Here we go!

Eames, Arthur and Cobb wound up in a warehouse with their arms full with the files and stacks of paper that Chloe had given them. They set the stacks down trying to be careful about where they put them. "So do you mind telling us how she found you?" asked Arthur after setting his pile down on his desk.

Eames had refrained from telling him and Cobb until they knew more about Chloe. He bit his lip, "Well, she confronted me in Mombasa and apparently she had a contact who knew who I was." Arthur nodded looking grim while Cobb sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yuseuf and Ariadne should be here tomorrow night." Cobb muttered, at his words both Arthur and Eames exchanged glances. "You're bringing Ariadne along?" asked Eames worriedly. Cobb raised an eyebrow, "Look she knows how to build the mazes and on top of that she happened to be leaving from a babysitting gig when I got the call from Arthur. As soon as she heard that we were doing a job she wanted in."

Arthur sighed angrily, "I knew I should have called you later." He muttered Eames just rolled his eyes, "You should just tell her you love her and get it over with." At his words both Cobb and Arthur froze. Cobb turned to Arthur with his arms folded and a forbidding expression on his face, "Arthur, I thought you had more sense than to fall in love. I mean you saw how Mal turned out in the end." Arthur nodded and shot a venomous glare at Eames.

Eames for his part, stuffed his hands into his pockets and started whistling while Cobb proceeded to give the 'Never fall in Love' speech. He waited until Arthur was practically wilting in his chair, before stepping in. "Look Cobb, as much as I enjoy hearing you tell off Arthur we do have work to do." And to empathize his point he waved a stack of papers under Cobb's nose.

Cobb nodded still looking angry, "We'll continue our discussion after this is all over." He snapped. Arthur nodded clearly having more sense than Eames gave him credit for, Eames grinned enjoying seeing Arthur squirm. Cobb seeing Eames smirk got even angrier, "That goes for you too Eames." Eames spluttered while Arthur ducked his head hiding a grin.

"But it's not like I've ever thought about Ariadne in that way." Eames protested, as soon as the words left his mouth however an image arose unbidden in his head. Arthur and Cobb both watched as a dreamy look slid over Eames's face, Cobb rolled his eyes and slapped Eames upside the head jolting Eames out of his daydream.

"Focus Eames." Snapped Cobb, while Arthur looked ready to start beating Eames up. Eames assumed a 'Who Me?' expression, and Arthur glared bunching his hands into fists. Eames smiled shamelessly at Arthur and upon seeing Arthur's murderous glare proceeded to pick up a random stack of paper.

"So this is where you guys operate?" all the guys whirled around to see Chloe in the entrance, her eyes scanned the warehouse with interest. All the guys exchanged astonished glances, "How did you get in here?" asked Cobb finally. Chloe turned to meet his gaze and smiled, "Well to be honest I'm always interested where people feel most comfortable while working. And I may have followed you here." She admitted with a wry grin while Eames, Arthur and Cobb gave her stumped looks.

"I hope I didn't intrude, but I was curious. This may sound a little odd but is it all right if I watch you guys at work?" she asked, while Arthur, Eames and Cobb exchanged dubious looks. She smiled when she saw the stacks of paper resting in various areas.

"Look, Chloe Inception is risky at best and if you knew all the details of our trade you could be in danger." Cobb said, crossing his arms and giving her a once-over. Chloe raised an eyebrow," Look I already know about COBOL Engineering and I can defend myself."

At her words, the men all in synch frowned at her, "How did you find out about COBOL Engineering?" asked Eames who looked both stunned and horrified. Chloe was surprised at his reaction but quickly covered it, "You don't think I did my homework? When I looked into your backgrounds I made sure to do a through search." Cobb actually looked shocked and Eames and Arthur looked impressed. Arthur cleared his throat, "Just how through?" he asked. Chloe bit her lip, "Well I know that Cobb shouldn't even be here, legally speaking anyway. And that Arthur has a black belt in at least five different martial arts groups, Eames has a criminal record that could rival some of the worst guys I've dealt with."

Again they looked suitably impressed, then Eames ruined the moment, "You've trained in five different martial arts studies?"he asked dubiously, Arthur just glared at him. Eames whistled through his teeth, then flashed Chloe a debonair smile "Well, love Arthur may have been trained as a martial artist but I've been trained as a-" but whatever he was about to say next was cut off by Arthur who punched Eames.

"What the bloody heck was that for?" bellowed Eames clutching his stomach, Arthur actually looked slightly smug. "You know what that was for." He muttered, shooting Cobb a semi-apologetic look.

Chloe barely managed to hold in a snort of laughter and cleared her throat causing Arthur and Eames to look at her. "Now Arthur if you're done beating up Eames, you can start reading up on Lex's history." Eames shot Arthur a triumphant look while Arthur grumbled and headed for his desk, "Don't look so smug Eames, you start reading up on the 33.1 labs and patient history." Eames opened and closed his mouth dumbfounded, before heading for another stack of files.

Cobb looked impressed, "I don't think I've seen them move so fast." He commented wrly. Chloe smiled, "I've had a lot of practice." She said, "I've been meaning to ask you Cobb, can I go into the dream with your team?" she asked.

Cobb shook his head, "No, the last time we let a Tourist in the job he got shot in the first level of the dream. Since we had been heavily sedated if we died in the dream, our minds would be sent to Limbo. Which was what happened to Saito" Chloe raised an eyebrow, "Limbo? And what do you mean by Tourist?" she asked

"Limbo is unconstructed dreamspace, your mind can be trapped down there infinitely unless you know how to leave. And as for Tourist, it's just the word we use for clients who want to enter the dreams with us."