Luna was at Honeydukes, doing some Christmas shopping. She had decided to buy her sons candy. She selected a large box of Chocolate Frogs for Lorcan, and Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans for Lysander. The two boys had decided to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas, so she also asked the salesclerk to wrap the presents. She sent them by owl at the post office in Hogsmeade once she left.

"Ly, wake up!" Lorcan shouted, trying to wake up his brother.

"What…" Lysander mumbled sleepily.

"It's Christmas, Ly!" Lorcan said enthusiastically.

"Oh, yeah! What time is it?"


"Let me guess: 4 a.m."

"Actually, 4:30."

"Lorcan, why are you up so early?"

"I inherited it from Dad…"

"Yeah, well I can't go back to sleep now." Lysander said, and the two started opening presents.

"Cool, a Sneakoscope! Thanks, Ly!" Lorcan said when he opened his first one.

"You're welcome. Hey, thanks! I love Fizzing Whizbees!"

"That's why I got them. Hey, Mum got me Chocolate Frogs!"

"Cool! I got 'Quidditch Through the Ages' from Dad!"

"Hey, I got 'Flying With the Cannons' from him!"

"Mom got me Every Flavor Beans!"

"Hey, James got me some Weasley's Wizard Wheezes stuff!" The twin boys eventually became so loud that by 4:36, Isaac, one of their dorm mates, had to tell them to shush before going back to sleep.

"Ly, look at this Chocolate Frog card!" Lorcan whispered excitedly.

"Woah! It's Mum!"

"Let's read it!"

~*~Luna Lovegood Schmander~*~

B. 3-7-81

Luna Lovegood is a good friend of well known wizard Harry Potter. She helped fight for Hogwarts students' rights in the year when Severus Snape was headmaster. She is also the editor of The Quibbler magazine, and she discovered the existence of Nargles and Crumple-horned Snorkacks. She is married to Rolf Schmander, and has two sons: Lorcan and Lysander, twins.

"Woah. I never knew Mum had one!" whispered Lysander after a moments' silence.

"Me neither."

"Or that she helped fight for students' rights…"

"Or that she's married to Dad…"

"Or that she has two sons…" And they broke into identical grins, and if they weren't completely different in looks, they could be mistaken for the Weasley twins. Fred and George, that is, obviously not Fred and Roxanne.

"What if more people we know have cards?" Lorcan whispered excitedly.

"Let's set out on a mission to find out."


A/N: I was reading No One Deserves One More, by Pinkbismuth, and I got the idea for a story based on Chocolate Frog cards. So, this is it. And I just can't seem to not include Fred/George in my fics, I've written 4 and haven't done so yet… lol. Please review, faster updates!