Harry's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By Kate O'Riley

Rating: G


Disclaimer: Characters belong to Paramount, storyline belongs to me. It is MINE!

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Other: Part of a series. I have written Tom and B'Elanna's so far, but my idea for Janeway's is still pending. Keep waiting. I'm like a cat; I do stuff when I'm in the mood. That includes writing.

Story takes place right before "The Chute', cause that's the only episode I can think of in my brain where something bad happens to Harry. I'm sure there are others, but my brain is currently too lazy to pull them out of my mental filing cabinet.

Harry Kim's personal log

I didn't have such a great day today.

Neelix decided he needed a guinea pig for his "leola root and larnaco egg omelet". So he chose to put it on the first person to walk through the door for breakfast. Let me tell you, it doesn't pay to be an early bird. How was I to know there was any way to make leola root worse?

Of course, I couldn't insult Neelix by actually throwing up there. I made it out the door and halfway to my quarters before that happened.

Then I had to get something to eat. Since I couldn't go to the mess hall without Neelix seeing me, I had to use my replicator rations. I was low before, since I made that stupid bet with Tom that Neelix wouldn't serve the leftover leola root stew from lunch for supper. How was I to know we would get in a fight with the Kazon and that the food he'd been cooking would spill everywhere?

I also had to change my uniform. All in all, it made me late for my shift. Captain Janeway wasn't very happy. Neither was Commander Chakotay. Maybe that fight messed something up pretty badly, because they both chewed me out for some reason. I was eight minutes late!

Then Tom got both me and him in trouble, simply because Tuvok was off the bridge and the captain and commander were somewhere, and that left him in charge. He decided to come over to talk to me. I told him not to! Did he listen? No. B'Elanna came on the bridge and told us the captain and commander were right behind her, but he still didn't listen. He took off his jacket instead. Then the captain walked onto the bridge.

It wasn't pretty.

After my shift, Tom and I went for some pool at Sandrine's. I didn't hit a single ball. I did succeed in giving myself a black eye though. So I went to see the Doctor. He was in an even grouchier then usual mood. He seemed to be back to his original programming.

I have gotten really tired of hearing my name called today. "Mr. Kim!" "Harry!". All Day Long.

The one good news we got is that we'll be in orbit around a planet tomorrow and get some shore leave. What's the worst that can happen, I get thrown in prison?

End log.