"Nicky!" Alice grinned, bounding out the door towards her new sister.

"Hey Alice." Nicky laughed.

"Alice, let us get in side, will you dear?" Esme walked inside-well for Alice it was more bouncing-and soon the whole family was gathered around the lounge room.

Carlisle was looking at Nicky curiously."And you are saying that you don't sparkle in the sun light?"

"Well, I do, but not a lot. I can also eat and sleep." She didn't mention that she could also cry.

"So, you are still sort of human?" Emmett asked and Nicky frowned.

"Well, I...I suppose so...I don't know."

"Not that it matters, does it?" Alice said. "She is one of us now. She is our sister."

"This is the biggest family i have ever had." Bella remarked with a smile. Renesmee danced over to Nicky."I am glad you are part of the family, Aunty Nicky." She said, laying her small hand against Nicky's flashed through her mind of them hugging, and Nicky was taken aback slightly.

"Wow!"Renesmee smiled and held her arms out to Nicky, who hugged her with a smile.

"Renesmee is able to show people what she wants without speaking. She can speak, as you have heard, but that is her more suited way of communication." Edward nodded, and looked around at her family.

"I cant believe that i have a family now. A real family." Esme smiled, pulling her daughter to her."I am glad you are here, Nicky."

Alec's POV

I sat in my room, staring at the rose for what seemed like hours. Maybe it was. I don't know, but eventually Chelsea was shaking me, and I turned to her.

"What is wrong, Alec?"

"Nicky...she is gone." I stood, moving past her to the window, where i looked out at the moon.

"What do you mean she is gone? Like shopping?"

"No, Chelsea. She is gone. With the Cullen's." I sigh. I heard her gasp behind me, then she moved up, and grabbed my arm."We have to get her back, Alec."I shook me head."NO, we let her go. She doesn't want to be here. She doesn't care about us." I wish i could believe that, and the more I thought it, the more it hurt.

Nicky's POV

I sat, staring out the window. I loved my family. Alice took me in immediately, and Rose was warming up to me. Bella was great, and Renesmee... she was so cute. The guys were awesome, however I couldn't help but think about the Volturi. I knew Aro, Marcus and Caius didn't want me there, but i am sure Chelsea did. I sighed.I wondered if Alec was thinking about me? What a stupid thought. Stupid, soppy, Uck!I sighed again. No matter how stupid or gooey it was, I still wanted to know if he cared. I missed him. And I missed Chelsea, Heidi, maybe even Jane a little. But I was home now, and I would start school here soon, so it didn't really matter. I should just forget about them. It was harder than it seemed.

I sat in the classroom, being the first in with my hands clasped in my lap.

I wasn't nervous-not really. I was excited. It was a fresh start for me, for all of us. Carlisle had a new job at the local hospital, Renesmee had been enrolled in the primary school. The first one to arrive, besides myself was a short girl with blonde ringlets hanging to her shoulders. She wore a black pair of glasses , and she took a seat next to me, smiling politely.

"You're new, right?" She asked, spinning her head to me, her hair sending her scent my way, and all of a suddenly I had a strong thirst scratching at my throat.

I nodded gingerly, going back to my book.

"I am Joanna Carter!" She said, holding her hand out.

I looked at it, shaking it briefly.

"Nicky Cullen."She leant over, looking at my book, and the hunger for her blood was almost too much to bear. I launched from my seat, running into the hallway, where i leant against the wall.

I sensed Alice and Jasper approach me.

"I knew this was going to happen." She said softly. Jasper bent down beside me.

"Nicky, you have to try and control it. I know it is hard at first, and if it all becomes too much, then just walk away, okay?"I nodded, taking a deep breath.

"I can hear them breathing." I told him, opening my eyes and I saw him nod. "I can hear their hearts beating.

"Try to ignore it. Focus on something else like your work, or the sound of a fly, or something. Think about anything but them."The bell rang at that moment, and reluctantly, i stood, waling back into the class room. Joanna looked up confused, but i just smiled at her.

I sat down, burying my head back in the book, waiting for the rest of the class.

School seemed to go forever, but I took Jaspers advice and focused on my work. I barely spoke to anyone all day, though I had many classes with Joanna. She was nice enough.

I was heading towards the car where i would meet Jasper and Alice, when some kids came up behind me.

I spun around with a polite smile. There stood two guys that I had discovered were the school clowns. Or bullies, I wasn't sure.

"You're Nicky right?"

I nodded.

"Don't you speak?"

"What do you want?" They smiled.

"You are new, and you don't speak to anyone. We were wondering if you wanted to hang out with our group."

I could tell they were lying, so i said nothing.

"Ugh, come on! Are you mute or something?"I glared at him angrily, the mist rolling towards their feet and the two boys collapsed. Alice raced over to me, shaking me out of it.

Alec's POV

"It is your fault!" I yelled at them, anger boiling up in me. I had just discovered from Heidi about the conversation that occurred between Nicky and Aro, Marcus and Caius.

"You made her leave!"

"You have feelings for her." Aro stated simply and I felt the urge to lunge at him, but held myself back.

"THAT DOESNT MATTER! You had no right!"

Marcus sighed."Alec, Nicky would not have followed our rules. She refused to drink blood."

I had nothing to say to that, keeping my red eyes glaring at them.

"I will not forgive you for this." I snarled, leaving.

I stormed into my room, slamming the door behind me, and I heard Jane chuckle from the couch where she sat flicking through a magazine.

"What's so funny?" I snarled, collapsing onto the couch beside her and she shook her head.

"Alec, you are pinning after a girl that you can not have."

"And why not?"

Jane sighed."Because she isn't like us. She isn't like ANY of us, not even the Cullen's. You know what Aro and the others would do if you were to be with her!"

"Yes, but..."

"Listen, don't go after her. You will only get hurt."I shake my head, standing.

"I don't care if i get hurt. She did, and i turned her."

"What would you do? GO live with the Cullen's?"Suddenly it hit me. That wasn't such a bad idea. I knew Aro, Caius and Marcus wouldn't like it, but they could go to hell.

"Yes. That is what I am going to do."

Cullen household

The Cullen's sat around Monopoly in the middle of the floor.

"Ha!" Emmett cried. "You owe me $180, Nicky!"

Nicky growled rolling her eyes, but handed the money over. Emmett reached over, grabbing the rest of her money with a grin and Nicky growled.

"Emmett give her the money back." Edward sighed, but the man in question shook his head, as fog started rolling into the room, gathering around Emmett's feet.

"What the...Argh!" He fell back in pain, Rosalie racing to his side, along with Carlisle.

The others just looked at Nicky, who had a small smile on her face.

"What are you doing?" Bella asked, placing a hand on her shoulder, and Nicky shook out of sat up right, his face torn between pain and anger.

"What the hell? That wasn't nice." Nicky just stared at him, then he broke out into a smile. "But totally awesome!"

At that moment, the doorbell rang and Esme got up to answer it, but Alice beat her flung the door open with a smile, but the smile faded when she saw who was standing there.

"Hi." The visitor said. Nicky heard the familiar voice and froze. She knew that voice. She had heard that voice so many times. Shooting to her feet, she ran towards the door and stopped frozen to the floor.

"Alec? What are you...I don't understand."Alec smiled at passed, Nicky staring at him, then she grinned, flinging herself into his smiled as he lead Alice away from the pair, letting them have some privacy.

"What are you doing here?" Nicky asked, finally pulling away.

"Well, if it okay with Esme and the others, i was wondering if i could stay?"

"You are most welcome here," Esme said from the lounge room and Nicky smiled.

"There is your answer."And for the first time, they kissed.

Esme had just set up the spare bedroom for Alec, which happened to be right beside Nicky's. Not that they needed to sleep, but Nicky could if she wanted to.

"All done." Esme smiled, pushing the door open. "You can come see now."Alec looked over at Nicky, then with a smile walked in, looking around. The walls were a dark reddish-brown colour and the floor was polished timber. There was a daybed in the corner beside the door off to the left, and a bookshelf on the opposite wall.

"I love it." Alec grinned. "Thank you."

Esme smiled back."Thank Alice. She was the one who helped."

Alice hugged Alec."I know I don't like the Volturi but I am glad you are here." She said.

Why were they sitting there, curled up on the couch watching a Zombie movie? Nicky Hated zombies! Like HATED them! They were ugly, vile, scary disgusting creatures! BLEH!On screen, a zombie dug his teeth into the flesh of a living person, the blood and gore going buried her head into Alec's shoulder, gripping onto him tighter and she felt him chuckle.

"You aren't scared of vampires, but you are scared of Zombies?"Nicky punched him in the shoulder, maybe a little too groaned, trying to fight back a smile."It's okay, Nicky. I am here to save you from those crazy flesh eating monsters." He remarked, kissing her head, and she grumbled at him, but remained quiet. When the movie finished, and Nicky told Alec that she was going to go to sleep. Alec nodded, and after kissing her goodnight, went to his own room to made sure that Alec's door was shut then she knocked on her siblings and Rosalie nodded at the idea she had presented them with, and Alice and Jasper were already dressed in their costumes. Bella nodded in agreement, but Edward wasn't so sure.

"You really want to do this to him?" He asked Nicky , watching as Alice teased her hair."Yep. He picks on me for being scared, we will see how he likes it."

They were all dressed soon, and they made their way to the room in which Alec was, focusing on his reading. HE didn't even notice the door open but he looked up when he heard moaning."Brains..." The group chorused, so disguised that Alec didn't recognize them. HE stood up quickly, his face filled with fright and he lunged forward, with his teeth bared. Nicky started laughing as he approached her, and he stopped, giving her a confused look."You are scared of Zombies!" She laughed hysterically, the others joining in and he just glared."I am not scared of them. I just don't like them." He exclaimed.

"Uh huh."

Just then Carlisle and Esme appeared at the door, a shocked look on her face.

"You guys look amazing! Jut like Zombies." She grinned, Alec watching with disdain before he joined the laughter.