Hime: Hi! This is Princess of the Zoras speaking! Just call me Hime though.

Sasori: Why on Earth would they call you that? You're no Princess. You're not even original! You've stolen this shtick we're doing right now from Saria! *Puts on red hunting cap* You are a phony.

Hime:*takes hat back* That is MINE thank you very much, *puts on* and Saria is my bff so I'm positive she's fine with me "barrowing" her intro!

Hinata: P-positive enough th-that you've lost an e-electron?

Hime: Hina-chan that's my line! But I sure have taught you well haven't I? Who doesn't love subatomic particle jokes?

Sasori: *raises hand* That would be me, and anyone who doesn't get it.


Hinata: H-hime-chan….

Sasori: Now look, you've gone and scared my Hinata. *puts arm around her* *Hinata turns deep crimson* *plays with her hair* *Hinata starts trembling* Please don't scare my Hina-chan…or I'll have to kill you. *smiles*

Hime: O.O; Wellwithoutfurtheradolet'sstartthestoryshallwe? Heh-heh-heh…..*gulp*


Stupid girl, the auburn-haired shinobi thought, doesn't she know it's dangerous to wander outside her village at such a late hour? That is going to cost her. He gazed down from his perch atop a tree at the kunoichi with a feeling of pity. She sat dreamily oblivious against a rock just staring at the moon-lit meadow that surrounded her. The girl was swimming the lavender mass that was her jacket, her long, pin-straight hair reflected deep indigo in the moon-light, her eyes like pools of nothing, just blank white canvases, were heavy and on the verge of closing

Licking his lips in anticipation, he popped his neck and made sure all of his joints were functioning correctly. The girl's eyes did a final flutter and then flitted shut. Sasori sprung noiselessly from his position and landed directly in front of the sleeping kunoichi. With a brief inhale he noticed that she smelled sweet, like honey or vanilla, and faintly of almonds. Pausing, he took another deep inhale and a chill went through him. The smell stirred something in him. A warm and inviting feeling started rushing over him—had he been able to he might have blushed.

The girl, still blissfully unaware of Sasori's existence, shivered as a strong breeze hit. In a moment of weakness Sasori removed his cloak and dressed the girl in it. She sunk into it and smiled. Another breeze blew. It merely bounced off of Sasori's flawless wooden face and mussed his cinder colored hair slightly. The girl didn't shiver or even flinch, indicating that the cloak did the trick. This was Sasori's tip to leave.

He left just as he came, silently and unnoticed.


The sun came down brightly into the sleeping kunoichi's eyes as she awoke. She flung upright.

"Gah! Wh-where am I?" She jumped to her feet and, for the first time, noticed she was wearing a black cloak that was coved in red clouds. "WHAT am I wearing? Think Hinata! What happened last night...RIGHT! I was out to dinner with my team!"

The memory of the evening flooded over her once more. She had just gotten back from a low level rank mission with her team. They had escorted an extremely bratty rich girl back to her village to make sure that she wasn't kidnapped. Kurenai had treated them all to ramen after they had returned. Hinata decided to walk off her meal since it was such a beautiful night.

"I-I must have fallen asleep," she muttered, "but that doesn't explain the cloak." Hinata examined the cloak more closely. It smelled of cedar and it was covered in dust. Where have I seen this…she thought. Suddenly, a rushing wave of realization crashed down on her. A loud, high pitched wail escaped from her as she figured out where she had seen the cloak before.

"Wahh!" Shikamaru cried as he fell from a tree a few meters off "Can't a guy take a nap without some troublesome girl ruining it?" He asked rhetorically, rubbing the bump on his tailbone. He started turning toward Hinata, "WHAT is the…ma…tter…." His words came to a screeching halt as he saw why she was screaming. Hinata stood trembling in the oversized cloak, fear-stricken, tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

Shikamaru rushed to her side, placing a hand on her shoulder in a feeble attempt to get her to soothe her. "Hey, calm down. What happened? How did you get this?"

She looked up at him with wet, terrified eyes "I-I-I don't kn-know. I f-fell asl-sleep here l-last night and-and w-w-woke up w-with it on."

Shikamaru sighed, "Not a lot to go on, what a drag. I'll take ya home and then tell Lady Hokage what to do next. Be careful ok? Whoever left this may come back for it."

All Hinata could do was nod as she tried to hold back her tears. Pull it together Hinata! You've got to pull it together and catch whoever has done this. Time to prepare


Shikamaru took Hinata home and she prepared for the worst. The Hokage left the cloak with Hinata and put up ANBU guards all around her house.

As Hinata brushed her hair, preparing for bed, she saw the cloak rest on her bed. She put her brush down on her white dresser and picked up the cloak. She sat down with a plop onto her off-white comforter that was dappled with plum blossoms. Taking one long inhale, she drank in the scent of the cloak. For some reason it comforted her. The warm smell of cedar and something she couldn't quite place, it was kind of musty whatever it was.

She looked around quickly to make sure no one was looking and slipped the cloak on. Taking one last sniff, she curled up on top of all of her blankets and snuggled into the cloak.

"I'm glad to see you like your gift,"


Hime: I sure hope you liked this chapter! My first official fanfic! I think it went rather well. I hope tis is the first in many chapters, and fanfics, to come!

Sasori: You do look cute in my cloak.

Hinata: Re-really?

Sasori: Of course, you ALWAYS look cute. *lifts up chin* Cute enough to eat *licks lips*

Hinata: *Faints*

Sasori: Kisses don't count as rape right?

Hime: Not if you yell "Surprise!"

Sasori: Surprise...*gentle kiss*