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"Normal Talking"



Conversations between Allen and his Noah


Allen quickly made his way to the Ark, being ignored for the most part as many of the Order members knew that he would go to the Ark from time to time for one reason or another. Entering the room where it was stationed, Allen made it just in time before the intruder made it through and watched with unease as two figures walked through the entrance of the gate. When Allen saw who exactly they were, he groaned.

Dear Lord, he muttered, allowing Neah to hear his thoughts.

What's wrong? The Noah asked, now standing beside his host as he had arrived via the seal. Allen looked to Neah and saw that they were like twins except for one extremely noticeable feature: their eyes. Now that Neah wasn't in front of the mob outside of Allen's door, he had let his eyes go back to their original color from Allen's clear-stormy gray, a pupil-less gold.

"Look for yourself," Allen responded to his Noah, idly pointing a finger to the Ark. Neah followed his hosts' finger and groaned at what he saw.

"That's just great," Neah sighed, running his fingers through his hair, a habit he and Allen had picked up from Tyki. "They just have to be here, don't they?"

The sight that awaited the two were none other than Jasdero and David, or "JasDavi" as they preferred to be called.

Walking towards the twins, Allen crossed his arms and stood right at the bottom of the ramp leading up to the entrance of the Ark.

"What are you two doing here?" Allen asked, not bothering with the pleasantries. He hadn't really known the twins in the future as they had pretty much disappeared after the Earl's death, but that didn't give him any reason to treat them as friends either.

"Don't be so mean," Jasdero said. "We came here because Road sent us."

Allen snorted; it figured. Road was the only other person able to control the Ark.

"Yeah," David continued, "she said that we had to give you these." He held out the boxes that were presumably given to them to deliver by Road. Cautiously, he watched as the two came down and gave him the boxes. There were three boxes; one was a rather small, cube-shaped box, the second wide and tall but rather slim, and the third a large one, the size of a trunk.

"Why would you do what Road asked you to?" Allen asked, and the twins shrugged.

"We were bored," The two of them replied as if that explained it all. They then stood there, as if they were waiting for something.

"Was there anything else?" He asked, noticing that the two hadn't returned to the Earl's manor.

"She told us to watch you open them…" David replied, nodding.

"…So that we'd be able to report back your reaction to them." Jasdero finished, and Allen blinked, though he heard Neah snort besides him.

They never change, Neah explained. They've been doing that for a long time.

Allen nodded and handed the smallest and biggest box to Neah, who proceeded to put them on the ground. Allen rolled his eyes, but opened the second box with growing curiosity. Inside was what appeared to be a complete outfit made with the colors white and purple in mind.

The first piece of clothing Allen saw was a milk-white button-up shirt with purple lace at the neck tied into a delicate bow. Next were a pair of slacks in the same color of the shirt, and with it came white dress shoes and socks. A white waist coat and gloves also came with the set, confusing Allen. Why was he getting all of this?

Continuing on with the unwrapping, Allen thought that, while it was weird to be sent clothing like this, it could come in handy when he needed to appear on the higher class of society. What was most curious was the top hat that was found at the bottom of the box. The top hat was the same white as the shirt and slacks, but it had a stripe towards the lower part of the hat in the same purple lace, and a little white and purple butterfly adorned the left side.

Looking over to Neah, Allen asked, "Any idea what this is for?" Neah shook his head, as confused as his host was.

Allen shrugged; he'd figure out what it was for eventually. Reaching for the trunk-sized box, Allen cocked his head to the slightly, as if listening to something. He turned to Neah who sighed but nodded in understanding. Allen pulled the energy out of the transferring seal, causing Neah's body to fade out of existence and back into Allen's. The immortal smiled faintly at the sight of the twins. The twins were staring in shock at what they had just seen, and Allen really couldn't blame him.

"Woah! How'd you do that?" Jasdero and David asked at the same time.

Feeling mischievous, Allen replied, "Magic."

If it was possible, the eyes of the twins grew even larger, and Allen had a rather hard time controlling his laughter.

They're so gullible, Neah commented, and Allen could only nod mentally. He was afraid if he opened his mouth, the laughter would come spilling out. Loudly.

Taking a deep breath through his nose, Allen turned to the third box; it was a rather large box, and Allen couldn't possible think what could be in there. Kneeling down onto one knee, he turned the trunk and himself so that the twins were now diagonal of him, rather than straight in front of him, and he could see the entrance of the room where he had entered. Putting a hand on the lock, Allen noticed that the members of the mob- now including Lenalee, Lavi and Kanda- had entered and were at the front of the room. But it was too late for them to stop him from opening it as he had already unlatched the lid and had already opened it a crack. Allen had noticed from the small opening that there was…plastic? Opening the lid farther, Allen got a good look of what was in there and snapped it shut faster than he had closed it and locked it back up with a resounding click. Allen couldn't have stopped himself even if he had tried; he blushed as bright as a tomato.

The order members and JasDavi were staring at him curiously, wondering what could have caused him to have such a reaction. The two opposing sides didn't even register that the other was there. Lenalee was the first to speak, worried for her friend.

"Allen, are you alright?" She asked, her voice resonating in the large room.

"I'm fine," Allen replied, hoping to sound normal. Unfortunately, it came out sounding an octave higher than his normal voice range.

"Are you sure?" Lenalee continued, not sounding convinced. "Your face is really red."

"Is it?" Allen asked feebly, knowing that the blush on his face wasn't going to be going away for some time.

"No shit, Moyashi," Kanda replied with a slightly bitter tone. He had better things to do than chase the kid around.

It was then that someone else decided they wanted to come through the Ark's entrance. Allen snapped his head in the direction of the Ark's entrance, and everyone's gazes soon followed as a flash of light appeared. Through the entrance first came…a take-out box? The box was thrust at Allen, who deftly caught it and opened it. It was a box of mitarashi dango, his favorite. But who would give him a box of dango?

The answer came as the entrance flashed again and Allen looked up, his heart stopping at who he saw. Tall with wavy chocolate-brown hair that came down in layers down to his neck, Allen could only stare with wide eyes at the man who was in front of him. Standing right there before him was his partner, his best friend, his love.

There before him stood Tyki Mikk.


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