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When Dorks Meet

~Chapter 4~

Library- 11:05 pm

Sasuke scowled as he watched the rain pitter patter to the ground. Were the raindrops mocking him? No, of course the raindrops weren't mocking him. It was Hyuuga Neji that was mocking him, teasing him playfully as he bathed in the glory of having the right to hold Hinata in that way.

Neji tightened his hold on Hinata who was currently sound asleep in his arms. Sasuke did the unthinkable, which was make a move on his cousin… in front of him. What people say are right. The Uchihas really are full of themselves. Hinata sama is way too good for them. WAY-TOO-GOOD.

In reality, that's really all Neji can say to make himself feel better for not protecting her better. That way, she never would have made such close contact with the Uchiha. Though, the undeniable fact that Sasuke was scowling did make Neji feel a lot better. Whether he was scowling from the rain he'd have to get through to get home, or the way Neji was holding his cousin, Neji really didn't give a rat's ass.

With a slight skip in his steps, Neji walked off in the direction to his car, not bothering to look back at Sasuke's miserable state.

When Neji came in wet and cold into their household, he couldn't help but feel an uneasy feeling creep up his spine. That maybe, he'd have to take extra precautions when watching Hinata. Though, later on she may as well shun him away for suffocating her with his brotherly love. Now, what was he to do? As he wondered off in thought, he decided it'd be best to take a shower first. He was just about to go in when Kurenai abruptly blocked his way.

"What do you think you're doing Neji?" she said with a tone as if he stole something important to her, accusing and slightly cold.

"I'm going to take a shower."

"With Hinata in your arms?" she retorted, looking at the innocent girl who was sleeping snuggly and comfortably. And that's when she snatched Hinata from him, walking away as she glared his way all the while.

Neji face palmed himself. Maybe that was his uneasy feeling.

Itachi held in the chuckle that was bound to come out when he relished in what became of his brother in the span of an hour and a half. Sasuke was drenched head to toe; even if he had taken a train back, he was still as wet as could be.

Itachi, being one not to laugh at people's misery, simply held out a towel for his baby brother. Sasuke's aura was rather… darker than usual. It reminded Itachi of a black warp hole ready to eat up anything that crosses its path, or in other words, pisses it off.

Sasuke was kind of surprised to hear neither a word nor a chuckle come from his brother. And he was thankful to have to not deal with another nuisance.

" Had a wonderful day as usual, Sasuke?" Itachi just couldn't help himself but let that one question slip out.

He chuckled at the loud stomps and occasional growls Sasuke sounded in return as he treaded to his room. And also the way Sasuke slammed his door after. Some things never change thought Itachi. Sasuke is still as immature as ever.

"Ahhhh, help me Hinata! We're burning, burning to the ground! Please help us!" Neji whispered into Hinata's ear.

He immediately adjusted his voice higher as he once again whispered, "Hinata sama! I'm only an innocent One Piece volume 56 manga book! I don't wanna die!"

With a yelp, Hinata awoke with a startle. She slowly rubbed her eyes and yawned. Then her eyes widened, remembering her mission. She spots Neji, and quickly tells him that they have to save the books from burning.

Neji sheepishly smiled at her childish reaction. He'd always whisper absurd things into her ear just to wake her up in the morning.

"It was just a dream Hinata sama, now get ready for school." He stated as he exited her room.

Hinata pouted in return. Was it just a dream? It felt so real though… it especially sounded real she thought as her pout deepened.

And then that's when reality really hit her, as if yelling at her to wake up. 'Sasuke… yesterday…'

"He'll… he'll probably pretend we didn't talk at all." She tried to convince herself. She didn't want to get her hopes up. Sasuke is afraid to show his real self. It'd be kind of hard to hide that with a freak like her around. And even as she tried to cheer herself up with real facts, her eyes showed… sadness, and disappointment. She was scared too, if she were to find out Sasuke isn't the person she thought he could be, would it make it harder to sit beside him? Would it be harder to talk to him?

Hinata trudged into Neji's car, ready as she'll ever be to sit beside Sasuke… with nothing changed at all. With him still ignoring her existence, and her wishing she were never alive to face his entire suffocating ego.

"Hinata sama, I expect you to be here 6:00 pm sharp. Don't be late after your library work, or I'm coming in there for you."

"Uh… Oh, ok Neji nii san. I'll be here." She replied with a small smile.

"Oh, and stay away from that… Uchiha." Hinata noticed Neji spit out the word Uchiha like a piece of tasteless gum.

"You don't have to worry about that." She assured quickly. She turned and ran in the direction of Kiba and Shino, just as she spotted them. After all, Kiba isn't that hard to miss when he's waving his hands around like that.

"Hey Hina chan! Did'ya miss me? Who am I kidding? You always miss me… right?" Kiba greeted, and questioned with a hopeful tone.

"Of course Kiba kun, I missed Shino kun too. We're best friends after all." She smiled cheerfully. Kiba really did remind her of a dog. He's always loyal, and very lovable.

"Aw, why'd you have to throw Shino in there too?" Kiba joked.

"Why? Because she di-"Shino did not get to finish his sentence as Kiba decided the discussion was over.

"Well, whatever. Let's get to class Hina chan!" Kiba exclaimed, already pulling Hinata by the hand to class.

"They say I'm their bestfriend… yet I feel forever alone." Shino said as an afterthought. Not that he was upset, but he seemed like the outsider in their small group of friends. Well, he liked it that way anyway. They still love him, he knows.

Hinata stopped in her tracks at the sight of Sasuke already seated in his desk, sneezing. She did not take notice of his sneezing, but rather wanted to leave. She was stopped by Kiba, as she bumped into his hard chest.

"Woah. Where do you think you're going Hina? Class is right there." Kiba stated the obvious as he held her shoulders in place.

"B-but Kiba kun!"

Seeing her miserable state now, maybe this wasn't as simple as Kiba had first thought. He took one glance at Sasuke and offered Hinata an understanding look.

"Hina… I know sitting beside that egotistical and obnoxious dick is hard for you. But you're stronger than that!" he piped up with the best encouraging voice he could muster.

"Thanks… Kiba kun." She thanked in gratitude. She kissed his cheek and raced into the classroom; unaware of the utter shocked expression Kiba was wearing as he cupped the cheek Hinata's lips had just met.

"Woah." Was all he could say as he grinned widely and entered the room after her.

Sasuke looked at Hinata as she sat down beside him. She expected him to turn away with an impassive look, ignoring her existence again. Instead, he continued to stare at her. Even with his runny nose and his drowsy eyes. Sasuke was in his worse possible state. He looked absolutely awful, and yet, Hinata's mind simply went blank as she stared back. It was as if he was looking through her, or rather, reading her like a wide open book.

"Orochimaru sensei!" Kiba barked out loudly.

"What is it Inuzuka?" Orochimaru answered rudely.

"I… I want to change seats with Hina chan!" he stated with confidence. He'd help Hina chan, even if that meant spending the rest of the semester beside Sasuke.

Everybody started to whisper, and Sakura especially grinned wickedly at the thought of Hinata leaving Sasuke's side forever.

But silence took over when Sasuke stood up, sneezing at the same time. All the girls awwwwed, believing that that was probably the most adorable thing a human being with such a face could do. On the other hand, the boys groaned in agony at facing the reality that they could never win against Sasuke. NEVER. Wasn't sneezing supposed to be gross? Not when Uchihas do it.

"The Hyuga stays." Sasuke concluded as he rubbed his nose miserably.

Hinata's eyes widened as she looked down at her hands, embarrassed. Did he just say he wanted her beside him? Maybe he really does see her as his friend!

All girls quickly turned Hinata's way and GLARED. Everyone was in an uproar, except for the occasional people who didn't care like Shikamaru, until Orochimaru silenced them all.

"I don't change my mind Inuzuka. No exceptions… and, he said as he looked Sasuke's way, the Hyuga stays."

And that was that. No one argues with Orochimaru sensei. Even Kiba was silent, at a loss for words because… he really didn't expect Sasuke to ask that Hinata stay beside him. Slight anger bubbled inside Kiba, but he held it in. Hinata was strong. She would get through this. Sasuke probably wants to torture her. And Kiba let himself release a growl.

As class went on, Sasuke slid a piece of paper on Hinata's desk.

Sasuke : Did you know Reborn was a gag manga to begin with and eventually was made into a battle/shonen manga? It doesn't happen often you know. I guess you could say it's a miracle it became more successful as a battle manga.

'How… random.' Hinata began to think. After all that had happened, he talks about how Reborn became a battle manga? Well, that is pretty interesting… But still! How should she respond to that?

She slid the paper back after writing her own part on it.

Hinata: I like Hibari Kyoya. He's really cool, and has a soft side for animals. No one would expect it of him, due to his scary attitude… Um, and if it's alright… Can I ask you something?

Sasuke freely chuckled. If he could compare himself to any of the characters in Reborn, he'd have to say that Hibari is mostly like himself. After all, being an otaku is not something people usually expect of him.

He returned the paper, ignoring the stares of his classmates from his sounded chuckle. Sasuke never chuckled. And yet, what was that heavenly sound right then? All the girls seemed to think this, but the guys didn't hear "heavenly" at all. Sasuke is sick for goodness' sake! His voice is hoarse and rough at the moment. It isn't velvety and smooth at all.

Sasuke: Interesting choice of character. Fine, ask away.

And the passing of the paper continued throughout class…

Hinata: Kiba asked to switch seats with me… Why not take the chance to sit beside Kiba instead?

Sasuke: Are you serious? Kiba is like Naruto's clone. Like I would want another pain in the ass beside me…

Hinata: Kiba kun is a great friend, though loud at times, and Naruto's not that bad either! He tries hard, and he's really nice too.

Sasuke cringed at her radiating support for the dobe, and decided to ask bluntly what she feels for him.

Sasuke: Do you like him?

Hinata hesitated, and took a look at Naruto for herself. He was currently talking about how he found a coupon for 50% off ramen that he could treat Sakura to. And, naturally, she refused with a "As if I'd ever go out with you, you loser." Hinata admired Naruto for his ever present perseverance and sunny personality. But, to tell the truth, his personality may be too strong for her. Maybe if they went out, he'd talk for her. She probably wouldn't even get a word in without him thinking she's boring.

Hinata: No… I don't. (A/N: Hinata doesn't like Naruto in this story) Hinata decided this was the only way to reply.

Sasuke felt slight relief knowing she didn't have any interest in anyone else. He doesn't love her or anything, but she does pique his interest. No one has ever piqued Sasuke's interest, and no one has ever known of his secret either, aside from his brother. If there's a chance that this girl could be different from the rest of them, could he actually…?

'Yeah right.' This isn't some romance manga…

Sasuke: I expect to see new manga next week.

Hinata smiled just as the bell rang, signaling the end of class. She tucked the note into her pocket and left a pack of tissues on his desk just as she left the room.

'Maybe he isn't so bad after all.'

'Maybe she is different than the rest.'

And with these thoughts lingering in their minds, they proceeded to go on with their day.

Itachi held his head in his hands, obviously frustrated. Girls would occasionally ask if he was okay, and his typical answer would be, "I'm fine."

In reality, he really wasn't. Doubt filled his mind because… Hinata just never sees him as more than a friend! Was love supposed to be this hard? It's definitely a big change from swooning girls just from him passing by. And everything was usually a breeze for a prodigy such as himself, and yet…

She was immune to him. And she was his only weakness. But, as patient as everyone expects Itachi to be, even the famous Itachi still has his limits.

And Itachi had just reached his.

He had come up with a plan too. Maybe it was too fast for her, he reasoned, but maybe it was the only way. It'd satisfy himself, and it wouldn't wreck their friendship… unless she were to want more than just that later on.

Seeing Hinata enter the library, he waited for her to come his way.

'Don't be too blunt. Don't scare her.'

"Good afternoon Itachi san." She greeted.

"Hinata… be my girlfriend." 'Shit. What happened to not scaring the shit out of her with bluntness?'

"W-W-W-What?" Hinata gasped, radiating immense heat from her flaming cheeks.

"I mean, pretend to be my girlfriend…" he reluctantly corrected.

"W-Why?" she stuttered. 'Why me? Out of all the other girls?'

"My fangirls have been wearing me out these days. The only way to stop them… is if you be my girlfriend. It'll only be until they give up on me."

'Or until you fall for me.'

Hinata contemplated real hard on this. She'd be helping her friend in need, and it was just pretend, right?

But there was Neji nii san to think about, Kiba kun and Shino kun… and especially Kurenai okaasan and… Sa- wait. Sasuke has no influence in this, and yet he still intruded through her thoughts.

And, did she have feelings for Itachi san? She never thought of the possibility because he is in fact WAY TOO GOOD for her. Or atleast, that's what she always told herself.

'No! This isn't about feelings. He's just asking for help. Didn't he help me out? He accepted my imperfections and accepted me as his friend. He's lent me so much courage since the first time I've met him! I owe him this.'

"Um… ano… I guess it'd be okay if it's just pretend, ne?" she replied with an uneasy and unsure smile.

'It's a start.' He sighed. "Yes, just pretend Hinata chan."

"Ok… so, now what?" she asked, breaking the silence because she honestly did not know what to do.

Itachi smirked, and answered with a simple sentence. "You can start by calling me Itachi kun. No need to be so formal Hinata, it never had to be that way."

"Ah! Is that so? Sorry." Hinata apologized.

"Don't you have a math test on monday Hinata chan?" he reminded her. She'd usually forget, and Itachi was always there to save her from failure.

"Oh. You're right Itachi kun. I forgot to start studying! What should I do?" she panicked. Hinata's only weakness was math. Math pretty much ruined her straight A streak. All those thoughts and worries over Sasuke had really distracted her.

Itachi felt his heart leap at her fast adaptation in calling him Itachi kun. How long has he waited to hear her call him that?

"I'll help you tonight, at my home, and I'll drop you off after. And, as to not worry Kurenai san, I'll call her in advance."

Hinata silently marveled at how well Itachi could handle these things… WAIT, at his house?

"Is it really okay there Itachi kun?" Hinata's innocent mind could never think ill of Itachi, and thus her non hesitant reaction to his offer.

"It's fine Hinata chan. People are to see us together if you are to pretend to be my girlfriend, am I wrong?" he inclined his handsome face her way, in slight question, as if challenging her to say he's wrong.

She slightly flushed under his gaze. "I-I guess you're right. So, will we always be doing this? If it'll help us seem as though we're… d-d-dating?" she naturally stuttered just thinking about the word 'date'.

"Yes. If that is fine with you."

"Ah… okay then." She agreed. After she helps Itachi, everything will go back to normal. Plus, pretending to be a couple with a friend should be easy, right?

"Oh! I need to tell Neji nii san I won't be going home with him today."

Hinata went to her bag and pulled out her phone.

ring. ring. ring.

"Hello Hinata sama." Neji greeted casually.

"Neji nii san! I won't be coming home with you today. Gomen…"

"Why? Are you with Sasuke Uchiha? I knew it… I swear, if you're with him-"

"Nii san, it's okay. I'm with Itachi kun, not Sasuke kun. He's my b-b-boyfriend now, so I think it's natural that I study at his h-h-house. I'm not so sure when I'll be coming home, but please don't worry! I-I'll be fine." Hinata seemed to forget to add in that it's for pretend.

Neji breathed in sharply and wondered… just what had he missed in the span of 6 hours?

"And to think I was worrying about Sasuke Uchiha! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" Neji repeatedly hit his head on a nearby wall all the while hissing profanities.

'I hate the Uchihas.'

Itachi and Hinata made it to his home after her library work. Itachi explained that Sasuke and himself live in a condominium and it was a small space. They really didn't need a big mansion for only two people.

'Sasuke…' Hinata trailed off in thought. Would he be okay with their arrangement? Surely he wouldn't mind since it'll help his brother.

As Itachi was just about to turn the key to open the door, Sasuke swung it open.

"What took you so long aniki? Your foods cold, and it's not my fault."

And that's when he noticed Hinata beside Itachi.

"U-Uh… g-good evening Sasuke san."

"Sasuke, this is my girlfriend, Hinata chan. Be nice, or you sleep outside." Itachi threatened.

"…Girlfriend?" Sasuke asked, with his face showing just how ludicrous he thought Itachi having a girlfriend is. Especially since it's Hinata… Hinata… out of all the other girls in school, his brother picked her.


"A-ah! It's only for pretend Sasuke san. I-I'm helping your brother with… fangirls." She felt the need to explain herself. She didn't know the reason why, but when Itachi told him she was his girlfriend and seeing Sasuke's face… she felt guilt. Why should she feel guilt? Sasuke… should have nothing to do with how she decides things.

"Sasuke, you're still sick. So go back to bed. Did you check the internet on how to fix your cold?" Sasuke glared at Itachi who made him sound so foolish.

Hinata just couldn't believe what she was hearing. The Uchihas didn't know how to handle a cold? Were they for real? And Sasuke looked so dreadful too.

Hinata felt compelled to reach out and touch Sasuke's forehead. It was definitely burning, and it was getting warmer too.

Sasuke didn't know what to do. He still wanted to talk to Itachi about playing with Hinata like this, but she was so close to his face all thoughts of Itachi were thrown out the window.

"Itachi kun, I think we should save studying for tomorrow. It's still Friday, so we have Saturday and Sunday. Sasuke needs to be treated properly for now…" she trailed off, once again looking at Sasuke's red eyes and sweaty forehead. She felt sorry for him. Was this his first time getting sick?

"Fine. See to it that he gets all the necessities to feel better. I'll bring you home after he sleeps." Itachi seemed irritated at their current situation, and Sasuke, even in his miserable state, was pleased.

"Thank you Itachi kun." She thanked gratefully before she took Sasuke's arm and swung it over her shoulders. He was so sick, he couldn't walk right. Hinata ignored the flips in her stomach she was getting just from having him so close as she followed his directions leading to his room.

When Hinata opened Sasuke's room light, she was astounded as to how much anime this room seemed to have. The ceiling had posters, the walls were painted with characters and marvelous colors and he had so much manga.

If Sasuke was in the right state of mind, he'd be pushing her out of his room because of embarrassment. She'd possibly portray him as a loser. All she did though was lay him on his bed before rushing to flip through his manga collection.

"T-this is amazing Sasuke san! You have a lot more manga than I do." Hinata seemed lost in sheer happiness at looking at manga like Haruto, Bleach, One Piece, Reborn, Fairy Tail… she could go on forever.

What stopped her were the drawn pictures on his desk. Were they actually hand drawn? They were amazing!

If she dare say it, they were way better than most mangakas out there.

"Amazing…" she breathed out.

"Heh… You didn't come here *cough* to praise me, now did you Hinata?" Sasuke teased.

"Oh! I- I'm sorry." She figured there'd be more time to talk about his fascinating room later.

Hinata took to putting a wet towel on his forehead. She was going to leave to get some medicine they may have before Sasuke grabbed her hand in protest. He traced her hand with his thumb, savoring the softness as if he wanted it to last forever.

"Hinata… Why are you with my brother?"

"I-I… already told you…" she said, her voice growing softer with every word.

"I know it's just pretend, but read the signs for yourself. What do you suppose Itachi feels for you?"

Sasuke knew about Itachi's daily visits to the library. It only took this moment for Sasuke to put all the pieces together. Itachi is in love with Hinata. He's using his fangirls as a reason to make Hinata pretend to be his girlfriend… so she can slowly and gradually fall in love with him.

Sasuke tried to imagine Hinata happy and all lovey dovey with his brother. In all truth, Sasuke does not hate his brother. Itachi is absolutely selfless and always gives way for Sasuke. The loss of Hinata shouldn't be a problem for Sasuke, he doesn't love her like Itachi does.

But he still wants to know if he can learn to love. This thing with Hinata… it's not something to ignore. It's something different, and Sasuke knows that if he lets her go now, he'll regret it.

"Hinata, I like you." Sasuke confessed. It's not love yet, not that he'd know what love is. He knows though, that Hinata may have the answer to his cold and unmoved heart.

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