Chapter 2

The next morning, Kenny had gone missing. Everyone went to Kenny's house to investigate what happened. This time they left behind a clue: a skull sticker attached to the wall and written under it, 'we will take the other 3 tonight.'

"Lord Death." Randy whispered.

"What'd you say Dad?"

"Nothing I didn't say anything, did you?" Only Kyle's dad, Cartman's mom, Kenny's dad, Butters' mom and Tweek's mom agreed, everyone else in the room stared at them in confusion.

"I'm going to grab a beer." Randy walked out of the room followed by the other people who agreed with earlier. Stan followed them out. They started whispering to each other. Stan could barely hear them.

"I can't believe he found us." One of them said.

"We all knew this would happen someday." Another said.

"Well we need to stop them from taking the rest away."

"But wouldn't it be good for them to-"

"No way, you of all people should know how dangerous that is, we all escaped for a reason and we aren't putting them through it."

"But the already got Tweek, Butters and Kenny, it's not like we can prevent them from finding them."

"I knew it, they do know what happened." Stan whispered. He walked back into Kenny's room and told Kyle and Cartman what he heard. Cartman was pissed that his mom would hide something like this from him. He ran to his mom and yelled at her as loud as he could. Stan and Kyle walked behind him.

"So you do know what happened to them."They all looked puzzled.

"We can't really tell you what happened but we can protect you from what might happen to you. All of you get into my car; we'll hide you some where they'll never find you." Randy said to them.


"It doesn't matter, just hurry." The boys ran into the car and Randy drove them to Stan's house.

"Dad they'll easily find us here."

"Just shut up and follow me." They all ran inside the house, went down the stairs, and into the basement. Randy went under the stairs and pressed a secret button. Then a door opened in the floor. Randy lead them down there and turned on a light. There was a couch, four beds, a TV with an Xbox connected to it, a lamp, a refrigerator, and a bathroom.

"You'll have to stay here for the night and we'll find a better place tomorrow." Randy told them.

"I'll stay here as long as we need to." Cartman said rushing toward the refrigerator.

"Dude we might be here a while, so don't it all of it." Stan yelled at him.

"Just make yourselves comfortable." Then Randy walked back up the stairs.