath that wicked left eye hasn't had enough time to fade, and apparently Izaya didn't hurt or care enough about it to patch it up. His lip is torn and swollen; Shizuo got a bite in at one stage from the other night. Again, though, he doesn't seem to care - he runs his tongue over it constantly as he steps out of the way of each attack or object, every fibre of his being radiating nonchalance.

Broad daylight and all and the asshole is still riling him up. This fight has since moved from in front of Russia Sushi to a more central location, and folks who have no clue what is going on are running, screaming, from the scene. When Izaya gets a hand on his arm, Shizuo wastes no time in hurling the man into a bus and chasing him when he gets up, laughing and dripping from a new cut on his forehead.

Simon has followed the pair, and attempts to step in when Shizuo rips a vending machine from its place by the wall in an alley. The ensuing struggle, each trying to pull it from the others' grip, has Izaya almost in stitches. His eyes widen a fraction, however, when Shizuo opens his mouth in a furious howl and heaves the machine and Simon both into the air at Izaya's elevated position on an old air conditioning unit in the wall.

Simon drops to the ground, unharmed and almost annoyed, as the vending machine is impaled on the mangled remains of a metal staircase beside the air conditioner. There is the hiss of a dozen aluminium cans being punctured all at once, and somehow Izaya doesn't move quickly enough to avoid being soaked in Coke.

Dripping, he glares at Shizu-chan and Simon both, and climbs to the roof with great dignity, like a cat that has been dumped in a bath. He'll let it go, just this once.

Follows on from chapter 1, victory. Fairly self-explanatory.

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