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Teen Titans/Young Justice: Criss Cross Crisis

Chapter 4

Returning from the battle that afternoon the majority of both teams were laid out on hospital beds in the main room with IV drip lines as they recovered thier strength. Among those laid up were Kaldur, Dick, Richard, Conner, Megan, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven. Superboy having the worst of it following his prolonged physical battle with the Parasite, even more troublesome was trying to get a line into Conner's arm. It wasnt that he was afraid of needles. It was because they couldnt penetrate his skin, and bent the needle in the process. Finally Black Canary tried something desperate. The two teams looked on as she took a hammer and applied it to the edge of the IV line. The others winced while Conner looked on calmly as she hammered it into the back of his hand.

"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow." Kid Flash winced.

"What are you complaining about? I'm the one she's doing it to." he said matter of factly.

"I just...never liked needles. I need to get something to eat before I pass out." he said and rushed out of the room. Superboy scoffed as Canary made contact with his vein and hooked him up to the drip line.

"Typical." muttered Artemis.

"You turned out better than most people that face him. And that's saying something." admonished Diana. It was clear she was talking about the Parasite.

"And what about Superman?" Conner asked. Canary sighed a bit before answering.

"He faces off with Parasite all the time, only he usually needs help. Your definantly your father's son." she whispered the last part.

Richard's ears perked as did the other Titans and sat up upon hearing this.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Conner and the others looked back at him before the Boy of Steel looked back at her.

"Superboy is a clone of Superman. He doesnt like talking about it." she told him.

"That's putting it mildly." Kid Flash muttered and was elbowed by Artemis.

"He's not the only one." Superboy added.

"I see." Richard said laying back down.

"And I thought I had issues with my dad." he thought to himself.

Megan picked up on his thoughts and looked over at the Titan.

"What kind of issues?" she asked. His eyes flew open as he looked back at her.

"Excuse me?" he said surprised.

"Sorry I...hello Megan. You know what forget it." she said softly her cheeks burning red.

"You can read thoughts too cant you?" Raven asked telepathically.

"Huh? Um, yeah I can..."she replied looking back at the mage.

"I wouldnt probe any further if I were you. Our Robin's pretty secretive, especially with us." Raven told her.

"Why is that?" Megan wondered.

"You know I can hear you right?" Robin asked. They're faces flushed simultaneously turning a bright crimson.

"We can all hear you!" Beast Boy added as Megan disappeared underneath her blanket with only her eyes present. And went to her camoflage form afterwards.

"Sorry." she sheepishly said.

"It's a little off putting but you get used to the voices after a while." Dick told the group.

"That's just creepy." Cyborg stated and corrected himself realizing Megan was still in the room.

"I-I mean that's cool! That's great! Ha...ha. When can I go home?" he bowed his head with a sweatdrop present.

Megan pulled out her IV line and darted out of the room becoming tangable as she left.

"M'gann." Superboy said but she didnt hear him and all eyes fell on Cy.

"I-I didnt mean...oh man. I'll go talk to her." he said unplugging himself from the generator.

"I dont think you should." Richard told him.

"I got this." Vic said holding out his hand before leaving.

A few minutes of walking he found her out on a balcony overlooking the ocean. The young Martian stood on her own with her hands clashed together and her eyes shut as the wind swept over her. Vic rubbed the back of his neck and inched towards the daylight.

"Um, Miss Martian? Look I didnt mean any of that. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." he said.

"No it's not that...all right it is. It took a long time for the guys to used to me being in thier heads. It's actually how we communicate back on Mars." she said turning to face him.

"You know there's a girl on my team you'd relate real well to. Course she isnt psychic but she had simular problems when she first came to Earth. And...she's not the only one that feels like an outsider sometimes." he told her. Megan's eyes widened upon hearing this.

"I...know a thing or two about being an outsider." he added. Her face softened a bit and smiled.

"I bet you do." she said softly.

"Yeah I...wait a minute." he said raising his mechanical eyebrow. And M'gann laughed a bit and caught herself clearing her throat.

"Um, sorry I shouldnt have said that." she said pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. He looked at her stoically for a moment before his glare melted into a smile.

"It's cool, we all have to laugh at ourselves." he said reaching out his fist.

"I'm not sure I understand." she said looking at the gesture.

"Huh? Oh your supposed to hit it. Tap it, your supposed to tap it." Cyborg added.

"Oh." she said making a fist and hit it with full force mashing his hand. His eyes widened seeing his collapsed mechanical fist, Megan clapped her hands over her mouth in shock.

"We'll work on it." he said.

Back in the main hall the rest of the Titans and Young Justice were still recovering in the makeshift infirmary Batman approached the Titans leader. He cleared his throat as the Boy Wonder looked up at him and all eyes fell on the pair.

"Robin." he stated.

"Batman." he replied coldly.

"May I have a word with you?" the Dark Knight requested.

"I rather you didnt." he muttered. The Detective narrowed his eyes behind his mask.

"And I rather you did." he replied holding out his hand. Robin scoffed and tore out his IV before leaving with him.

A while later Batman and Robin went for a round about the base. Batman and the otherworldly Robin remained silent as they walked along the back edge of the lair.

"I'm sure this journey has been difficult for you." Batman stated.

"It hasnt. I adapt well to situations." Richard answered coldly keeping the matter strictly business.

"I see." Bruce said.

"Yeah...look it's nothing personal but I dont feel all that comfortable being around you. So if it's all right with you I'd rather you'd leave me alone. I've got enough things to deal with." he said leaving Batman behind.

"By the way, you should enjoy the time you have with him. Because it only goes downhill from here." Richard added.

"What happened to you?" Bruce wondered.

"I grew up." Robin told him heading towards the edge of the hallway.

The Dark Knight remained where he was as he watched his young sidekick off. His college Black Canary stood behind him in the entrance way having heard the whole thing. Back in the main hall the remaining Titans were still on thier hospital beds talking to each other.

"Robin sure didnt seem happy to see him." Beast Boy noted.

"Really? I hadnt noticed." Raven sardonically replied. The shapeshifter glared at the young mage.

"Really? I hadnt noticed." he replied with equal sarcasm before being flicked in the head with a dark energy jolt.

"Robin has...a very strained relationship with Batman." Starfire added.

"Yeah but why?" Beast Boy asked.

"I do not know. He wont even tell me." she replied.

"Batman's strict but I wouldnt think it'd ever be that bad between them." Kid Flash said munching on a candy bar.

"I've been inside his mind once before and I saw some things. Other things he locked me out of because they were too personal. I think because of how much his Batman expected from him that it put a strain on thier relationship as he got older. Just like it would with any teenager." Raven surmised.

"I hope I dont turn out that way with my Uncle. I mean I love the guy." Kid Flash told them.

"Barry doesnt expect things from you on the same level Batman does. Bruce Wayne from what I've gathered expects nothing short of perfection." she said.

"Our Bats is kind of the same way, but you know he's still human. He's actually gone easy on us when we've screwed up. I'd hate to see him when we really screw up." Wally replied between bites.

"That may be how Robin feels. He may feel that nothing he does is ever good enough for him." Raven added.

"And I thought Supey had issues with his dad." Kid Flash muttered earning a glare from Superboy. Wally looked back and shrugged with a mouth full of chocolate.

"What?" he asked.

At Cadmus Labs, Dr. Emil LaSalle one of the head scientists stood before The Light who were less than thrilled about recent developments.

"We have managed to block most of the satellite news feed of the otherworlders' arrival." one of them said refrencing the Titans on screen.

"But we cannot keep this a secret for long." another of them replied.

"No. And that is the problem with this era, news travels even faster than ever. By now all the major news networks would have global stories on today's little experiment. This battle with Parasite only compounds the predicament." a woman added.

"This has gone on long enough, it's time we put an end to all of this. LaSalle..." a man in the center screen with a commanding voice responded. The doctor cautiously approached the screen before him.

"Yes sir." he replied with a quake in his voice.

"Contact the League of Shadows, put a contract on all the reporters that were at this morning's press confrence." the man in charge ordered.

"All of them sir?" he questioned.

"Did I stutter?" the man asked.

"No sir it's just...would that be suspicious to the media?" LaSalle replied.

"That is not your concern doctor, your concern is eliminating these heroes. How is your project coming along?" the leader asked. Dr. LaSalle nodded before answering.

"We have managed to recreate the Fog per your specifications." he said.

"Excellent. It is time we take back control, contact the Sensei at once." the man on screen ordered.

"Yes sir." LaSalle replied and left their presence.

"Your sure this will work?" the woman within the council asked.

"It has to." the man answered.

At the League of Shadows' lair later that evening an elderly man in a scarlet robe sat on the floor meditating in a circle of lit candles. An Asian woman in a green robe approached him from behind and knelt at the entrance to his chamber.

"Apologies my lord but there is a message for you from Cadmus." the woman said.

"Very well Cheshire." the Sensei nodded with eyes closed.

"They're asking that we tie up a couple loose ends for them. And activate the traitor from within." she added.

Sensei opened his eyes with a look of anger. The elderly martial arts master stood up Cheshire bit her lower lip fearing she had angered him. The old man merely looked her way and issued the command.

"Contact her." he said. Cheshire bowed still one one knee and left to perform her duty.

That evening the two teams had finally recovered and were up and about interacting amongst themselves while Artemis stood off to the side. A small cellphone like device vibrated on her hip inside a holster. Her eyes widened and turned to leave only to have Wally blocking her way.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Nothing." she shook her head and tried side-stepping around him.

"Well...okay then we're going to train with the Titans in a little bit." he told her.

"Yeah, sure I'll be there in a minute. I just got something to take care of first." she said nervously.

"Okay then..." he said raising an eyebrow at her.

"Bye." she turned on her heel and quickly walked towards her room. Once she was behind the door she nervously looked at her unopened cell phone before her.

"No, no, no it cant be time for that already. Not now." she muttered. The luminescent blue light flashed on the cover of her flip phone as she stared back at it.

"Whatever you decide Artemis you best do it now." she told herself.

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