A teenage girl ran down the street, trying to be as quiet as possible.

She threw a glance behind her shoulder before running more, and closer to the everlasting woods.

She knew someone was following her, and she knew he wasn't friendly.

She stepped onto the dirt that lined the pavement before panicking. She was as fast as a turtle on dirt.

She ran further before turning, hoping to trick the follower.

She kept dashed to the pavement line. Leaves barely crunching beneath her feet. She had always been a light walker.

Frowning she kept running, knowing any memories she had, might be the last.

She ran around the side of a neighbors house. Stone walls passed. She couldn't take it. She ran into a corner and turned, following the shadows before stopping, and sliding to the ground.

Stone walls tore her back, she could feel wetness running down her back.

She rested her head on her shoulder, her eyes closed.

Her breath cought. The follower. Her eyes snapped open, only to meet with bright blue, then nothing.

"Name." A girl declared, her voice harsh.

"Nicky Shepard." The teen whimpered.

Next she knew. Was Nothing.

A/N: Originally written by Emily Reid's Little Monster. No copywrite intended! Please let us know what you think!