Yo! Okay, I'm thinking of doing something different… A Sasuhina fic! I have another account which contains only Naruhina fics. And I wanted to try doing a Sasuhina one because I love the pairing just as much. Oh! Btw, some Sakura bashing…sorry :S

And I also got the idea from an anime called 'The World God Only Knows', specifically the Shiomiya Shiori arc. I highly recommend the series, because it's just made up of pure awesomeness! Anyway, continuing with the story. X)

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When Dorks Meet

~Chapter 1~

Ruffling his black and silky hair Sasuke leaned back into his chair sighing softly. Looking up to the ceiling of his classroom he continued to think of…anime. Yes, you read right. Sasuke Uchiha was thinking of anime.

"I really think Ishida should beat the crap out of Ichigo one day. Yeah, now wouldn't that just be the most awesome episode ever?" he mused to himself. Smirking as he closed his eyes, he placed his hands behind his back. Now, it wasn't that Sasuke didn't like Ichigo from Bleach. It was simply that he just preferred Ishida Uryuu better, easy explanation.

Taking a peek at his "bestfriend" beside him he then shook his head. Naruto would never understand. No one would. His love for anime was probably his deepest secret. All everyone bothered about now… was love. Who cares about love? He sure wouldn't. It's just an insignificant and trivial thing that only stupid teenagers would worry about at this age. With a sudden urge to draw, Sasuke opened his eyes and leaned back forward. Picking up his pencil he slowly neared it to his paper. Clutching it slightly he was just about to draw when he stopped himself.

'Bad idea.' He groaned inwardly. Naruto, as an everyday habit, would peek at the Uchiha's paper. It was Naruto's mere reflexes telling him he should copy off Sasuke before he forgets what they're actually doing in class. 'Pain in the ass.' Sasuke concluded, dropping his pencil to the table. Glancing at Naruto he noticed the confused expression on that blonde's face, before immediately turning away and whistling.

The dobe obviously thought Sasuke was going to write some super awesome notes again. "Idiot." Sasuke whispered to himself. This caused the blonde beside him to slightly glare in suspicion before turning away once again to whisper with Sakura. 'And here we have the other pain in the ass.' He thought irritatingly. Another one of his faithful admirers, now did he really want to go into details?

As if hearing his thoughts, Sakura pushed her seat away from her table. She balanced the heels of her seat as she teetered to get a better look at the Uchiha. She looked Sasuke's way and checked him out, just as she would every day.

'Freaking creeper.' He commented inwardly.

Winking her eye and blowing a kiss, the pink haired teen continued to wave his way. A thought coming to Sasuke, he stared back and showed the slightest hint of a smirk. Sakura's face lighted up in over joy as she forgot she was still supposed to hold onto the table and fell backwards in her chair.

Hearing the loud thud echo in the classroom, everyone turned to Sakura's direction. They were met with only the image of a love struck girl with a huge bump on her forehead.

'Ugh. I knew it would take more than that to get her ogling habit to end.' He grunted.

"Sakuuura chaaan! Are you okay?" Naruto asked automatically, bending down to see if Sakura was hurt.

"Idiot! Can't you see I'm not? Ugh! Look at this bump! It's freaking huge!" She yelled annoyingly, Glaring daggers at Naruto, as if it were his fault.

"What bump? I don't see anything!" Naruto whined. Sure, he wanted to please Sakura by agreeing with her. But he couldn't, seeing as he really was telling the truth.

"Here!" she pointed out.

The blonde squinted and still, could see nothing. "Ehehe no worries Sakura chan! I don't see anything at all! Your forehead is big enough to cover your bump, so no one will notice!" He yelled reassuringly. Giggles and a loud laugh, courtesy of Kiba, could be heard throughout the classroom.

Naruto only pouted in confusion.

"YOU IDIOT!" she roared before throwing a menacing punch aimed at Naruto's cheek.

"Ahhh! Itai! Itai! Itai Sakura chan!" Naruto whined noisily, rubbing his cheeks with an obvious, red fist mark on it.

The chaos ended though as a meek teen skittered inside in a hurry, painfully late as it is for class. Sasuke only paid a millisecond of time wondering who would be as stupid as to be tardy for Orochimaru's math class.

"Ahh… Hinata Hyuuga, how nice of you to finally join us hm?" Orochimaru politely stated, causing all the students to look at the poor teen. Who said saying things politely meant that he wasn't mad at you?

Hinata could only sputter out apologies, "Uh, eto, S-sumimasen Orochimaru sensei! I g-got caught up w-with…" but as always, the midnight blue haired girl was never given a chance to fully speak her thoughts.

"No excuses Hyuuga san, I acknowledge that you are also the school's part time librarian, but I expect that you treat your classes with the same respect as your other duties in school. Since it's the first day of you being a senior, I'll make an exception. Right now, I will not give you the privilege of choosing your seat, so you will sit beside…" The pale skinned teacher said before tapping his chin thoughtfully while scanning the room with calculative eyes.

Please be Kiba or Shino. I'll settle for Ino too, or maybe even Sai if I'm lucky. Shikamaru's alright too and Chouji would be fine as well…

"Sasuke Uchiha." Orochimaru concluded with a satisfied smirk before turning to Hinata once again with a look that said 'What are you waiting for?'

It was painfully obvious that Orochimaru was definitely going for the pure torture route. Any girl and I mean ANY girl would be trampled on if at least one fan girl caught a whiff of "Sasuke Stealing." It was the dumbest thing she had ever heard of, but right now, the most frightening thing.

Her stomach had already fallen fifty feet below, and she could feel a large lump form in her throat. All she could do was look at Kiba and Shino, whimpering slightly. They could only offer looks of pity as she took painstaking and hesitant steps to the seat alongside the window, which any girl would trade their body parts for; The seat beside the well known and most female wanted male, Sasuke Uchiha. Heck, even males wanted him! Hinata felt the urge to face palm herself.

Sasuke looked as impassive as ever, only as she sat beside him did she notice him flinch in the slightest. He was definitely feeling uncomfortable with her right beside him in his personal space. This is due to the fact that Sasuke's personal space was probably about 200 meters wide in the least.

But Hinata did not feel the need to apologize, not at all. She is not out for him, and if he is not as full of himself as she heard he is, then they will have no problems. Yes, she will admit that he is extremely attractive, but beauty always fades. It always will, no matter what. And Hinata made that a permanent note in her mind.

'Damn Damn Damn that Orochimaru! I thought I had made it clear to the school board that I WOULD NOT and WILL NOT accept any sort of female species in my personal space!'

And with that thought, Sasuke resorted to glaring at the teacher who may have made the biggest mistake in his meaningless life. The raven haired teen swore he heard the faintest chuckle coming from the teacher. And the glaring continued.

Hinata fought the want to run out of the room with her tail in between her legs. She could feel the multiple stares boring into her back and somehow Hinata felt utterly naked at the moment. It was as if they were examining her like some kind of lab rat. And she definitely could not forget the most menacing of looks, courtesy of Sakura and Karin. Her life is now ruined, and she has no say in the matter, once again.

Hearing the bell ring, Sasuke immediately got up from his seat as he roughly threw his bag over his shoulder. No, he did not look at Hinata. He did not care, and never would. He did not get a good look at her, but judging by how she made her entrance awhile ago, she's probably nothing special. So he decided that throughout the whole year he would make it his mission to ignore her. He would not even spare her one glance, because he was sure that he'd be met with another ravaging, obsessive and psychotic fan girl.

Sighing in frustration, Hinata picked her bag up with practiced grace as she walked out of the classroom. Kiba and Shino had checked up with her, continuously asking if she was okay and everything. Well, Kiba was the one doing all the asking while Shino simply nodded and made noises of agreement.

But at the moment, all Hinata wanted to do was to head to the library. And so, saying their goodbyes, and with Hinata repeating her reassurances that she was okay, her two bestfriends finally decided to leave her alone.

Pushing through the glass doors, she was met with the smell of fresh books and knowledge. To say Hinata loved books would be an understatement. She was obsessed with them! If she could pick one thing that matters the most in the world, it would be books. Well, maybe just in her world.

The Hyuuga girl briskly moved her fingers through the various rows and columns of pure wonders and magic. Anyone would call her a lunatic, but at least she was something. At least she was just being who she was, even if she is just one unnoticeable, simple and a boring dork of a librarian. Her two bestfriends, Kiba and Shino, had accepted that she was like this, and she is grateful and loves them for it.

To tell the truth, she had read every book in the spacious library. She has to admit though, that she would never ever hesitate to read them all over again. Books give her the rest and stress relief from all the troubles reality throws at her. Just like today she recalled with utter embarrassment and remorse.

Closing her eyes, images of the Uchiha flashed through her mind. This only caused her frown to deepen as she felt guilt creep into her system. Maybe… she felt a bit sorry for ruining Sasuke's first senior year. But it's not like he's the only one! Hers is ruined too as far as she was concerned. And with another frustrating thought in her mind, she groaned freely knowing she was by herself anyway.

Panting in heavy consistent breaths, Sasuke dropped to the floor. The fan girls were definitely getting faster as the days go by. Though, he could be wrong and it could have only been the track team chasing him today. Shaking the troublesome thoughts away, he realized he ended up in the school's library. And only one thought came to his mind.

'Gotta check out the manga.'

Sorry if maybe it's too short. I want to try it out first and see if you'd like it. I love my story, and I'll continue it whether I'm satisfied with the feedback or not. Thanks for reading! X) Oh, but I am having some trouble figuring out who else will like Hinata. I don't know who to pick! UGH. 'til next time! ;)