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"…A-Allen?" Lenalee asked.

Allen didn't know what to say, really. It had been over two centuries since he had seen any of them; he was incredibly happy, yet he was terrified of what his friends would think. To say he was emotionally torn was, unfortunately, an understatement.

"No, that's not the moyashi," Kanda told Lenalee. "The moyashi has an annoy voice and is shorter than you."

Allen's right eye twitched. "It's Allen," He retorted automatically. "But I guess there's not much of a brain under that girly hair of yours is there, BaKanda?" The white-haired exorcist taunted the swordsman.

Kanda growled and lunged at Allen before Lenalee and Lavi could stop him. Allen easily dodged the angry teen's attack, smirking with a dangerous glint. Grabbing Kanda's right arm, Allen twisted it behind the former's back.

"You don't have nearly enough experience, Kanda." Allen said with a dangerous edge behind the smirk on his face. "You have much to learn." With that, Allen pushed Kanda away, letting go of his arm. Kanda, being released, was beyond being pissed. He hadn't wanted to deal with anyone on the first place, and now there was someone trying to impersonate the moyashi. This was turning out to be a really troublesome Christmas Eve.

"If you'll excuse me," Allen said, gathering the attention of the other exorcists. Allen was pulling on a white button-up shirt, and buttoned it all the way up. He didn't put on a tie, though he straightened out his collar. "I'm going to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat. If you want, you can join me." A polite smile on his face, Allen left the room, making a mental note of getting his door fixed after he ate.

The exorcists followed after him, and struck some small talk with the white-haired exorcist. There seemed something off about him, though they couldn't put their fingers on it. Allen, who was oblivious to the thoughts of the other exorcists, happily chatted with his friends, happy that he had gotten a chance to be with them once more.

Walking into the cafeteria, Allen wasn't really surprised with the looks that he was gaining. Ignoring them, he walked up to the open window where Gerry was, smiling at the man.

"Why Allen-kun, you look amazing! Did you do something with your hair?" Gerry asked, making Allen laugh his melodic laugh. He could always count on Gerry to be the one who didn't stare at him like a freak.

"Eh," Allen replied with a light smile. "I've grown it out." With a flow of his hand, he took his hair out of his shirt- the hair that he hadn't bothered puling out when he left his room- and let it free, showing it off to those who were watching.

Allen inwardly enjoyed the reactions given by those around him. He was secretly proud of how his hair looked, and it was always praised at the conference meetings he had attended, or held.

"My, its wonderful!" Gerry gushed, taking out a notepad and pencil. "Now, what would you like to eat?" He asked.

"500 dango sticks please," Allen ordered. "With a side of rice and green tea as well." Lavi and Lenalee sweat dropped at the amount of food ordered, while Kanda raised an eyebrow.

Gerry nodded, not surprised by the amount. Though he noticed that it was a bit smaller than what Allen usually ordered. "Anything else?" He asked, acting as if he didn't suspect anything. Gerry knew that Allen knew of his suspicion, though, when he caught the gleam in Allen's eye, which disappeared as fast as it had come.

"I'd like a BLT, please," Lenalee ordered. Lavi ordered the same, while Kanda got his usual: yakisoba and green tea.

"Alright, it'll be out soon," Gerry informed them with a smile as the four of them left for a table.

The four found one that was empty and took their seats: Kanda and Allen on one side, Lavi and Lenalee sitting across from them. Allen was thinking about those in his mansion and what they were going to do since he wasn't there. It was while thinking this when there was a clap in front of his face.

"Allen? Are you alright?" Lenalee asked. Allen had been staring into space for a while. He hadn't even come out of that trance when Gerry brought out their food.

Allen blinked. "Sorry, I was just thinking about something," Allen replied, his voice still in that lower octave that she wasn't used to. Looking down, Allen saw that the food was there. His eyes lit up and he began devouring the dango sticks. Lenalee just smiled, seeing that Allen's appetite hadn't changed. It was then that Lenalee took into account what her friend was eating.

"Wow, you going Japanese on us Allen?" Lenalee teased, garnering the attention of Lavi and Kanda, and the attention of said friend who, at that moment, had a dango stick hanging out of his mouth.

Swallowing the meat, Allen smiled at Lenalee. "I just felt like having this today; it's been a while since I've had food from Japan." The white-haired exorcist merrily replied before taking a bite of his rather large serving of white rice.

Kanda had raised an eyebrow. "You've had Japanese before?" He asked, referring to what Allen was eating.

Allen nodded. "Hai, a couple of times before, actually." He replied, taking a sip of his green tea. "Although I haven't had any quite like this since I actually visited Japan…" He mumbled, the last part more to himself, thinking about his last 'business trip' to Japan. Truthfully, though, he had located Tyki Mikk, who was in central Tokyo. Surprisingly, Tyki had resigned to his death, on the condition that the two of them had some 'fun' together, and that Allen stay for a while. Allen had been somewhat suspicious, but had agreed. It turned out that the two of them did have fun, from going downtown to do some shopping (they both agreed that it was necessary to keep up with the current fashion trends) to eating at a variety of restaurants to going to amusement parks. The two had also done some…'activities' that still brought a blush to his face. By the end of agreed time, Allen didn't want to kill Tyki. And he didn't. Tyki had agreed to go back to New Zealand with him, where the two spent their time together until Tyki died a tragic death, protecting Allen from several bullets of a serial killer that was going around killing random people. When he asked Tyki why he didn't take out the bullets with his powers, Tyki put a hand to Allen's face and told him, "It would be too suspicious, Love. Besides, it's one less Noah you have worry about killing, right?" Tyki coughed up some blood. "Don't take too long, though. I'll be waiting for you, Love." That was the last time Allen had cried, that being one hundred and five years ago.

Bringing himself back to the present, Allen saw that he was almost done with his dango (having about ten or so sticks left), no rice, and very little tea. He frowned slightly. Had he been zoning out that long? He could feel the looks his friends were giving him, and he faked a yawn.

"Are you alright Allen?" Lenalee asked again, worry etched on her face. "You seem really tired lately."

Scratching the back of his head, he replied, "Well, I haven't been getting that much sleep lately…" It was true; with all the work he had, he hadn't been getting enough sleep, and without Stacey giving him his coffee and tea, he probably wouldn't have made it through all that paperwork. "Maybe I should go get a little more sleep?"

Lenalee nodded firmly in agreement. "You should. I'll wake you up for the party later on."

"Thank you, Lenalee," He replied with a kind smile before excusing himself to go back to his room. All the while, he was wracking his brain, thinking, 'What party?' Looking at his watch- which he only took out when no one was looking- he saw, again, that it was the twenty-fourth of December, and remembered there was a Christmas Party on Christmas Eve at the HQ, for whoever is there to celebrate it.

Reaching his room, Allen found that his door had been repaired and, oddly enough, there was a crown engraved on his door. 'Must be for the Crowned Clown,' He mused, entering and locking the door behind him. Rubbing his neck, Allen unbuttoned his shirt, but didn't take it off. Lying down on his bed, he noticed how the color of the comforter and the sheets matched his eyes and, in this case, his mood. He hadn't thought of him for a while, but Allen had missed having Tyki at his side over the years; he was a constant companion, and the two had gotten along spectacularly. After Tyki had died, Allen had tracked down the killer, who Allen knew had a particular pattern: he went after happy couples, most likely jealous of the happiness that he didn't have. Allen had pretended that he was killed by the serial killer, though he himself was still alive. Instead of killing him quickly, Allen gave the killer several wounds that would take a long time to heal, and then injected a poison into the body that slowly took away the five senses. It was a suitable punishment, Allen had thought, and he believed those who had their loved ones taken away like he had.

'If only Tyki remembered what had happened in the future between the two of us…' Allen thought to himself, knowing that it was something that just couldn't happen. Or so he thought.


Tyki was staring out the window in his bedroom at the current residence of the Noah family. Truthfully, he rather would have been with Allen in his estate, but that wasn't meant to be. When he had been killed by those bullets, Tyki had entered a deep sleep, knowing he wouldn't wake up after that. He was content to do so, having the memories of his Love to keep him happy in his dreams. Only after a handful of decades was he awakened again, this time lying on top of his old bed with his family. Asking about how he got to where he was, Lulubell- who should've been dead, seeing as though Allen told him she was the first one he killed after the Earl's death- explained to him that he was currently in bed, waking up from a concussion after facing the Destroyer of Time. Nodding like he remembered what was going on, Lulubell left the room, leaving him to his thoughts. At the time, he had been quite shocked to have gone back in time. But, he knew that he was sent back to the past for a reason, and that Allen would, eventually join him.

Tyki sighed, leaning back in the comfy chair he was residing in. He missed his Love, and hoped that they would soon meet up again. A feeling, though, was growing in the pit of his stomach and he knew that they would meet again.


Allen was sleeping dreamlessly when he was awakened by a knocking upon his door. His mind still unclear from sleep, Allen groggily walked to the door. Unlocking and opening the door, he found Lenalee, Lavi and, (to his later amusement) Kanda, waiting out there.

"Hai…?" He asked, still half-asleep.

Lenalee chuckled. "Allen, did you forget that there was a Christmas party tonight?" She asked, amused.

Blinking, Allen realized that it was, in fact, six o'clock at night, and the party should have already started by now. His eyes went wide, and he blushed, stammering that he would be out in a minute before closing the door. Allen could hear the laughter from outside- most likely Lavi- and spend up the process. He took a red ribbon and tied his hair in a high ponytail, leaving silky white bangs shaping his face.

In a minute, Allen had finished getting ready. With a sheepish smile, the four exorcists walked down to the cafeteria where the party was. It was a sight to behold, almost as grand as it was in his mansion (even though he didn't celebrate the holiday, he did appreciate the beautiful decorations around his house each year, and he made sure to voice his pleasure to the maids and butlers who, when hearing this, were delighted). There were garlands of gold, red, green and blue adorning the walls. Ornaments hung from the ceiling, ranging from stars to bulbs to flowers. Lights were also on the walls, making the room glow beautifully, and the ornaments glow along with the room.

The most breathtaking sight to see, though, was the Christmas tree. It was a fairly tall tree, ranging from eight-nine feet. There were more garlands adorning the tree, along with bulbs of almost every color. Also, there were strings of popcorn hanging as well. Little chains of lights were strung as well in many shapes such as pianos, swords, boots and rabbits. It truly was amazing, but something was off…

"Where's the star?" Allen asked, looking to the top to confirm there was no star there. Looking towards his friends, he saw that Lavi and Lenalee had large grins on their faces, and while he wasn't smiling like Lenalee and Lavi were, there was a somewhat pleased look on Kanda's face. Allen cocked his head to the side, showing that he had not the slightest idea what was going on.

"Well…" Lenalee started, giving Allen a somewhat mischievous look. "We decided that we all were going to wait until you were in here to put the star on the top of the tree."

Allen nodded his understanding. "I cans understand that." He looked around at his friends. "Who's going to put the star on?" The white-haired exorcist asked, unaware of the people who were creeping up behind him.

Lenalee smiled a sweet smile which made Allen become nervous. "Why, you are of course!" She proclaimed, which was the signal for the others to get ready.

"Me!" Allen exclaimed, shocked, and with wide eyes. "Why?" He asked.

"You've been looking a bit down lately, so we decided that you'd be the one to out the star on tonight!" Lenalee explained.

"But, but shouldn't someone else-" Allen started, but yelped when he felt people lifting him up. Looking down, he saw it was Reever, Marie, Komui, and Cross- Allen blinked. His Shishou!

"Shishou!" He exclaimed. "When did you get here?" Allen asked, a look of shock on his face.

Cross sighed. "Is it so surprising that I'd come for Christmas, idiot apprentice?" Cross asked. Allen just stared at him suspiciously. This stopped when he was given the star to put on the tree.

"Here Allen," Lavi said joyfully. The star was a beautiful one; it was a six-pointed gold star that, if lit up, would most likely shine gold. The group had walked over to the tree while Allen was examining it, and when he looked up, Allen was already at the tree.

Reaching upwards with the star, Allen gently laid it on the top of the tree, and the star immediately lit up, shining brightly. Looking up to see Allen's face, those in the room saw that it was one of happiness, the way it should be for a fifteen-going-sixteen year-old's face.

"How beautiful!" Allen cried, for it was beautiful, and he was delighted that it had come to be.

"Alright! Let's get partying!" Lavi shouted, and the room shouted back cheers. Music was turned on, and everyone chatted merrily. The group of exorcists were sitting at a table, talking merrily.

"That's right! I almost forgot!" Lenalee suddenly said, gaining the attention of the table, and those who were a short distance around them. "Allen, your birthday is tomorrow, right?" Lenalee asked. Allen nodded.

"Here!" Lenalee gave him a box with a green ribbon. "Happy early birthday, Allen!" Allen smiled, taking the box.

"Thank you, Lenalee," Allen said, opening the box. Inside was a gray binder. Opening it, Allen found there to be pictures of times they spent with each other, and of individual people. "This is amazing, Lenalee," He told her, a smile on his face.

She nodded, a large smile on her face. "I thought you'd like it. It's from the tree of us." Lenalee said, including Kanda and Lavi. "I came up with the idea and picked out the box and ribbon. Lavi collected the pictures and developed them, and Kanda was the one who put them in." With each deed mentioned, Allen's smile grew larger.

"Thank you," Allen told the three of them, a warm, gratitude-filled smile on his face. Lavi and Lenalee smiled back, while Kanda nodded.

"Oi, idiot apprentice," Cross suddenly said, and all the attention went to him. "Here," he said, throwing a small box to Allen. Allen caught it, and gasped slightly. The box had a purple and black ribbon adorning it, and the bow had three different loops with six different tails hanging out.

"Woah," Lavi said, eyes wide. "How can you make a bow like that?" He asked. Allen looked up to his Shishou with wide eyes.

"I was asked to deliver this to you." Cross explained. "Said that I shouldn't mention their name, that you'd know who it was from." And with that, Cross left the room with a wave of his hand.

The group of people, which had grown when Cross had actually given Allen a gift, turned back to see what was in it. Allen, who knew from experience how to open the boxes without destroying the bows, opened the top. There was a note on black paper, and Allen knew that the letter would be written with a purple pen. Opening the note, Allen read it to himself.

My Little Clown,

I do hope this will make it to you by your sixteenth birthday.

Know that we will see each other again soon, Love.


Allen smiled serenely as he read the letter. Tyki was back in the past, too, and they would see each other soon. Putting the letter in a pocket on the inside of his shirt so that no one would see, Allen looked down to see, on a purple cushion, Tyki's silver locket. Holding it up for the benefit of those watching, he looked at what was engraved on the front of the locket. He already knew what was on there, though, for he was the one to make if for Tyki.

"Joy," Was what Allen said for those who couldn't see the locket up close.

"What a pretty locket!" Lenalee exclaimed, and Allen nodded. He had put a lot of time into making it, and knowing that Tyki had had it in his position for all that time made Allen feel happy.

"Yes, it is," Allen agreed, putting it on. It was soon lying against his chest, making Allen feel that much closer. Allen looked out the window and saw that it was starting to snow. "And what a happy birthday this is, too…" Allen said, and continued looking out the window. No one had noticed this, though, as they were all talking to at least someone else.

And it was going to get better.


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