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Chloe sighed staring at the piece of paper that had a blown up face of a man in his early thirties with scruff on his chin. His eyes were intense and seemed to bore into her soul she shuddered, when Oliver had told her about a possible job she had been excited at first but now she was starting to regret it.

The man went by the surname Eames and was a wanted man in some countries for doing some under the table dealings. When she had asked Oliver why he had wanted to meet with him, Oliver had given her a very vague answer.

As of right now she was in a bar in Mombasa which was rumored to be a place that he would visit. Chloe's contact had said that he had been there recently and that he normally came in the afternoons.

She had gotten Bart to take her there and knew that Clark would be ready to swoop in and save her if absolutely needed. She folded the paper up and slipped it into her purse, just as she zipped it up a soft British voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Well you certainly are new around here." At this Chloe scoffed and raised her head up to meet the face of the man who she was trying to meet. Her eyes must have shown her shock because the man, Eames chuckled, "Now I know I'm gorgeous but you don't have to be so astounded."

Chloe let out a startled laugh and shook her head, "Do you normally say that to all your hookups?" Eames smirked, "Not all of them, just the ones who catch my eye." When he said this, he made a show of eyeing her up and down and caused Chloe to blush.

She smiled, "The name is Chloe." She said and stuck her hand out, Eames gave a wolfish grin and accepted her proffered hand and kissed it. "And you can call me Joseph." He said, Chloe raised an eyebrow amused but said nothing.

Eames invited himself to sit down and started playing with a poker chip in his right hand, "So Chloe what are you really doing in Mombasa?" he asked and his voice had a sudden hard edge that hadn't been there before.

Chloe scoffed and played dumb, "I don't know what you're talking about." She said bluntly. Eames raised an eyebrow, "Then I'm sure you won't mind telling why you have my picture in your purse." Chloe bit her lip, mentally cursing Oliver with every cuss word she could think up.

She sighed and then steeled herself, "What I say next, may sound incredibly unbelievable and if you don't believe me you can walk away that's fine just hear me out." Eames placed the poker chip on the table and leaned forward, "I'm listening." He whispered.

"My name is Chloe Sullivan, and I work with a band of superheroes who make it their job to protect the world." Eames stared at her for a moment then started laughing, "That's a good one, is someone filming all this then?"

Chloe rolled her eyes and glared at him, "You more than anyone should understand that some thing's no matter how deluded they sound can be true." Eames stopped laughing and eyed her, "What are you talking about?" he asked

Chloe smirked, "Inception, and don't play dumb you performed inception on a Mr. Fischer correct?" Now Eames had a startled nervous look on his face, "Now assuming I even did inception how could you prove it?" he demanded.

Now it was Chloe's turn to smile, "Well that's for me to know and for you to find out. Get your team together and have them meet here." She scribbled down an address on a napkin with a pen that she pulled from her ear and handed it to him.

Eames eyed the address then read out loud, "The Watchtower?" he asked rather bluntly. Chloe just smiled and stood up, "Oh and my number is on the back, and don't worry your team will be well paid."

And with that Eames watched the mysterious blonde woman work her way through the crowd until she disappeared from view. His eyes memorized the address, then he whipped out his cell phone the number he dialed was both familiar and hated. "Hullo Arthur, I'm afraid we may have a bit of a problem."

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