-Hey im a Mindless Behavior Fan so I thought I would write this story! I love RayRay Jus so yaw kno

In your view you can see a tour bus like really big blue one and next to it is a purple with blue stripes tour bus. Let's go into the blue tour bus shall we! It seems empty until you walk into the back and the last bed thing. You can see a girl and 5 boys. The infamous Mindless Behavior but you're wondering who is the other boy and the girl? The girl is C~Kash and the guy is DeeMoney from the group Killing it inc. I'm C~Kash well my real name is Clydia and DeeMoney is really Quentrell. We've been friends with Mindless Behavior since 2011 when we first got our start but anyways back to the day you came in on. We are actually all in their waiting to be called for sound check and so while we are waiting we decided to get on the laptop and look up funny videos are fans have posted.

"They have this one with just me and Clydia" Ray-Ray said looking at it.

The picture was me and him hugging and then at the top the song was My Girl sung by Mindless Behavior. All our fans have been wanting for Ray-Ray and I to go out ever since we have been friends. They actually have wanted me to go out somebody from Mindless Behavior or to go out Quentrell ever since we hit the scene together.

"Click on it! Lets see all the pictures they have "Quentrell told us so hyper.

Princeton clicked on it and the song started pictures of Ray-Ray came up then pictures of me and then there was this weird picture that came up. We never took this picture never seen it before it was a mystery how it came up but it was of me and Ray-Ray kissing infront of our tour buses

"YOU GUYS KISSED?" Roc Royal asked extremely loud I was still frozen at the sight of it still wondering how the picture became what it was and Ray-Ray I don't know what was going through his head but he was frozen too.

I started to look at the picture I could remember that outfit I had on I only wore it once for a picture and that is what had me wondering for sure that it wasn't a real picture

"we never kissed before and I have proof this picture is fake" I told him.

I went straight to my Facebook and pulled up my pictures and showed them the picture of me kissing my brothers cheek.

"that doesn't explain how Ray-Ray and the tour buses got involved" DeeMoney said I thought about it.

I remembered the picture of the tour buses that I took when we first went on tour together and showed them but I was still stuck on the Ray-Ray part.

"You still have no proof because Ray-Ray and your lips our touching" Prodigy told me I went through all my pictures that I have of Mindless Behavior I was 10 minutes into the photos when Keisha walked on the bus "its sound check time" She said and walked off the bus.

I was just thinking about all the pictures we have taken over the years. I was still thinking about it when we walked onto the stage. I don't even know how I made it to the stage I just know I landed back on earth when Princeton came up to my face and started waving his hand

"Welcome to Earth in 5-4-3-2-1" then Princeton shook me.

"Sorry guys what's going on now?" I asked clueless everybody couldn't believe how out it I was "you just got to sing your part" DeeMoney said I nodded and took the microphone and hit 3 notes so beautifully and yet I didn't even say my part like I was suppose to "What's bothering you so bad?" Prodigy asked curious.

I had to look at them and jus get on my knees "this stupid picture is bugging me because I don't know where it comes from" I told them. Ray-Ray looked at me for the first time since we seen the picture.

Everybody looked at the both of us "so ya'll are serious you never kissed or took the picture?" Princeton asked we both shook our heads "We would have told ya'll if we did" Ray-Ray said.

Prodigy had this huge smile on his face "our fans sure do have some creative of minds!" he said I thought about it.

He wasn't lying "what do you mean by that?" DeeMoney asked being as slow as he is "our fans actually made a picture that actually had us second guessing it" Prodigy explained I nodded "Im one step away from figuring out how Ray-Ray got in the picture but I just gotta figure out when did he take a picture of him with his lips like that" I said Roc Royal of course being funny had to say this stupid comment "When ya'll kissed?" everybody laughed "awwwhh your so dumb" I told him tilting my head.

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