I discovered how to create an interesting ending. In order to do that, I will be making many references to many things. At the end I'll disclaim anything I reference. Have fun trying to make sense of this as your mind explodes. Or possibly something like that.
Try to find all the references! Well, if you want. If you don't, just check the disclaimer.

"What happen?" Silver asked.

"Someone set up us the bomb," Lance said.

"We get signal," Gold announced.

"What?" Silver inquired.

"Main screen turn on," Gold narrated what was happening.

"It's YOU!" Silver shouted.

"How are you gentlemen!" Giovanni shouted. "All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction."

"What you say!" Silver demanded.

"You have no chance to survive make your time," Giovanni told him. "Ha ha ha." Giovanni disappeared from the main screen.

Silver awoke with a gasp. He wasn't sure whether that last part had anything to do with his past dreams, but either way he decided to ignore it. No matter what, it didn't make sense.

Getting out of bed, Silver was about to open the door when it opened from the other side, revealing a tall, skinny man with black hair that was starting to turn gray. He wore a hat and had a mustache.

"Greetings, young sir," the man said. "My name is Geovanno. I'm here to clean a window."

"There's a window back there." Silver pointed at the window in the room.

"Great. Thank you, sir." Geovanno bowed and walked to the window. He then proceeded to clean it.

Silver ignored Geovanno and walked into the main room of the Pokemon Center to see Nurse Joy standing behind the counter as usual. "Nurse Joy?"

"Yes?" Nurse Joy asked.

"What day is today?"

"Christmas, of course. Did you bump your head or something?"

"Thanks," Silver thanked her. So all of those events really did take place in one night. He walked out of the Pokemon Center and saw a piece of paper crumpled up on the ground. Picking up the piece of paper and unfolding it, he read it silently to himself.


Team Rocket and I have taken over Silph Co. We also kidnapped your Meganium because we could. I dare you to figure out where we're keeping your Meganium.


"I have to find Meganium," Silver said to himself. He then noticed a note added onto the bottom of the letter.

P.S. If you need instructions on how to rescue Meganium, check out the enclosed instruction book.

"Enclosed instruction book?" Silver asked. He then noticed a small book on the ground near where he found the note that said 'Instruction Book' on the cover. He picked it up and began to read.

How to Rescue Meganium

First, you take a leisurely stroll and hope that someone who invited you on a picnic made lots of spaghetti. Then, find a note on a gate. Read it out loud. Then you say 'We gotta rescue Meganium'! Then, you say 'And YOU gotta help us!' Then, you say 'If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book'. Then, you get out of there! But most importantly, you need to tell someone you trust, like a Mama Luigi or a Bowser.

Silver flipped through the instruction book, but nothing was relevant to the situation. Sighing, he folded up the instruction book and put it in his pocket. He had a pretty good idea on where Giovanni was keeping his Meganium. He released his Crobat.

"Crobat, fly me to Saffron City," Silver ordered.*

Meanwhile, in Saffron City, a shiny Pichu lead its Trainer to the Silph Co. building. "Pichu pichu!"

"What is it, Pichu?" Lyra asked. On the door of the Silph Co. building, she found a note.


You guessed wrong!

P.S. You really should check the enclosed instruction book.

Lyra blinked. "Well, that's sort of random. I don't know a Silver. Besides, I don't have an instruction book, so there's not much I can do anyway. That's too bad. Come on, Pichu, we need to hurry. There's almost no time left to fight Whitney!"

"Pi...chu..." Pichu sighed, looking back at the building before following its Trainer.

Silver arrived in Saffron City, putting his Crobat back in its Poke Ball. "Now all I have to do is find the Silph Co. building..."

"If your name is Silver, what you're looking for isn't there," Lyra said as she randomly walked by. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to heal my Pokemon so I can fight Whitney again."

"Wait!" Silver exclaimed. "Who are you? And how do you know-" He stopped asking questions. Lyra had already entered the Pokemon Center.

Silver sighed. "Well, I probably should go see for myself what she's talking about." He walked over to the Silph Co. building and read the note. Taking out the instruction book again and looked at the Table of Contents.

Page 1... How to rescue Meganium
Page 2... How to Keep the Mushroom Kingdom Tidy
Page 3... How to Read
Page 4... Why you shouldn't climb inside a Washing Machine* *
Page 6... Why you should Catch that Luigi

"I'm looking for page 5..." Silver said to himself as he turned to page 5.


You're probably here because you can't find Meganium. Why? Well, if a ghost says something to you, you really should listen to it!

If that doesn't give you any clues, you're horrible at this game. In that case, I refuse to help you. Good day, sir.

"'If a ghost says something to you, you really should listen to it...'" Silver read out loud. "Who MADE this instruction book? Giovanni couldn't know about..." He then realized what the instruction book was talking about. "The Pokemon Tower! Of course!" He rereleased his Crobat. "Crobat, take me to Lavender Town!"

Crobat sighed. "Crobat Crobat." Crobat then flew Silver to Lavender Town.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom...

Luigi was being chased by four Marios at the same time.

"Hey, you! Get off of my cloud!" the four Mario's shouted, giving the exclamation an echoing effect. "Toast, toast."

"I knew I shouldn't mess with the cloning machine," Luigi moaned as he ran.

Silver arrived in Lavender Town. Without saying a word, he put his Crobat back in his Poke Ball and walked over to the Pokemon Tower. Various people wearing black clothing were standing around, confirming Silver's suspicions that Team Rocket was up to no good in this town. He was about to enter the Pokemon Tower when a police officer in blue stopped him.

"Hold it right there, kid," the Police Officer said. "You can't go in there."

"Why not?" Silver asked.

"The building's under construction, kid," the Police Officer said. "No one's allowed in there."

Silver walked away. "So Meganium's not in there..." He tried to figure out where Giovanni was keeping his Meganium. "Well, he was in the Pokemon Tower, but no one's allowed in there...maybe we weren't really in the Pokemon Tower. I wouldn't put anything past that Oshawott."

"What's an Oshawott?" a small child near the future Radio Tower asked.

"A Pokemon that isn't from the region," Silver told the small child.

"Oh. Hey, do you believe in ghosts?"

"Ghosts? Well, I don't really have much choice in the matter, but yes, I believe in ghosts."

"So...there ARE believers..." the small child mused.

"Yes, well, the Pokemon Tower is being remodeled, right?" Silver asked, hoping the small child could unwittingly help him.

"I wouldn't say remodeled, really. They're replacing it with a Radio Tower and need to do some construction to make the Tower actually work the way it's supposed to," the small child told him.

"They still have some place to keep the graves of Pokemon, right?" Silver inquired. "They have to keep them somewhere."

"Of course. They moved the gravesites to old man Fuji's house."

"Mr. Fuji who was kidnapped by Team Rocket three years ago?"

"I don't know about the Team Rocket thing, but yup, that's him."

Silver nodded. "Yeah, thanks." He then walked over to Mr. Fuji's house and entered the building.

Inside the building, Silver looked around. Everything seemed like it had in the Pokemon Tower the one or two times he'd been in there. There were graves all over the place and people were standing near them, paying their respects. The only thing that seemed different was that a staircase was being blocked by Mr. Fuji.

Silver walked up to Mr. Fuji. "Excuse me sir, but did have you seen any suspicious-looking individuals enter this building?"

"I'm looking at one right now," Mr. Fuji grumbled.

Silver sighed. "Maybe I'm suspicious, but I'm not talking about me. I mean anyone dressed completely in black and threatening to cause trouble."

"You mean those hooligans past this staircase?" Mr. Fuji asked. "They came in and demanded entry past this staircase. I refused, as I do to anyone who asks, but they pushed me aside and went past anyway. I'd go after them, of course, but when they pushed me it hurt my back, and it hurt enough just to come back and block the staircase again."

"I need to go after them," Silver told him.

"You're not one of them, are you?" Mr. Fuji asked suspiciously.

"They left me this note and this book." Silver showed him the first note and the instruction book. "They stole my Meganium, and I'm extremely sure they're keeping Meganium farther within this building."

"Hmm..." Mr. Fuji considered Silver's request.

"Please, Mr. Fuji. I have to rescue my Meganium. That Meganium was my first Pokemon, and if I don't get my Meganium back, I..." Silver trailed off as Mr. Fuji smiled.

"You seem to care quite a bit about this Meganium, don't you?" Mr. Fuji asked. "Very well, I'll let you go through, but you better get those people in black out of there as well when you come out."

"Of course," Silver nodded. Mr. Fuji moved aside for Silver, and Silver rushed up the staircase as Mr. Fuji moved back to his position in front of the staircase, forever guarding the rest of the building from...whatever he wanted to guard it against.

Running through the building and climbing more staircases, Silver kept an eye out for Giovanni or any member of Team Rocket. After climbing many staircases and taking a quick lunch break, he finally found Giovanni.

"So, you actually came," Giovanni commented.

"Of course I came!" Silver told him. "You stole my Meganium. Did you think I wouldn't try to get it back?"

"I wasn't sure." Giovanni held up a Poke Ball. "If you want this Meganium back, you'll have to battle me for it."

Silver smirked. "Alright then. Go, Crobat!" Silver released his Crobat from its Poke Ball.

"You're using that little thing?" Giovanni sneered. "Alright then. Go, Kanghaskhan!"***

Kanghakhan was released from its Poke Ball.

"You know my specialty is Ground Pokemon, Silver. Many ground types know rock moves, which you should also know. So why risk your Crobat like that?" Giovanni asked.

"Crobat, use Close Combat," Silver ordered.

"Close Com-what now?" Giovanni inquired.****

Next thing either one of them knew, Kanghaskhan had fainted.

Giovanni blinked. "Uh...you can have your Meganium back."

"Thanks." Silver took Meganium's Poke Ball from Giovanni. "I might see you later, father." Silver then used an Escape Rope to leave.

Dragon's Den...

Clair walked onto the back of the Dragon's Den, surprised to see Silver with his Meganium. "You again? What do you want?"

"Want?" Silver asked. "I don't want anything. I'm training my Meganium."

"Training it?" Clair asked, looking around. No Pokemon were on the shrine other than the Meganium. "How?"

"We're becoming better friends," Silver told her.

Clair smiled. "Looks like you finally learned your lesson.

Mushroom Kingdom...

"Expecting a famous last quote?" Waluigi asked. "Too bad. WALUIGI TIME!"


*It makes sense that Crobat could learn fly. If it can't, I don't really care all that much. Bah, humbug.
On that subject, I don't know if Crobat can learn Close Combat either, but whatever.
** I believe it's actually dryer, but washing machines are more fun.
*** Is that spelled correctly? Probably not, but it really doesn't matter.
**** Yeah, that's a reference. But I don't know what I'm referencing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Zero Wing, Brawl in the Family, Hotel Mario, Sonic Sez, Super Mario TV Show, any Pokemon event (yes, the shiny Pichu is a reference, don't kill me), the video 'CATCH THAT LUIGI', Pokemon Generation 1 games, Kekkaishi, Kurt the Pokeball Maker (likewise for Kekkaishi, this isn't terribly obvious. This is referring to when Mr. Fuji complains that something relating to Team Rocket hurt his back and he couldn't go after them.), and Waluigi in the Family.

Quite the long chapter, but probably not as good as some of the other ones. Anyway, I'm quite proud of this chapter, as unoriginal as it is. This proves that I can reference anything, as well known or obscure as it may be. If you don't know any of the references, look it up on Youtube (for most videos) or ask in a review, and I'll probably respond somehow. I still recommend you read 'A Mushroom Kingdom Carol' (Google it), but now I'm also recommending 'Waluigi in the Family' (look for it on the same website as A Mushroom Kingdom Carol). They're both hilarious and very relevant to this chapter alone.

I kept true to the poll. Silver did change, and he did go to the Dragon's Den to increase Meganium's happiness. After all, that was the winning choice (of one vote). Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go Pokemon Battle my brother before he goes back to college tomorrow.