Shattered Rain

Prologue:  The Dream

Disclaimer- I don't own zoids the only thing I own is Ashley and her zoid.  If I own this show then I would be filthy rich.  Poo.


A young man with wild blonde hair struggled to wake up from his troubled slumber.

"…Biiitt."  A young girl with dark red hair appeared in his dream.  He continued to struggle as she continued to call his name until a younger version of himself appeared.

"There you are," the girl jogged up to him.


"It's okay.  Hey let's go back to the garage to see my mom's and your dad's zoids."

"Okay, sounds like fun."

The two children started to run up a hill that became a mountain; it seemed like forever.  But they were having as little kids usually do.  Then suddenly a huge flaming building appeared in front of them.  They both stopped short.

"Mama!"  The young girl started to run into the building but the young Bit grabbed her, stopping her from running into a fiery death.  They both crumbled to the ground both hugging each other.  Bit hugged the girl tightly while she poured tears out.  Bit himself was using all his strength to comfort the girl and from crying himself.  The fire blazed in front of them until it burned out.

--Little raindrops started falling down--

The two children walked among the debris holding each others hand to comfort each other.  They heard someone mumbling and the sound of rocks being moved.  Bit peeked from behind the rock and saw a man digging threw the rubble.

--It was pouring now, and you can hear distant thunder--

"Damn it!  It's not here."

"Hey, who are you?"  Bit came from behind his hiding place that was currently behind the man.


BANG!  Faster than the speed of light the man drew a gun and fired.

"AHHH!" Bit fell to the ground barely conscious as his hand tried to support his new bullet wound in his shoulder.  Bit couldn't study the features of his attacker.  Until a lightning struck.  Bit's eyes widened, this man had spiked dark hair, maroon eyes, but the thing that startled Bit the most was his scar.  This scar went across his forehead and down the left side of his cheek.  (You know like a really bad guy look.  Heehee!)

"So you must be the son of that one fellow," his voicesent a chill down Bit's spine.

"Your probably the one that started the fire!"

"Indeed I did."


"Your father and that bitch had something very useful to us, but they refused to give it to us.  So we destroyed them."

A lookof astonishment was upon Bit's face that suddenly turned to pure anger, "Who do you work for!?!"

"…The Axis of Evil, of course.  Now you know too much, so now you die!"  Another flash of lightning revealed a gun pointed directly at Bit's head then…WHACK!!!  The man's gun went flying and so did the man.  He started to roll down the hill and came up to the cliff.  You probably guessed what happened, the man went straight off the cliff.  He screamed (Not like the girly kind, mainly like a LOUD yell.) for just a couple of seconds and then quickly silenced.  Bit's eyes quickly came back to the person who just saved him.

An innocent young girl stood where the man once was.  Her face was very pale, and she gripped a metal pole in her hand.  She turned to face to face with Bit, soaking wet because of the rain.  But her tears stood out.  His eyes focused on those two teary eyes, and then everything went black.

"AACKK!  Ow."  Bit finally woke up by falling out of his bed, landing head first on the floor.  He sat up rubbing his head.

"Haven't had that dream in a long time," He put his hand where there was once a bullet wound.

"…Ashley…You saved my life, but when I woke up in the hospital you were gone…Where did you go?"

He noticed his clock flashing the numbers 7:01 a.m.

"Might as well get an early breakfest," he mumbled as he got out of  his bed and headed for the kitchen.  No one was in the kitchen, obviously, because it was too early in the mourining.  The four other people that lives in the hover cargo would be crazy ifthey woke up at this hour of the morning.  Slowly Bit Cloud made it to the kitchen and made himself a little breakfest and waited for the other members of the team to wake up.


(Author's Note:  I get the next chapter up real soon.  I've already got half of the chapter done.