"Gear up dead Marine in Rock Creek Park." Leroy Jethro Gibbs barked out his orders and his team hastened to respond. They'd already been out once that particular day; investigating the mysterious death of a female petty officer. She'd been dressed up for an old-fashioned Christmas party and according to all accounts had been walking back to her apartment. She'd claimed that she was fine; she just needed to take some medication.

The oddest thing in Gibbs opinion was that everyone was already dressed in black. Well that and the bountiful amount of gifts that apparently the "grandmother's" family was going to send back to whomever had sent them… that or they were going to the local charity one of the two.

Team Gibbs could find no real clues as to who had killed her aside from some strange markings on her forehead and back. They asked everyone but no one remembered seeing anything; well, except for the Santa and his scantily dressed elves. However, everyone agreed that the jolly old elf and his helpers had left the party several hours before "grandma's" untimely death.

Jimmy Palmer had started to say something but a stern glare from not just Gibbs but also the senior M.E. Ducky Mallard kept him quiet. While there had been tracks from what appeared to be a sled, no one knew just what could have drawn it and had that big of hoof.

Finding themselves back at the scene of the original crime, the team immediately noticed one thing: the man was dressed up like an overgrown reindeer. Tim and Tony hid their smirks while Ziva wondered just what all the hubbub was about. Ducky and Jimmy took the body back to autopsy and Jimmy once again tried to say something when Ducky looked at him and said, "Not now, Mr. Palmer."

Abby bounced up and down from all the wonderful evidence that was presented to her. Not just a blue and silver-toned wig from the "grandmother" but candles to match it. There was also the Marine's uniform under the reindeer gear with the name Goose emblazoned on it.

Gibbs gut blistered as he thought of the one man that might have gotten revenge while pretending to watch football or play cards with his cousin "Melanie."

Assigning DiNozzo and McGee to pick up the "grandfather" of the party, the man came quietly. He admitted that when he'd heard how "Grandma" had been killed, the 'Claus marks were a dead giveaway' he just lost it.

Jimmy looked at Ducky and softly asked him, "How exactly are we going to write this up?"

"Why my dear Jimmy, it's as clear as the glasses on your nose. Grandma got ran over by a reindeer and in retaliation we ended up with a Goose on the table."

A/N: For those who haven't heard the song or seen the video...this was based off the song Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer...of which I own none of the above ^)^ As for the summary and the lesson learned?...dont piss off Granpa ^_^