Summary: Because there is someone who loves you and is waiting for you on the other side. A chronicle of the deaths of significant Star Wars characters, and the loved ones they are reunited with in the afterlife.

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The People You Meet In Heaven

By: ibelieveintruelove


Chapter 1: Qui-Gon Jinn


Qui-Gon Jinn

57 BrS – 3 GrS

Jedi Master, Servant of the Republic





When he opened his eyes an angelic young face greeted him, soft brown curls framing sparkling blue eyes that could only be found on a five year old.


The small girl jumped on his chest, and even though he expected pain, he found that all he felt was the soft warmth of her body on top of his.

"You're home," the little girl cried, squeezing her arms around him as tightly as she could.

"I'm – where am I?" Qui-Gon asked. He slowly sat up, and the young girl quickly situated herself in his lap.

"You're home, Qui-gy," she said. "Home with me and mommy and daddy, like you should be."

His breath caught in his chest as he stared at the girl in his lap. Her innocent face was not familiar to him, but at the same time he felt as though he should remember her…

"Rosi-Lon," he whispered. "Baby Rosi."

Rosi giggled happily and wrapped her arms around her big brother. "Welcome to heaven, Qui-gy."






Qui-Gon knew that the Jedi Master had never particularly cared for him while he was alive.

It appeared the feeling had not changed.

"Always so sure of yourself," Master Tyvokka said. "What gives you the authority to proclaim a slave boy the Chosen One? A high midi-chlorian count he may have, perhaps the boy is special – but the Council did not want him to be trained. And your stubbornness and rebelliousness has left your Padawan burdened with your little experiment."

"You did not meet him," Qui-Gon replied. "Anakin is a boy of remarkable talent and ability. I have high hopes for him. And Obi-Wan is more than capable of training him. I know of no one more suited to the task."

"Training him is dangerous," the Wookiee argued. "And your Padawan has such an attachment to you that he will fulfill your dying wish – even though he was against it in the first place! Nothing good can come of this decision."

"Have some faith, friend," Qui-Gon said. "I have gained some wisdom since your passing."

"Not enough," Tyvokka growled. "Not enough."



Almost Lover.



He found her in the Archives, sorting through the history section. He knew that these weren't the actual Jedi Archives, but seeing her there, rearranging the shelves, brought him back to a time when he could walk into the Archives on any given day and she would be there, waiting for him. It was almost as if nothing had changed.

But when she lifted her head, and her eyes shone with recognition, and Qui-Gon realized that she could actually see him again, he remembered where he was, and just how greatly things were changing.

"I did not expect to see you here so soon," Tahl said, her voice soft and gentle and oh-so-familiar.

"Neither did I," Qui-Gon admitted. "But that does not mean I am not happy to be here."

He reached out for her hand, and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

"You're older than I remember," Tahl smiled. "And was your hair always quite this long?"

"I believe it was even longer the last time you saw it," Qui-Gon teased. "Obi-Wan finally convinced me to cut it – said it was unbecoming for a Jedi Master to have such unruly hair."

"I miss him," Tahl sighed. "Will he be alright, with you gone?"

"He will become a great Jedi Knight; far wiser than I ever was," Qui-Gon assured her. "Besides, Anakin will look out for him."

"Ah, that's right," Tahl said. "You left Obi-Wan with the task of training the Chosen One. No easy feat."

"Do you think I was wrong?" Qui-Gon hesitated. "It was a lot to ask of him, and he has only just gained his Knighthood, perhaps I should not have insisted – "

"Have faith in your Padawan," Tahl interrupted. "You have taught him well, Obi-Wan is more than capable of training Anakin. Besides, you can always help if need be."

"Help?" Qui-Gon asked, perplexed. Tahl grinned mischievously and grabbed Qui-Gon's hand, leading him away from the Archives.

"Come with me," she said. "There is much for you to learn."