Notes: You = Willow She/Her/The Girl = Tara. Told in Willow's POV, revolves around the end of Seeing Red, and the beginning of Villians.

Warnings: Mentioned Character Death, kinda angsty.

Spoilers: Prophecy Girl, Seeing Red, Villians.

You blink from absolute shock. You're aware of the blood on both your shirt and your face. But, in comparison to the girl in front of you, falling, it simply doesn't matter.

You fall to the floor shortly after she does, knowing that you were nowhere near as graceful. You pull her lovingly onto your lap, gazing into her beautiful face with her dimming eyes.

You shake her, begging her to wake up, crying because this simply can't be happening. She doesn't deserve to die. You wont let her.

You smooth her hair once more, pleading but you know that it's too late now. She won't be coming back.

You aren't even aware of the magic filling you up until it's there.

You use it, greedily. It can bring her back. It will bring her back.

Your face falls, you know that there is no such thing as a natural death. "Natural causes" is a myth.

You can remember being sixteen and walking into a room with Cordelia, only to find a pile of dead bodies murdered by vampires. You can bring them back? They deserve to continuing living while the greatest human being you've ever known deserves to be dead?

You scream then, something has died inside of you and the rage is consuming your body. Sh's gone, and it's not fair.

Some small part of you excepts results, people rushing to find out what's wrong, but there's nothing.

That was the loudest scream of your life.

No one heard it.

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