A/N: If you are wondering, it is supposed to be this short.

A brown wolf crept up to the group of campers gathered at the edge of the forest. He was wary of the humans, but the scent of their food was...a whiff of exoticness. It wasn't that he was tired of what his parents hunted - nothing could replace the flesh of a four hoofed animal. It was just that...

He shrank down in alarm as a camper carrying a bundle of wood bustled by him.

A human sat beside the fire, yelling orders to the other humans. The humans were strange and fairly unattractive, but this situation he could relate to. The young wolf quickly identified the yelling human as the leader or 'Alpha' of this 'pack', as the human was in some ways rather like his uncle. The 'Alpha' finally stopped yelling and directed his attention to the pot where the food was. The 'pack' gathered for their meal.

A human tossed something to behind his back. The wolf crept over, ducking down ever so often when the humans moved too much for his liking. Nevertheless, he finally had the object at the tip of his nose and what he found was a wrapper with some brownish substance. "What is this?" he wondered, all the while darting looks at the humans. It smelled good, and so he licked it.

'Brilliant' was all he had to say. Dropping all wariness he had, the wrapper was sparkling in less than a millisecond. The wrapper flew to the air - driven by the canine tongue and landed with the words facing up. (Let's not go into specifics on how he knows to read.) Happily, he announced with a howl that made the campers scramble, "From now on, I will be known as CHOCO SEEKER!"