Hi! This is for Allen's birthday week! Can't guarantee there will be any pairings (sorry Yullen fans; I absolutely suck at writing anything involving pairings). But, I've been reading -man a lot recently, and my muse has been acting up. Badly. I'm also looking for a Beta, who would be simply adored, for I fear mu grammar is lacking at the moment.

Here's a basic summary (better than the one listed in the Archive, Anyway):

'This is bloody insane,' Allen thought to himself. 'It should be impossible!' But here he was, sitting in his room at the Black Order HQ- the one he had over two hundred and nineteen years ago. Back in the past, how will Allen keep his secrets?

Hope you like it! Rated M to be safe, and for the not-so-nice words that will be said. xD

Allen sighed, walking to the large window that over-looked his estate, gazing at the pond where the children of the maids and butlers play, laughing without a care in the world. Today was his birthday, not that he much cared for it. It was a holiday -Christmas- and, even though he personally didn't partake in the activities, the other occupants of the mansion did, and who was he to take away their fun because he didn't celebrate it. His birthday brought back memories of his friends, and, while they were pleasant memories, they pained him to the point where he tried his best not to have any reminders of his friends.

Sighing, Allen walked to the bathroom, discarding his clothes so he could take a shower. The hot water relaxed Allen's muscles, and another sigh- this one of content- escaped him. He didn't know how long he stood in the shower, under the steaming water that trailed down his back. However long it was, though, managed to make his skin shrivel up, resulting in his fingertips and toes looking like dried plums. Smiling a ghost of a smile, Allen stepped out of the shower, turning off the shower while collecting a stormy gray towel to wrap around his midsection.

Out of the shower, Allen slightly shivered at the draft of cool air that hit his bare shoulders. The boy wasn't surprised though; it was the end of December, and the winters did tend to get rather cold at this time of year.

Looking at his reflection, in the mirror for the briefest of seconds, his silver eyes stared back at him. Allen turned away from the sight, and heading to the closet to find some clothes for his birthday dinner; he would be called down any minute by Stacey, his ever-kind maid. He dressed in what he often wore as his days as an exorcist; a pair of brown slacks, a white button-up shirt, a gray vest with black buttons, and his red-almost-burgundy tie. As he still had his black left hand that contained his innocence, he put on a pair of white gloves.

Looking at himself in the mirror once more, he smiled, and headed for the door, only pausing for a moment to find his slippers. Closing the door behind him, he turned to see Stacey coming up the stairs, and he chuckled. She was punctual, as always, when coming to get him for meals. Stacey learned, early on, that if he didn't have anyone to remind him to come and eat, he wouldn't come down. Remembering the one time where he had skipped all his meals for a week, he chuckled some more as he recalled being scolded by Stacey for not eating.

"Ah, there you are, Master Allen," Stacey said as she approached him. No matter how many times he requested her calling him just Allen, she refused to do it, saying 'people such as yourselves deserve the proper respect.' Allen hadn't bothered asking since, knowing it was futile.

"Are you ready for dinner tonight?" She asked, her slightly wrinkled face smiling at him, her brown locks in a bun.

"Yes I am, Stacey," He replied with a smile. Stacey nodded, and headed back down the stairs, this time with Allen following. The trek down the stairs wasn't all that exciting, though getting to the dining room was; there were maids and butlers running about, getting the Christmas Day feast, which had occurred every Christmas since Allen had lived here, ready for their Master. As the two walked past the maids and butlers, said people bowed slightly, wishing their Master a Happy Birthday, which Allen replied to with a kind smile.

By the time they had reached the dining room, most of the food had been set up, and everyone was sitting down. When Allen entered the room, all faces lit up, and everyone stood.

"Happy birthday, Master Allen," The whole room, even the children greeted him, their words spoken truly. Allen smiled a warm smile, only feeling slightly guilty that he was misleading them about his age; to them he was turning twenty-two, while in reality, he was turning tow hundred and thirty-four years old.

"Thank you, everyone." Allen replied with the same amount of sincerity, walking to his place at the head of the table. As he sat down, he put his hands together, and the remaining occupants of the room followed his lead. "Dear Lord," Allen began his prayer, which he did at every meal. "Thank you for this bountiful feast that we may all share. We are blessed by your presence as we eat this meal today, and we wish to all who reside here longevity. Amen." And with that, the feast began, and everyone was joyful.

While he didn't show it, Allen was being torn inside. The happiness going all around reminded him too much of his friends that were now gone, and he almost couldn't bare it. But he did, for everyone went out of their way every year to make this day special for him, even though he might've rather been left alone.

And so, it was to his surprise that, while eating a large slice of the Head Cook's, Shin's, Triple Chocolate Cake, he felt a tug at his sleeve. He turned his head to see the nine children that resided in the mansion standing before him.

"Is there a problem?" Allen asked, tilting his head slightly to the right. The kids shuffled their feet around, looking somewhat nervous. This only confused Allen more, and he was about to ask again when Tom, the son of his gardener, stepped up.

"Happy Birthday, Master Allen," Tom greeted shyly, holding out a white box tied with a ribbon the color of his tie. Opening the small box, he found a silver pocket watch. Allen's eyes lit up slightly as he gently grasped the watch out of the young boy's hand. Flicking it open, Allen saw their was an engraved picture on the inside of the locket. A black top hat sat upon the smile of clown. Blinking, he brought it closer to his face to observe it a bit more before he clicked it shut, sliding it into his pocket. He saw that the kids were anxiously awaiting his criticism, and the adults, though in their conversations, waited for the reaction out of the corner of his eye.

The exorcist laughed lightly at the anxious and worried expressions of those around him. Looking down at the children, he wasn't in the least surprised to see them with shocked expressions on their small faces. "What? Did you think something bad would happen if you gave me a gift?" He asked, mirth evident in his voice. When he received meager nods, he laughed again, the laugh that sounded melodic and of bells. "Well, you don't have to worry," Allen told them, a smile on his face. "I absolutely love it."

And it was true; Allen felt connected to the little pocket watch, and this was, by far, one of the best gifts he had ever received fro his birthday. "This is one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received. Thank you." The looks on the children's faces were ones of pure delight and happiness. Indeed, this was one of the better birthday's he's had, and it was a happy night. But, nothing ever stays that way, as Allen is soon to remember.

Allen woke up, feeling content. The sun on his back was warm and- wait. The sun on his back? Allen's eyes shot open. From the way he positioned his bed, the sun should never go past the foot of his bed. He looked around before paling considerably. 'This is bloody insane,' Allen thought to himself. 'It should be impossible!' But here he was, sitting in his room at the Black Order HQ-the one he had centuries ago. 'How in the hell did I end up back here?'

Reaching for his pocket watch- which he had set up last night- he realized that he didn't have it anymore, as he left it on his night stand. Looking up to his night stand in the bedroom at the HQ, he was entirely shocked to see his pocket watch sitting right there. 'How odd,' He thought to himself again. 'How did it get here? Shouldn't it have stayed back in my bedroom?' Thinking of this, he grabbed the watch and flicked it open, gaining a gasp from him when he saw the date. It was December twenty-fourth, 2004. He had gone back two hundred and nineteen years!

"Oh dear," He mumbled to himself. He did not like the way this was turning out. It was a good thing that the rooms included showers for the exorcists and finders to use; he didn't feel like seeing anyone (who were supposed to be long dead) yet. Swiftly, he made his way to the door and locked it before heading towards the bathroom.

Allen stumbled into the bathroom, as if his legs hadn't been used in months. 'Maybe they haven't,' He mused to himself. 'After all, I just pop in here, over two centuries ago into the past. I'm bound to have some side affects.' Looking into the mirror, he cursed the damned side affects that did happen.

For one thing, he shrunk; back at the mansion, he had managed to make it to 6'3". Now, he was only 5'8". Another thing was his hair. It had stayed the same, leaving him clueless as to how his hair had grown from around the nape of his neck to the middle of his back. The one pleasant thing- pleasant in his opinion, anyway- was that his eyes went back to their stormy gray color, rather than the silver that the 14th's transformation had caused. Also, he had noticed that his voice had kept its lower pitch from when he was in the future, instead of that still somewhat high voice of his. Oh yes, dealing with his friends later would definitely be interesting.

Allen stepped into the hot jets of water coming from the shower head. So wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn't hear the knocking at his door…


Kanda Yuu was not a very pleased person at the moment. "Why the hell did you drag me here, Baka Usagi?" Growled at the red-head, who had his hands up, trying to appease the pissed off swordsman.

"Sorry to cause you trouble, Kanda," Lenalee said. "But Allen won't answer, and we thought that you could get him out of his room."

"Why would the freaking moyashi respond to me?" Kanda asked, stilled pissed off, and now annoyed. He wasn't going to do any charity work.

Lenalee put her hands on her hips. "Do you think we actually would have gotten you if we didn't think it was serious?" She asked.

"Yeah! We've been trying for an hour, and he hasn't responded! You've got to help us Yuu!" Lavi exclaimed, instantly getting the tip of Mugen to his throat at the mention of the swordsman's name.

"Say that again and you won't live to here what's wrong with the moyashi." Yuu growled in a deadly voice which would scare anyone except for Lavi.

"You should really get some anger management-" Lavi was abruptly cut off when Lenalee put a hand to his mouth. He sent her a questioning glance.

"Listen." She whispered to the two. "I hear something." Lenalee took out one of her Niisan's inventions, and but a small circular end to the door. Sound started coming out of their white-haired exorcist's room, and it sounded like…singing?

"Soushite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuite

Ikizuku hai no naka no honoo

Hitotsu, futatsu to

The voice, which sounded lower than Allen's, was a soul-tearing voice. Those who were in the hallway listened to the song being sung by the unknown voice.

Ukabu fujurami itoshii yokogao

Daichi ni taruru ikusen no

Yume, yume

Gin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni

Umareochita kagayaku omae

Ikuoku no toshitsuki ga

Ikutsu inori o tsuchi e kaeshite mo

Watashi was inori tsuzukeru

Douka kono ko ai o

Tsunaida te ni KISU o…"

The song finished, leaving a melancholy feeling in those who listened. Even Kanda seemed to be affected by the moos of the song. That quickly faded though, with his next words. "Whoever the hell's in there better be ready 'cause as far as I know that's not the damned moyashi!" And with those words, Kanda swung the door open with a solid kick and walked right in. The two other exorcists looked at each other before following Kanda into the room.

Entering, Lenalee and Lavi walked over to where Kanda was. At that time, the door to the private bathrooms of an exorcist swung open, and out came steam, along with someone else. The steam cleared, and the three exorcists could see the figure, who was identified as a man. He was around 5'8", and had snow white hair that went down to the middle of his lightly tanned back. He was wearing nothing but a pair of black slacks, and when they saw the man's chest, Lenalee gasped. They were covered with dreadful scars.

The man, hearing the gasp, looked towards Lenalee, and his eyes went wide.

Still stunned, Lenalee managed to croak out, "…A-Allen?"


Allen had walked out of his bathroom, feeling better; showers had always had a positive affect on him. He heard a gasp, and looked up. His eyes went wide to the mildly shocked face of Kanda, the curious and thoroughly shocked face of Lavi, and the, more or less, absolutely flabbergasted face of Lenalee.



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