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Kagome's mother had been worried for her daughter for so long ever since she'd returned from the well. Mrs. Higurashi had watched as Kagome cried inside the well house desperate tears, forgoing leaving the well for a total of three days. Sota had delivered his sister food all those times and watched Kagome pick at her plate from the bottom of the well, a blanket wrapped tight around her to keep her from the cold. He tried speaking to his sister to no avail, it was like she was in another world, or rather another time. Kagome's grandfather had even lain off on giving her charms to make her feel better and had tried to talk her out of leaving the well house, but every try he did just made him realize how much of her heart had been left on the other side. He walked away very soon after his first attempt, knowing that Kagome needed a break down after what she'd probably seen.

On the fourth night Mrs. Higurashi, carrying a lamp in her hand, found Kagome crying at the bottom of the well with her fingers covered in dirt and her nails worn down so much that they bled from trying to unbury the earth. Kagome pounded at the dark stable earth with her hand and tears were falling down her cheeks only to be soaked into the dirt. Her raspy voice cried out, "Open dammit! Please! It wasn't supposed to happen like this! Not like this!" Kagome screeched and pounded on the earth until she crumpled into a ball, hands outstretched in the dirt. Choked sobs shook Kagome's body and Mrs. Higurashi began to cry as well. Never in her life did she want to see her firstborn cry like that and look so frail, her first born that had been so strong was reduced to this all because of a jewel. Mrs. Higurashi was very close to Kagome, then again, her young daughter had matured faster than any of her friends after being in the Feudal Era. Upon hearing her mother crying Kagome looked up and blinked as if seeing something for the first time in days. It was as if she had finally arisen from her despair and noticed a new world around her. Kagome blinked for a moment through tear glazed eyes.

"Mama," she croaked in a strained voice, "is that you?" Mrs. Higurashi climbed down the ladder to the bottom of the well, a firm hand holding the lamp to illuminate the small dismal opening. When Mrs. Higurashi got to the bottom she wrapped a comforting arm around Kagome. "Mama… it won't open… ever again." Mrs. Higurashi rubbed Kagome's back, she'd been waiting for Kagome to finally admit this and now it had happened. She only wished her little girl had been spared the heartache for she knew how much Kagome had cared for Inuyasha, in those two years the duo had become more than close friends. Kagome threw herself into her mother's arms and let herself cry all the heartbreak out. Mrs. Higurashi just held her daughter, sometimes tears were the best forms of getting by and moving on. Mrs. Higurashi desperately hoped her daughter would be happy again.

A whole month had passed and Kagome hated partaking in anything not school related. It was far too boring for her to go back to this humdrum life, even though she tried in vain to fit in. She wasn't interested though in the new singers or latest fads. Not that Kagome had much of a life in her own world when she'd been traveling with the group in the Feudal Era. And after all that travel Kagome had gained a level of maturity none of her peers seemed to possess. Kagome exuded confidence when she walked into a classroom, her back straight and head held high, and if someone questioned why she was dallying in the hallway she just game them a look that she'd adapted from hanging around Sesshomaru. Obviously being the 'mature and mysterious' Kagome, as people took to describing her now, she gained a lot of unwanted attention. Admirers flocked to her desk leaving notes and poems that Kagome picked up and discarded in the trashcan when no one was looking. Just because she didn't like anyone didn't mean she had to be mean to their faces. Hojo tried in vain to get Kagome to notice him; he even went so far as to wait for in front of her house every morning before school. Kagome had patted his cheek and said quietly with solemn eyes and a bittersweet smile, "You're too sweet Hojo." Though he still tried to gain Kagome's attention every now and then, he had realized after the first week, of her month back, that he was at most just a friend for her and that's all he'd ever be.

Kagome couldn't help it when her thoughts went back to the others in the Feudal Era during every class. Her friends often asked if Kagome had 'broken up' with Inuyasha, she would give a dry laugh at that. They've no clue, she would think. Kagome honestly didn't want to talk about him to her 'girlfriends.' If Inuyasha hadn't come for her by now, then there was probably a good reason why. She didn't know the lifespan of half demon's but knew they couldn't be that long, though longer than humans, and besides… Inuyasha always got into trouble. Kagome had resigned herself to the thought that he was dead and so she was in mourning for her friend, but she couldn't keep on sitting around sulking. Life goes on and so would she.

Kagome was trying and so far she was doing well, she hadn't even gone to the well house since that night with her mother. Though every so often one of Kagome's three 'friends' would catch Kagome toying with the locket around her neck and they would know who she was thinking of. Honestly, Kagome didn't know if she could construe those girls as friends anymore, they didn't know her like they once had. They were as complex as a cheeseburger, with but a few layers and easy to digest.

The only classes Kagome studied were her science classes and history classes. She thrived in those classes wanting to know if there was anything on her priestess powers as well as wanting to know how the other's lives had ended. Kagome's priestess powers were her only link to the past, and they hadn't disappeared when she'd resurfaced from the well, so she wanted to know what made her tick. Obviously Kagome wasn't just a reincarnation; she'd always been a priestess thanks to her heritage. But there were some things about her priestess abilities that even she couldn't explain, and so it was each day Kagome brought back a book from the library. By the end of the second week it turned into one or two books, and then by the month it was hordes of books towering over her head.

It was on a cool and crisp evening that Mrs. Higurashi waited at the front porch of the house sweeping and just watching her daughter come home with books on science and magic loaded down in her hands. Kagome had found out nothing on her demon friends, but she'd found that Miroku and his wife had been founders of a little town dedicated to helping others. Kagome gave up looking for her demon friends, they could find her with their long lives and she was trying to move on. But that still left the mystery about her powers. Watching her daughter heft those books up into the house Mrs. Higurashi finally decided it was time to send Kagome somewhere else.

It was with trembling hands Mrs. Rina Higurashi brought out that old and tarnished photograph from her jewelry box. Kagome's mother didn't know if she would be adding fuel to the fire of melancholy, but she had to see something spark back in her daughter's eyes. If her daughter were given some sort of quest, and this was the equivalent of one in their time, then perhaps she would get back up and look more like herself. Perhaps her daughter would relish the fact that she had something to do… someone to see. And above all else, maybe it would bridge the gap of something long ago lost.

Mrs. Higurashi knocked on Kagome's door and walked in, she wasn't too surprised to find that Kagome sat there with a pair of reading glasses on her nose with five books laid out in front of her. Mrs. Higurashi's eyes lit up when she saw the book Kagome was thoroughly engrossed in amidst the four other books. Beginner's Guide to Alchemy. "Yes mama?"

"Kagome… I brought this for you," said Mrs. Higurashi coming to sit down on Kagome's bed. The sweet mother handed her daughter a picture, it was a family picture of Kagome, three-years-old and beaming cutely from her father's lap, and her mother sat with a baby Sota in her arms. It was a picture taken at the hospital the day Sota had been born. Kagome's finger lightly traced the face of her father, he looked so young and happy. His shaggy black hair much like her own, eyes like Sota's.

"I wish I could remember him more," said Kagome. She only had vague memories of the man that was her father. One day her father had vanished, her mother had told them that he'd died in a car wreck though there hadn't been a funeral. Kagome's dear mother, Rina Higurashi, took a deep breath before she unleashed the floodgates.

"But you can still see him… Kagome your father is still alive," said Mrs. Higurashi finally coming out with the truth after all this time. She knew her daughter may very well hate her for keep the secret so long, but if it could get Kagome to feel again emotions she didn't care. It was worth the cost.

"No he's not… you said he died," replied Kagome simply, staring at her mother dumbly for a minute. "He's dead mama. You said he was dead," she repeated, unable to believe her mother even though Rina Higurashi's face was nothing but serious. Daddy's been dead since-

"He left us right after Sota was born. Said he had things to do and left for the war," explained Kagome's mother looking down at her lap as her fists clenched her skirt. The tears wanted to fall but she had to let Kagome know that there was somewhere else she could go. Somewhere new where Kagome could learn about things and be thrown back into adventure. Mrs. Higurashi had recognized that gleam, that shining want in the eyes to leave off for somewhere, in her daughter as she had in her previous husband. And Mrs. Higurashi knew that a woman in love, a woman with a broken heart, must have time for her heart to heal. Here, Kagome wouldn't have any of that time with constant reminders of Inuyasha everywhere. Kagome stared silently at her mother, contemplating over the words that had just crashed upon her like a bunch of glass falling from the sky and sending shards into her body. When Kagome didn't move to speak, when she didn't yell, but listened on curiously, Rina continued. "He is an alchemist. He lives in Amestris…" Mrs. Higurashi watched as her daughter's eyes took in this new meaning. The fact that her father was alive and well.

"Mamma?" Kagome asked as the truth sank in.

"He changed his name from Roy Higurashi to Roy Mustang." Mrs. Higurashi had kept an ear out for the nickname 'Flame Alchemist.' Mrs. Higurashi knew what her previous love had been capable of and wanted to know where he was should anything ever happen to her so her father could send the kids to him. Never had she actually thought she would be sending one of their children to him.

"Mama… you lied to me! All this time and you lied! I've got a father?"

It had taken Kagome's mother an hour to calm Kagome down. It hadn't helped when Kagome's body began radiating pink waves of power from her priestess abilities. Mrs. Higurashi had long suspected her daughter had inherited more than just priestess abilities. Kagome had finally quieted down some, with many hiccupping between her sobs, and latched onto her mother allowing her mama to quiet her and soothe her with words about her father and what he was like. It wasn't long before something happened in Kagome's eyes. Mrs. Higurashi saw a bright light in them of intrigue and excitement. "Mama, you'll tell Sota won't you?"

"Only after you visit your father and talk to him," Mrs. Higurashi replied. She'd had this all set up in her mind how things would go. "That is if you want to see him…"

"Of course I want to see him," said Kagome, her eyes lighting up. She'd forgiven her mother for the lies as soon as she realized what her father was. An alchemist! That might explain some of the thing's she could do. And above all else, Kagome grasped at the fact that her father was alive. This was something she couldn't look away from. Her father! It made her giddy with excitement knowing he was alive.

"Good," smiled Mrs. Higurashi. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner… but now that you're trying to get past things… I just thought that you might want an escape from here and he might help." Kagome laughed a bit at that, as giddy as she was Kagome had to face facts though. Her father might not want to see her.

"He left us mama. What makes you think he'd let me stay with him?" Mrs. Higurashi had leaned back and pushed Kagome's black bangs out of her face. The same sharp black hair like Kagome's father. Her nose was small like her father's as well. And the ears were just as cute and small. Mrs. Higurashi couldn't remember a day when she hadn't looked at Kagome and seen Roy in her face. Sota took more after herself than Kagome did.

"Because, you look and act just like him," Mrs. Higurashi answered very simply as she leaned down to press a soft kiss on her daughter's forehead.

Kagome had left three days ago, with a kiss for her mother, her yellow bag packed, and a nice little pat on the head for Sota who hadn't questioned where his sister was going. After all the times she vanished off to the Feudal Era the young teenage boy took Kagome moving around in stride and wondered if he'd one day get to go off like her to places. Sota had unleashed potential that Kagome could feel in him, she didn't know for certain, but Kagome very much believed that if her brother shied away from playing soccer all the time and focused his mind he could have the powers of a priest or a very strong monk.

It was with a strong beating heart that Kagome took that train to the east. And it was with an even stronger mind that she didn't get off that train and determinedly sat the whole way through to Amestris. She had her passport; things were getting stricter under the rule of King Bradley. Kagome had never been one to listen to her politics when she was younger and when she was busy in the past she didn't need any information from her time, but now she was able to pay attention to the news with interest and disliked the way things were going. Ever since the war with Ishbal things had been tight, but things were getting worse. There were state alchemist now who patrolled the trains, who walked along the streets, and Kagome was one of few girls who didn't mind traveling by herself with the dangers of alchemist who didn't work for the state roaming around. She could handle herself should she run into trouble. Though Kagome didn't know entirely how well she could handle herself if she ran into Scar. From what she'd read in the papers he was on a killing spree for state alchemists. She wondered if he only wanted to hurt the state alchemist or their families too? A shiver ran down her spine at the thought.

Kagome had slept on the train, the porter kept an eye on her for Mrs. Higurashi, and ate on the train. She also had a tendency to nervously pace the aisle when no one else was riding in her compartment. When she'd finally gotten off the train Kagome could hardly stand because it felt so odd to be off that bumpy train. Riding on the backs of demons is far easier and more convenient, she thought to herself. Too bad I don't have one of those. Kagome paused in her walking and tilted her head. Did I just joke about not having Inuyasha here? She immediately felt guilty and her hand slipped over the locket around her neck as if to console him for her error. Kagome missed him, it felt like a part of her were missing, but she knew Inuyasha wouldn't want her to sulk. He'd no doubt tell me to get up off my ass and go do something, she thought with a small laugh. The helpful porter, who reminded Kagome of her grandfather in his babbling of stories, pointed her in the direction of a bathhouse before the train departed from the station. Kagome had headed straight for the bathhouse, scrubbed up, put a fresh dress on, and practiced some more of her speech in front of the vanity mirror in the bathhouse.

So here she was. Kagome was currently sitting on the bench outside of the headquarters for state alchemist. Kagome's mind had been previously so full of thoughts with Inuyasha and her past life collecting jewel shards, that it didn't even realize how easy of a switch it had been for her mind to get distracted by something entirely new to her. Her mind had been preoccupied ever since her mother told her of her father, not one thought was spared to Inuyasha except maybe a passing sigh from missing him. And here Kagome sat outside, her feet swinging nervously back and forth on the bench trying to think of the right words to say to him before she gathered her courage to go into the large intimidating building.

Kagome barely even noticed the strange duo that passed her, a very short boy with long blonde hair and a tall knight of armor. Barely noticed are the words. It had thrown her off for a full three minutes, Alphonse had glanced over at Kagome not liking the stares he was receiving though he should've been used to it, and Kagome shocked the young blonde so that he froze in his tracks. Kagome had smiled brightly at Alphonse and waved at him. Alphonse went to wave back when Edward walked back over to grab onto Alphonse's hand and tug him, after rolling his eyes at Kagome's salutation that is. Kagome huffed out a breath of air, blowing her bangs out of her eyes at that. That was rude, she thought wondering why the other boy hadn't let the guy in armor wave back. Poor guy must be sweating under all that metal and hating following around that mean peewee.

Edward was busy complaining to his brother about how much Winry had cost them. She'd talked Ed and Al through a letter into paying for a bundle of things she'd ordered from central and ended up almost breaking them. He'd thought with Winry being a mechanic she couldn't be as high maintenance as other girls… he was wrong by a long shot. They'd just sent off Winry's goods at the train station and now he and Al had to go pack to leave for some damn dust bowl town in the west called Lior. As he prattled onto his brother he noticed Al had stopped waling beside him and glanced back to find Al waving at a pretty girl. He tugged on Alphonse's hand. No use giving him false hope. She's probably just waving at him because she's curious about that damn suit. Nosey busy body, Edward thought with a roll of his eyes.

A beautiful young woman sauntered into HQ. She looked to be about 17 or 18 with dark black hair and gentle blue eyes, wearing a bright sundress, a large backpack over her shoulders, a very nice curvy body, and she looked incredibly and utterly lost like a flower that had just been blown into the room. "May I help you?" Havoc asked, immediately getting 'the suave on' as he tried relentlessly to flirt with this girl. Havoc came around the desk to offer her a chair and Kagome graciously accepted it, though her feet moved about tapping impatiently due to her frazzled nerves. Hawkeye felt bad for the girl to have caught Havoc's attention. The female officer noticed Kagome's backpack and wondered for a moment how heavy it was and why she was carrying what appeared to be everything but the kitchen sink. Is she trying to run away and join the military? Is she carrying a bow?

"I'm here to see Colonel Mustang," Kagome said quietly, her eyes were darting around the place nervously. She held something in her hand that Hawkeye couldn't make out for it was being held so tightly. Kagome couldn't help but bite her lips cutely making Havoc try even harder to accommodate her by rushing to fix her a glass of water. Taking a swipe from Mistress Centipede… she could handle. Having a demon child stuck on you to turn you into a puppet… she could handle. Fighting demons and traveling on foot anywhere at the drop of a hat… she could handle. Facing her father… Nope, she'd take Naraku any day and would gladly piss of Sesshomaru just to avoid this meeting.

"I'm sorry, but he's in a meeting with Fullmetal-" Hawkeye's words were cut off as the pipsqueak exited the room, slamming the door open into the wall, and stomping off with a large tin man following after him. Ed was getting annoyed that he was being sent somewhere that probably didn't have anything interesting, from the rumors he heard there was only sand and religion out there. Somewhere far away from the clues he was trying to track to the philosopher's stone. Behind the two brothers stood the man from Kagome's photographs. Kagome stared at Roy Mustang, his dark hair and his presence exuding dominance. She barely missed it when Havoc called out, "Yo! Colonel Mustang, you got a girlfriend here to see yah!"

Kagome's back froze up at this and she immediately left the comforts of sitting in the chair to stand up straight. Edward, Alphonse, and Roy stopped walking to stare at Kagome. Edward gave the girl the once over thinking she was decently pretty and he was more than happy that he was taller than her with his shoes on. Alphonse wondered if she was really Mustang's girlfriend and he awkwardly waved to her for not being able to earlier that day. Roy wondered who the heck she was considering he'd never seen her in his life and though he was quite the charmer, she looked too young for his tastes.

At first, Kagome nervously stood there bouncing from one foot to the next. Kagome had practiced this in the train the whole way here, the speech she was going to make for him leaving her mother. That's right! He left mama behind! He left us behind, Kagome thought angrily as a look of intense fury settled onto her face and her eyes rose up to meet him. Those eyes were what shook Mustang the most, though he didn't know why. Now those eyes, he was sure he'd seen somewhere.

"Do I know you?" Roy Mustang asked tilting his head to get a look of this girl. Kagome's blue eyes snapped at that question. She seemed so familiar to him. That hair, those eyes, and that attitude seemed oddly recognizable and yet for the life of him he couldn't place where he'd seen her. Kagome's answer wasn't anything that Roy suspected her to say at that moment while Havoc, Hawkeye, Edward, and Alphonse watched on curiously.

"You should Colonel! I'm your daughter," thundered Kagome with eyes that blazed as fiercely as his own, though they shone with the rare blue color of her mother's eyes. Dad was all she knew to him as a child, but now he was the Colonel to her. He wasn't what her dad had once been nor was he Roy Higurashi or Roy Mustang, only Colonel.