The boys had sung Torn and were so happy they could give their fans what they wanted. People had been talking to Hannah and I on Twitter, pleading us to ask the boys to sing Torn… And now they finally were. It was a winning performance and I could see in Harrys eyes as he glanced towards us that he was desperate to win this. I could see desperation in all of their eyes and caught Hannah wiping a tear from her face… I couldn't hold it in anymore and I howled through the rest of performance, sobbing like a baby.

Hannah and me stayed in our seats as Rebecca performed, and we both knew that Matt and Rebecca would be tough competition. As the judges and their acts descended onstage my heart sunk. I knew that this could be it, and they would all be so devastated if it was. Hannah and I sat together in the 2nd row. The air was tense with excitement and nerves. Matt, Rebecca and our boys were on stage, looking nervous.

Dermot's wait was torture. The boys stood there, so vulnerable, so innocent. I contemplated what to do if "One Direction" was read out, but as soon as I started planning, there it was.

"One Direction"

I whipped my head round to Hannah, and knew that she was thinking just the same. We both put out hands over our mouths in disbelief. I could tell that, to the audience it was a shock. Hannah's eyes weld up and we hugged. I whispered in her ear "C'mon Han, we've got to be strong for our boys", she quickly wiped away her tears and nodded in agreement.

We calmly brushed ourselves down and composed ourselves as we headed down the row of applauding audience members. I stopped and turned to the stage – Harry had his head in his hands, and I could see he was on the brink of crying. As we passed down the corridor towards the backstage area I could hear the "Best Moments" being played. My eyes welled up once again.

Hannah took my hand as we arrived at the side of the stage, there was nothing we could do, and we both felt so helpless. We didn't talk we just waited… Waited to give our boys a huge hug. I could see Dermot talking to the camera, and I knew they'd be back here soon.

"Give it up for One Direction" The cameras panned out and the well-known X Factor theme tune played, the boys started to walk towards us. I looked at Hannah, almost to tell her "Good Luck".

I could see Harry's expression was that of gloom. As soon as he noticed me standing there he came towards me with a half-smile/half im-just-about-to-burt-into-tears-face. I opened my arms and enveloped him in my embrace. I whispered in his ear

"You were amazing tonight" and he whispered back "Obviously not amazing enough" – He didn't say it in a harsh way, but I had never heard him sound so down.

There was a crowd forming backstage as Hannah and I consoled the boys. We were full of "Everything will be fine" and "Everything happens for a reason". It was hard to try and keep all 5 boys' hopes up when I could tell that all Hannah and I wanted to do was cry with them.

I noticed Harry sitting on the floor, resting against the wall with his head in his hands and I sat down next to him. He started to sob and it absolutely broke my heart, I had never seen a guy cry like this before; now I was protecting him. We sat there, him crying into my lap for at least 10 minutes. My beautiful dress had tearstains all over it, from him and me. My once pretty manicured hands had mascara and eyeliner smudged all over them from trying to conceal my tears. The sobbing had subsided and Harry sat upright. I could see he was exhausted, from the crying… from everything. His eyes were bloodshot and his skin had turned a blotchy red colour. I bought a tissue to his face and wiped away the remainders of the tears. I cupped his face in my hands and he said, "You are astounding". I was somewhat taken aback from his out-of-the-blue comment. All I could reply with was "I love you", and he replied, "I love you too". He took my hands into his and pulled me from the floor.

His smile was back again. Even though it was small, it gave me hope. I knew that everything would be okay.

I could hear Dermot's voice from where we were standing and realised they were preparing to announce the winner.

The judge's music started playing as he took my hand. We started running towards the stage. Harry had got so close to Matt and Rebecca, and whichever won, he would be happy for them. Both were worthy winners, and neither were a surprise to be in the final two.

We stood together at the side of the stage – A family. We were the One Direction family – Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Me, Hannah, all the boys' parents were there, Savan and Evie too. We had a massive group hug and we all knew it would work out for the best. It was so cute seeing the boys looking out for each other; the five of their friendships had grown so much over the past few months, and together they were like brothers. Hannah and I hugged and the winner was about to be announced. Dermot's voice rippled through the air "The winner of The X Factor 2010 is..."

Harry scuttled to my side, and grabbed my hand. "This moment should have been theirs" is all I could think.

He was squeezing my hand so tight, but I knew I could never let go.


The crowd erupted, and Harry threw his hands in the air and let out a "YES!" He could never be a sore loser; he had too much of a kind heart. We hugged tightly once again and applauded Matt. As Matt started to sing "When We Collide" Harry spun me round and we started to slow dance. His hands were hot and I could feel his breath on the side of my cheek; I knew he was smiling. Everyone started dancing; Hannah with Louis, Zayn with Geneva, Niall took Rebecca's hand, and Liam took Sophia's. Everyone was laughing and having a good time.

Then one of the stage directors shouted, "You can go on now!" and the contestants ran onstage. Niall was in Matt's arms second later and everyone crowded the winner. It was a magical moment to see, and I could see Harry embracing Matt too. Backstage was full of joy even though Hannah and I stood alone. We embraced and wanted so badly to run onstage too, but this was their time to congratulate Matt.

As the show finished, the boys were still onstage, and we joined them when we knew it was appropriate. We both got a huge bear hug from Matt and then found the boys.

The Xtra Factor and Konnie had to talk to them, and it was pretty surreal to be standing onstage, with all the audience there. Afterwards we all disappeared backstage and contemplated on what to do next.

There were celebration party's that went on until 3 in the morning, and Harry and I danced all night. We enjoyed ourselves, which I thought might not have been possible after the boys coming 3rd. At around 2:30am we all bundled into a waiting car, not knowing where we were going – Possibly back to the X Factor House. Everyone was exhausted, as none of us had slept the night before. I had got a text from Harry saying, "Are you awake? Xx" at 4am!

The ride back was long as traffic still filled the streets. Harry rested his head on my shoulder as he fell softly asleep, snoring gently. I was the only one awake along with the driver, and Matt's single suddenly filled the car from the radio. I asked the driver to turn the radio down as everyone was asleep which he did, but I could still hear the melody of the track whirring through the speakers. It was deadly quiet in the car, but unexpectedly Harry took my hand and entwined his fingers with mine.

At that moment I knew that everything would be okay. I just knew it.

Chapter 2

As the car arrived at the X Factor House, I felt awkward waking everyone up.. I woke Harry first by squeezing his hand hard. As soon as his eyes flipped open he smiled. A huge wide grin

"Where are we?"

"Back at the house, you need to wake everyone up" I whispered, emphasising the "You".

As soon as I finished my sentence Harry grinned at me once again, sat upright and screamed at the top of his lungs "EVERYONE UP! WE'RE HOME!" I chuckled at the unexpectedness. Groans came from behind and "What the hell Harry" came from Zayn. We had been in the car for a good hour, and were all nicely warmed up… Until I jumped out of the opening door and shrieked at the bitter cold nipping at my bare legs. Harry jumped out after and I could see the rest of the gang collecting their things and preparing to get out.

The X Factor house was located down a small country road, for privacy (I remember Harry and I watching The X Factor 2009 and chuckling at the fans camped outside the previous X Factor House, and barricades being smashed down as well). As the others bundled out, I looked around, it was pitch black – I was confused.. Where was the house? The driver saw my puzzled face and said in a husky voice "The snow's made the road impassable, you'll all have to walk". Niall was the first to complain, "Are you sure? It must take at least 10 minutes to walk!"

"I'm sorry, strict instruction from Mr Cowell, he doesn't want the car stuck down there"

"It's fine, we'll walk! C'mon, it'll be fun!" I piped in. Already preparing by getting my sequin gloves out of my coat pocket.

I looped my arm through Harry's arm, and he stuffed his hands into his Jack Wills hoody pockets. We all started trundling along, Harry and I leading the pack. It was really really dark, and none of us had a torch or anything. I pulled my Blackberry from my clutch and lit up the snow-covered lane.

"I'm scared!" Hannah said quietly, and Louis replied, "It's only a bit further!"

I could feel something on my back, and knew it wasn't Harry because I could feel his hand that was in his pocket. I stopped dead and screamed as something grabbed my other hand. I jumped toward Harry, but all I could hear was laughing. Confused, I saw Louis' shadow in front of me and shouted "LOUIS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Everyone burst out laughing, and so did I. "I can't believe how loud you screamed, Soph!" Louis said in-between screams of laughter. "Well you scared the life out of me!" I said, pouting my lips and sounding hurt.

"Look, I can see the lights" Zayn exclaimed.

I was relieved to be inside the house. My fingers had changed from bright red to a strange milky blue colour. I heaved my coat off and laid it on the sofa. Trying to warm my fingers I started to rub them together furiously.

Louis screamed "I'M MAKING HOT CHOCOLATE! WHO WANTS ONE?" whilst skipping towards the kitchen.

Harry replied, looking at me "He's such a kid."

"I will, Louis!"

"Coming right up, madam" he replied.

I sat myself on the sofa, waiting patiently for a hot drink, anything to warm me up. Everyone else headed upstairs, still half asleep from the nap in the car. I shouted goodnight to everyone, and could still hear Louis in the kitchen making a right racket. Harry came over with a blanket and wrapped it around him and me. The remote for the sound system was sticking in my back, and as I retrieved it, Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" Came blaring out of the speakers, as I panicked to press pause Harry burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" "Louis was dancing to it earlier, we all walked in on him!".

Just at that moment Louis came strutting in, with 2 mugs of steaming hot chocolate. He set them down and started dancing, with Harry screaming along "I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH, I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH!" I couldn't stop laughing for literally 10 minutes. After Louis had sat down after nearly passing out from all the "hair whipping", he finally retired upstairs, which left Harry and I lying on the sofa. He jumped up and span around like a cat trying to get comfy. He finally settled facing towards me, and the sofa was big enough for me to lean in and rest my head on his collarbone. I turned around so I was facing him and snuggled in close, wrapping my arm around his body.

His smell engulfed me. It was a mixture of Hollister cologne (that I had bought for him for his last birthday) and his "Harry smell". It was indescribable. It was sweet yet musky. Just right. And mixed with the sweet of the Hollister, it was heaven. I wish I could bottle it, and keep it with me when I wasn't with him. I closed my heavy eyes and fell soundly asleep, still with my freezing hands against his oven-like back.

I woke early the next morning. It must have been around 5am. The house was pitch black, and someone must have turned the lights off because I was still snuggled against Harry, who was snoring lightly.

I was still in my dress, still slightly damp at the bottom from the snow of last nights adventure. I switch the kitchen light on, squinting at the brightness; I scanned the kitchen and noticed a small jewellery box right in the middle of the baron worktops. It was a deep emerald velvet box, with a gold catch. I picked the box up and cradled it in my palm. Slowly I opened the catch and flipped the box open. I was expecting a diamond ring, as you do. But this ring was different. It was silver, and the shine on it was ridiculous. It had no stone, but a pattern that weaved from one side to the other. I thought maybe Louis had bought it for Hannah, or maybe Zayn for Geneva. I didn't know. I put the ring back where I found it and didn't mention it to anyone.

Later that day the box had disappeared, and to be honest I thought nothing of it… Until the following weekend.

Simon has given the boys, Matt and Rebecca a few days to pack their stuff up and leave the X Factor House, and the boys wanted to go house hunting the Tuesday after the final. So me, Harry, Louis, Hannah, Niall, Liam and Zayn went to look for places that would be right for all of us. We had 4 options, and the first 3 were just not right, whether they were too small, too dirty, but it wasn't looking good. The final house we were showed was a beautiful modern house with 5 bedrooms (no more bunk beds! Yay!) and a beautiful garden, which would be amazing for summer BBQs. The boys loved it straight away. It had a huge hallway, spiralling staircase and big bedrooms for each of them. They agreed to buy there and then, and as soon as I knew it we were back at the X Factor House tidying the boys' bedroom… Which was an absolute mess. I had never fully ventured into the bedroom, only to get Harry out of there. It was a dump, there were chocolate and sweet wrappers everywhere, clothes and hair products scattered all over the floor. I grabbed 2 bin bags and began filling them up. After 2 hours, the boys were all packed and the room was spotless, apart from the stain right in the middle of the floor that came from a tub of hair wax that each of them denied was theirs.

As we heaved the suitcases into the car snow began to fall steadily and everything was quiet. After waving Hannah off (who had to leave for school, back up North) We all clambered in and turned the heater in the car up high. The new house was an hour's drive, but it was already 4:30pm, so traffic would be a nightmare.

As thought, traffic was a nightmare all the way there, and when we arrived snow had settled all around. As we dragged the suitcases to the front step, Niall piped up "So… Who's got the keys then?" then Louis replied "I don't know.. Who has?"

We were waiting 10 minutes in the freezing cold just to find the keys. Eventually Liam remembered he had packed them in his suitcase, which meant shirts, and boxers were being thrown around and we hadn't even got inside yet… What was I letting myself in for?

We all eventually got inside and got comfy on the only furniture that was there… 2 huge sofas and 5 air mattresses. Then we remembered we had absolutely no food at all. All the cupboards were bare, no cutlery, no plates or anything. It was 7:15 already and a takeaway wasn't an option because we had nothing to eat it with!

I elected to walk to the nearest Sainsbury's and get some necessities like milk, cereal, cutlery and bowls. Of course Harry said he'd come with me.

As we walked we were both slipping and sliding everywhere. The pavements were slick with snow, slush and ice. I anchored myself to Harry, but he was as useful as a chocolate teapot! First he slipped, then I slipped but finally we arrived outside the huge supermarket. I grabbed a trolley and started picking up everything I thought we would need; milk, butter, bread, eggs, bacon, tea, cereal, bowls, cutlery and some chocolate to keep everyone happy. As we passed the magazine aisle I usually liked to flick through some of the gossip ones just for fun, but today was not the day to be intrigued about an apparent "steamy romp" with one of the boys. I whizzed past and as I neared the end of the aisle Harry whipped the trolley out of my hands, smiled then went running down the next aisle. He sped up and then skidded just like we all used to do when we were 7. It was nice to known that even with everything going on, he was still my Harry. I laughed and ran after him… After a few funny looks from the staff we headed to the checkout.

People were staring, but I needed to get used to it. At least I rarely got noticed when I wasn't with him, but when I was, things were a little different.

Some girls were supportive, but some definitely weren't. I think that because I had been with Harry since before X Factor, girls accepted me more than the "new girl".

When we got outside, the snow had thickened even more, and it must have been a couple of inches by now. We raced back to find the house dark. We opened the door to find voices coming from the living area and the flicker of candlelight on the walls. They all heard us and shouted in chorus "We've had a power cut!" Great, it was the first night in a new house with no food, no power and 5 boys. This was going to be fun.

For the rest of the night we sat in the dark, telling ghost stories to each other and playing games. As everyone was about to fall asleep I had a thought. I remembered when my family were on holiday and we had a power cut there was a switch that turned the power back on. If only I could find the box with all the switches. I got up and took a candle from the floor. I searched under the stairs, in the bathroom… everywhere. Then I finally found it, behind the curtain in the hallway. As I opened the box, there was one switch down, as I flipped it up every light in the house flickered on. "Ta-da!" I shouted into the living room.

"How did you do that?" Exclaimed Niall. "This box", I replied. "I just flipped the switch"

"God, a house full of men, and wonder woman saves the day! Who would of though, huh?"

Harry hugged me tightly and lifted me up. "Thank you" he whispered.

The rest of the night was full of laughter. Sleeping in a room full of adolescent boys was hard work. Louis and Zayn kept everyone awake with their "Vots Happening?" catchphrase and by the end Harry ended up jumping on Louis because he got so annoyed.

The next morning we all made breakfast together; it was a feast of scrambled eggs, pancakes and lots of tea. The next weekend they had planned to have off as the rest of the week was busy for all of them… Travelling from place to place for promotion etc.

Harry had pinkie sworn to make me dinner Saturday night, so I had that to look forward too, but saying goodbye to them that morning was hard. They were going home to see their real families, but they all gave me massive hugs. Harry had given me a little bear with "I love you" on the t-shirt and one of his hoodies to wear… It smelt of him and I missed him as soon as the drove off.

Chapter 4

The boys were hoping to get back by Friday afternoon, and after speaking to Harry on the phone, it sounded like all were in good spirits after seeing their families.

Between Wednesday and Friday it gave me a little time to go back home too, but also to sort the house out. The boys had left it with only 2 sofas and air mattresses as furniture, so I decided to get everything sorted for when they came back. Thursday afternoon everything started arriving. There were beds being hauled up the stairs, TV and sound systems being placed in the living room and I even had time to order food from the supermarket to be delivered. The boys' manager said he would stay at the house Thursday afternoon so I could go out… In all the excitement of The X Factor I had almost completely forgot about Christmas! It was fast approaching and I had bought absolutely nothing… For anyone! I caught a cab to Westfield shopping centre and spent hours looking for things for all the boys, parents and friends. For Harry I decided on a new iPod (with "Mistletoe?" engraved on the back) and a photo frame with a picture of the "One Direction Family" in it. For the rest of the boys I decided on DVDs and some books. I got Hannah a Holiday makeup set from M.A.C. because I remembered she had seen one of the makeup artists using it on Rebecca and loved it.

I knew Harry would love my present; it was all he could talk about when they were stuck in The X Factor House. His old one had broken after Louis and Zayn in Marbella had flung him in the pool with all his clothes… And he had been using Louis' old one since, so I knew he would like it.

It was almost 8pm by the time I got back and as I arrived I noticed all the vans had disappeared and everything was quiet. I unlocked the front door and stepped into a completely different house. There were pictures hanging on the walls, side tables with vases of flowers on them. I walked in to the living room and was shocked to find a huge flat screen TV hanging on the wall, the other sofas had been replaced with new luxurious brown leather ones. There was a huge fuzzy rug on the floor and it felt good against my cold toes. The kitchen was fully equipped with saucepans and a shiny toaster and microwave set. I started to climb the stairs to see what all the rooms would look like… First Niall's, it was a cool mixture of black and white furniture with some personal things already on the tables and bed.

Zayn, Liam and Louis's were equally as magnificent, all with huge king-sized beds. And then, at the very end of the landing, was Harry's. It was the smallest of all of the bedrooms, but still enormous compared to The X Factor bedroom, which all 5 had to share. It wasn't the same as the others, it was more feminine, and there was a bunch of flowers on the windowsill in a gorgeous vase. The colour scheme was cream and browns but it was still very Harry. There were old movie posters on the walls that had obviously been delivered from his parent's house.

I loved it. I threw my handbag on the table and ran and jumped on to the bed. It was soooo comfortable. I could have just fallen asleep right there and then if I hadn't heard the front door opening.

"HONEY, WE'RE HOOOOOME!" Came a voice from downstairs, and I instantly recognised it as Louis'.

"AAAH!" I shouted, "You're back!" as I ran down the stairs.

"Yup" said Louis "We flew from Manchester airport because roads were too bad" as I hurled my arms around him.

"Oh. My. God" came the voices of Liam, Harry, Zayn and Niall outside. "When did you do all this?"

"It was delivered this afternoon – I was just trying out your bed" I replied, winking at Harry.

"Ohhhlala" shouted Louis. Everyone laughed as I punched him in the arm.

Harry opened his arms towards me and I almost knocked him over with the ferocity of my hug. "I missed you," he whispered, almost inaudibly. "I missed you too" I replied.

The boys were dripping as they got their coats off. It was starting to snow even more heavily now, and I started to prepare dinner.

We all sat around the huge dinner table, enjoying the delicious Spaghetti Bolognese I had made. Louis and Zayn always kept conversations, mostly by just telling jokes and being silly.

I collected the plates and started to wash the dishes in the sink. As I was finishing I noticed Harry coming in from the living room with a wide grin on his face. I didn't turn around; I just smiled at his reflection in the glass of the window. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. He didn't say anything for a minute, but after staring idly out of the window he exclaimed "C'mon, let's go outside"

I spun around, looked him straight in the eye and said, "Are you actually kidding me?"

"Nope, c'mon, lets go!"

I was pretty much in my pyjamas and slippers. Harry grabbed by coat from the chair and took my hand.

"C'mon… Don't ruin it!"

He opened the back door and a blast of freezing wind and snow whooshed in to the kitchen.

We stepped out, snow almost up to my knees, but I could feel Harry's warm hand against mine.

Snow was falling and after a minute my hair was white with crystals.

We stopped in the middle of the garden and Harry wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you so much, you know that right?" He paused. "Everything you've done just makes me love you even more. The boys love you. Mum loves you. Everyone loves you. And I just wanted to tell you"

"Oh shh!" I smiled, interrupting "You're making me cry!" Harry wiped away the small stream of a tear on my cheek.

"I love you, and there's no way I can explain to you how much – You'll just have to believe me," He said calmly.

"Your so silly!" I said, pulling him in and kissing him gently. The wind howled furiously and the snow turned to sleet as we ran back to the warm of the house.

Everyone was tired after the trip, so we were all in bed by 10:30pm, but just as we were about to turn the lights off Louis came running into the room and jumped on the both of us.

Now in-between us Louis said, "I just thought I'd tell you two how much I love you being together" He paused as we both started to smile "Accept he's always such a grump when your not with him" Louis said, pinching Harry's cheeks.

Louis disappeared and all the lights went off. I curled up close to Harry, still cold from the snow. He put his arm around me and I smiled. He made me so incredibly happy and everything seemed so prefect.

Chapter 5

The boys and me had settled in to the house, and were enjoying some time off.

Most of the time was spent chilling and watching TV and DVDs. Friday night was spent with a takeaway and watching Inception on the huge flat screen.

Harry and Louis spent 2 hours afterwards trying to explain it to me, but I still didn't get it.

I bundled down the huge staircase with blankets and duvets to get comfortable downstairs. All the boys' phones were constantly ringing, and we had a rule that for a couple of hours when we were together we all had to silence our phones. They all went in a drawer in the living room; Harry had a BlackBerry for "business" (as he'd call it, in a funny voice) and a personal iPhone.

I was bugging him to get a personal BlackBerry because then I could BBM him, which was cheaper than texting. But he always said he'd already sorted the phone situation out.

For the couple of hours (uninterrupted) we chatted, laughed and had fun. Louis always had a humorous comment for the film or TV program that we were watching.

On the Saturday the boys said they would leave the house free for "me and Harry" time. He had bought loads of nice food from Waitrose, and he wouldn't tell me what he was cooking. I sat at the table; wafts of gorgeous smells came streaming through the house. I could hear lots of clattering and cursing coming from the kitchen.

"Are you sure you don't want any help, Harry?" I shouted

"Nope! I'm fine... Everything's errrm... Fine!"

"Okay! I'm trusting you!" I replied.

A few minutes later Harry trotted in, with two plates of food in his hands. He placed them down with a huge smile on his face.

"Are you proud?" He said,

"Very" I replied, smiling back and kissing him on the cheek.

The food was amazing, which I was surprised at. He must've learned a thing or two from Zayn, who was the natural cook out of all the boys.

We started to enjoy desert, which Harry had picked, he chose Vanilla Crème Brulee, which was delicious. But he started to look nervous and uncomfortable "Are you okay?" I asked

"Yeah, fine" He replied, but as he said it, he reached into his hoody pocket and produced the small emerald box I had seem last week at the X Factor House.

My face must have been a picture, because I was a little shocked to say the least, but I couldn't stop smiling.

Harry knew that I wasn't as shocked as I should have been, and straight away noticed.

"What are you smiling at?" He said playfully

"I might have accidently seen it before... I'm soooooo sorry!"

"How? When? Did Niall tell you?" He said, shocked,

"Nooooononono! I saw it in the kitchen when everyone else was asleep! I'm sorry… But at least I already know that it's absolutely gorgeous!"

"Okay, well, act surprised anyway" he said as he snapped the small box open.

The ring was just as beautiful as before. He took it and slipped it on my finger.

"It was my mum's" He said quietly.

I was still admiring it when I realized what he had just said.

"Ohmygosh, Harry, no! I can't wear your mums ring!"

"No! It was her idea... Like I said, she loves you"

"Ooooohmygosh Harry! I feel weird wearing something so precious!" I replied

"It's just something to try to show how much you mean to me"

"It's beautiful," I said, quietly.

He leaned in from kneeling on the floor and kissed me passionately on the lips.

It was nice just to spend time together, he had been so busy the last few months, and everything had got so hectic that I would sometimes go almost a whole week without seeing him.

We headed upstairs as the evening got closer and closer to morning. It was around 12:30 and we got ready to head to bed. I brushed my teeth and got into my pajamas, Harry was already in bed and his clothes were all over the floor. I jumped on to the huge bed and got under the covers. As soon as the lights were switched off Harry grabbed my waist. He was a gentle yet firm kisser, it was just right. A while later we collapsed on the bed and into each other's arms, breathing heavily. (Author Note: Carrots!) Everything was so perfect; something had to go wrong somewhere along the line… Surely.

Chapter 6

Christmas was fast approaching, and the boys had decided to head home for the holidays. Saturday morning was hell. Alarms were set for 5:00am to leave by 6:00am. The classic "RING RING… RING RING" of my phone alarm startled me. It was still pitch black, and I guided my hand over to the flashing light of my phone. As soon as I had switched it off Harry rolled over and covered his face with his hands. I lay back again, not wanting to get up and out of the warm bed, but I knew I had too. I crawled to the end of the bed and switched the bedside light on. The light flicked on and Harry immediately groaned and pulled the cover over his head. "C'mon sleepy boy, up and at em!" I said croakily and as quietly as possible. I pulled the cover back and exposed his naked body, but just as swiftly he snatched them back and said something along the lines of "Shmuaaa". I could already hear the whir of Zayns shower in the other room as I got up myself. I opened the en-suite bathroom door and poked my head back into the bedroom "You better be up when I'm out of the shower!"

I reappeared in a fluffy towel, and luckily Harry was leaning on the headboard, twiddling his thumbs. "Ahhh finally!" He said sarcastically "I thought I'd never get in there!" He strutted passed me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek as he vanished into the bathroom.

By 5:55am we were all pretty much ready, Liam was the only one left upstairs, probably still packing. I had felt like their mums the night before "Have you got this?" and "Have you got that?"

"Cab's here!" Zayn shouted. "Yeah! Just coming" Liam replied.

We all flocked towards the waiting car, and then we were on our way to Heathrow. As we arrived paparazzi crowded the car and light bulbs were already flashing before we had even opened the door. Someone had obviously seen Zayns tweet telling everyone about going home and I guess the pap's had caught on. Luckily, none of the fans has sussed out where the house was yet, but it was only a matter of time.

I grabbed my suitcase as quickly as I could and part power walked, part jogged to the VIP checkout. The paps were shouting all kinds of things at the boys and me. "Harry! Harry! Have you got any comment about the story in the newspapers?" "Zayn! Zayn! What about you and Geneva?"

It was crazy. It was 6:30am, I had no makeup one and 6 different guys were taking my picture. Harry automatically grabbed his hood and pulled it over his head. I pulled by hair over my shoulders to try and hide behind the mass of blonde curly locks. It was no good. They followed us all the way to the security gate, and Harry had my hand in his. "Just ignore them," he kept repeating. He looked nervous, but not because of the pap's, but because of me. He was scared for me.

I reassured him that it was fine, but he was angry. "Why would they do that?" he said loudly. "Look, Haz, we're just gonna have to get used to it!" Louis replied.

We were safely inside the terminal and we headed straight for Maccy D's. The boys ordered tons of food; McMuffins, pancakes, you name it - they had bought it. As soon as we had finished eating, we headed for the gate. Niall was flying with us to Manchester, and then getting a connecting flight to Ireland. The queue was long and winding but we took our place and waited patiently. As we neared the gate, one of the stewardesses recognised the boys. She started smiling and looking at Niall – maybe she liked him or something. She was pretty young, maybe 19 or 20. We got to the front, and the same stewardess asked for our passports and boarding cards. "Yep, that's fine – By the way, your One Direction, right?" She said in a strong Irish accent.

"Yep, that's us!" Niall replied in an equally strong Irish accent, "We're all going home!"

"Oooh, me too! Back to Ireland – Looks like I'll be on your connecting flight" She said, winking at Niall.

"Oh, well, at least you'll have someone to look after you Niall-baby!" Butted in Louis, sarcastically. We all laughed and headed down the ramp to the aeroplane.

As soon as we took out seats snow had started to fall heavily.

"Look! Just in time!" Shouted Zayn. "Shhhh you guys, we're in a public place now!" I said, laughing.

Takeoff was the scariest for me, and I grabbed Harry's hand and closed my eyes. The plane whizzed along the runway, and Louis, Zayn and Niall were making noises pretending they were driving supercars, which kept the whole 2 rows in front and behind of us entertained.

I peeked out of the window, watching the towns, roads and cars getting smaller and smaller. Harry put his fingers to my chin, and swivelled my face towards his. He whispered in my ear "Just in case this plane crashes, know that I love you".

I smiled back and mouthed back…"Ditto".

Chapter 7

The plane touched down in Manchester on time. As soon as the wheels had touched the tarmac I turned to Harry and said, "See! There was nothing to worry about". We filed out of the plane one by one, there was excitement in the air as we all knew we would be seeing our families soon.

We arrived in Manchester to a warm welcome; Harry's mum and sister were waiting for us outside the terminal. "Sis!" I shouted as soon as I spotted Gemma. I squeezed her so tight she screamed, and we both laughed. We were so close, but me being in London meant that we only saw each other every once in a while. "The twins are back together", Anne said, talking about Gemma and I. She laughed and hugged us both. We waved Zayn, Louis and Liam off, as they all had longer journeys than we did. Louis and Liam had the longest journeys, and hour and a half from the airport, but Harry's hometown of Holmes Chapel was only half and hour away.

We stuffed the suitcases in the car and headed off to Holmes Chapel. I was staying at Harry's but my hometown was only 20 minutes away in Alderly Edge.

I would travel with Harry there on Christmas eve and we would travel back and forth over Christmas and New Year.

We rounded the corner into Harry's street - I could see the excitement on his face as we pulled onto the drive. He jumped out of the car and headed straight into the house. As soon as we stepped into the hallway Harry ran straight into the living room and bombed onto the sofa. He sighed "Aaaah - It's good to be home" he said as he patted the space next to him on the sofa.

I took my shoes off and snuggled in close "Your mums outside struggling with the suitcases, you know"

"Oh, yeah!" He said, getting up and heading for the door.

As soon as the door slammed shut I felt as though I could breathe. I took a minute to relax and collect my thoughts. I sighed and let all my muscles relax.

I closed my eyes and was so tired I nearly fell asleep, but as soon as I knew it Harry and Anne were heading upstairs. I offered to help but they had everything under control.

I trudged up the stairs after Harry and followed him into his room.

Luckily Harry had a double bed so I didn't have to travel back and forth to mine every day.

I had text my mum as soon as we had landed and told her I would call her later - I had to pack up some things from mine to be sent down to London.

I had decided to leave my 6th form at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive, which was where I was before the craziness of The X Factor, and start in a new school in London. My mum had at first been skeptical, but agreed. She knew that Harry and the boys would look after me.

I jumped onto the bed and was immediately consumed by that gorgeous Harry smell once again. I lifted the pillow to my face and inhaled deeply.

"What ARE you doing?" Harry asked laughing.

"Smelling.. The house in London hasn't quite got to the right stage yet" I replied, laughing and a little embarrassed.

Harry laughed, "Crazy girl" he replied and started to unpack.

I lay there just watching Harry. I was too tired to function, and Harry started flagging a few minutes after.

The sun was starting to set behind the clouds and Harry flicked the bedside light on.

He crawled onto the bed beside me and closed his eyes "You happy to be home?" I asked.

"So happy - you have no idea" I smiled. "Me too"

We were both staring up at the ceiling but I curled up to him and he lifted his arm up and over my head. We fitted together so well - So comfortably. I fell asleep a few minutes later and woke with the tapping of Harry's fingers on his phone above me head. "Mehhh, what are you doing? How long was I asleep?" I groaned.

"A little under an hour" he replied, laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" I said, confused.

"Sorry" he laughed again "I just posted a photo of you on twitter" he said, trying not to laugh.

"You did WHAT!" I screamed

"Don't worry, everyone thinks it's cute" he said, flipping his phone round and showing me.

It wasn't that bad, apart from the eyeliner smudged half way across my cheek. Great. I could imagine the comments now "What are you doing with that TRAMP" I tried to put it out of my mind.

"Mum said dinners nearly ready by the way" Harry said, still distracted with his phone.

"I might do one of these twitcams Louis keeps telling me about - Just to check in, I've been a bit M.I.A on Twitter" he said.

"Yeah - good idea! I'm not being in it though!" I replied.

"Oh c'mon, they love you, plus you'll make it more interesting that just me sitting there" He said, puppy eye-ing me.

"Hmmm - I'll think about it" I replied, smiling.

I grabbed my christmassey grey and white cardigan and headed downstairs, following the sound of cheesy christmas songs. They were coming from the sound system in the kitchen and I could see Anne and Gemma cooking up a storm, they were plating up so I called Harry's name and moments later he appeared plodding down the stairs.

I took my seat and sipped my wine while we waited for the food.

Dinner was lovely and we all chatted and laughed. We were still sitting at the table at 10:00pm - Harry and I had so much to tell Gemma and Anne - all about the house, and the fans, and the paps.

We finally headed to bed at 11:30 after we had all had a go on Wii Just Dance - Harry could sing, but I beat him hands down when it came to coordination and dancing. He was useless!

We both climbed into bed, tired from the long day. We both fell asleep soundly, with not a peep from either of us until the next morning.

Sophie-Louise Green

Hometown: Alderly Edge

Parents: Andrew and Michelle Green

Interests: Photography, Journalism, Fashion

Chapter 8

As I woke, Harry was already up and dressed and sitting on the side of the bed. I heard something rustling on his lap. I rubbed my eyes and sat up straight. "What's that?"

He turned towards me; his blue eyes glinted in the sun that was streaming through the window.

"A present" He replied. "What for?" I said, shocked and a little nervous.

"We met each other a year ago today" My face dropped. I had forgotten. Just like always. I was one of the most forgetful people, but I knew our one-year anniversary was January 14th because on our first date Harry had joked he wished it were a month later because then I could be his Valentine. "Don't worry," He said laughing, as he brushed his hand against my cheek "I don't expect you to remember, silly. It's only a little something"

My cheeks flushed and my smile must have been huge. The memories came flooding back. Harry and I had gone to different secondary school all through Year 7 to 11, but because we lived around the same area, most of our friends knew each other mutually. My best friend Ali had organized a 2009 Christmas party for most of our year and other people that she knew. I was first there to set the party up. Ali and I were so organized; we had bought drink and food weeks beforehand and were pretty much ready by 5:30pm. The guests weren't supposed to be arriving until 8:00pm. It got to 7:30pm and people had started to turn up.

By 9:00pm Ali's house was full of people dancing, drinking and eating. Some were outside freezing their butts off, but most were inside. The night flew by as we all danced and laughed into the small hours. By 2:00am there were only a handful of people left, and we found ourselves playing Spin The Bottle on her living room floor. I wasn't the type to get drunk, but I was a little tipsy to say the least. I looked around the room, trying to recognize some of the people there. Half of them were friends that I had known for years, but a few were people I hardly recognized. There was Adam, who was sitting next to a boy I had never seen before. He was cute, incredibly cute. He had brown curly hair and bright blue eyes. He didn't look like boys I had liked before, but you just wanted to go up to him and squeeze his cheeks. He was laughing with Adam over some random guy kissing Mel.

It was getting really late and I headed upstairs to get duvets and pillows for the 7 or 8 of us that were staying there. I struggled half way down the stairs, but I couldn't see the floor in front of me so I had to stop and rearrange the pile of bedding. As I was heaving the pile over my shoulder my foot slipped on the carpet. I tumbled down, head over heels with duvets and pillows flying everywhere.

Nothing hurt as I sat slumped and the bottom of the stairs, but I was trying so hard not to laugh at myself. I couldn't help it any longer, I sat there in among strewn duvets laughing.

Then I realized the cute guy with the curly hair was staring straight at me, over his shoulder. I put my hand over my mouth to stop, but couldn't help smiling as I picked myself up off the floor. Nobody had noticed what had happened as the music and sound of chatting and laughter was too loud to hear in the darkened hallway.

Then, I heard someone behind me "Are you okay? You took a bit of a tumble there" he said. I turned around to see the same guy standing in front of me, smiling. His smile made my heart flutter "Yeah, I'm fine," I said blushing "I think the duvets broke my fall!" I said laughing. He laughed too. He started picking the duvets up and chucking them into the kitchen. "You look nice, by the way.. I'm Harry," he said timidly. "Sophie, nice to meet you" I replied.

And the rest, as they say… was history. We exchanged numbers after a steamy kiss that night in the bathroom, and our first date took place 2 weeks later in a local restaurant.

I snapped out of my daydream and that same boy was sitting on the bed next to me, smiling just like he was smiling in my head a whole year ago. So much had changed since then, the only competition I had a few months ago was the school bitch; Jenna. As soon as Harry and I started dating she was jealous. Apparently she had had her eye on Harry before we had even met, but he wasn't interested. But now, every girl I met could be obsessed with him and angry that he's not single.

Harry's eyes shone. He lifted the small bag off his lap and handed it to me

"You shouldn't have, Harry, I haven't got you a thing!" I said shyly.

"It's nothing really, just open it!" He said.

It was a small bag with pink tissue paper sticking out the top. The small card on the handle read

"To Sophie,

One year on and I'm still just as in love with you as the first time we met.

Harry xx"

I looked at him and he was smiling. I smiled back, holding back the tears. I gently took the package of tissue paper out of the bag and started to unfold it. It was a box, and as I unwrapped the paper I knew exactly what type of box it was. It was bright aqua blue, with small white writing.

It was a Tiffany & Co little blue box.

I looked at him in dismay "Harry, you shouldn't have. I can't accept this"

"Don't be stupid, it's for you" He said, smiling. "Open it!"

I took the box in my hand. Not knowing what to do. I lifted the top of the box off and placed it on the bed. Inside was a small leather pouch, I snapped the popper and peeked inside.

Inside the small pouch was a small silver Tiffany bracelet. I gasped. He took the pouch out of my hand and got the bracelet out gently. He opened the catch and I put my arm out. Moments later it was around my wrist. It hung perfectly and looked amazing. I noticed that rather than the classic "Return to Tiffany's" there was different writing on the charm. I squinted to see it more clearly. The front of the heart had "This heart belongs to Harry" on it.

He was the sweetest, most romantic person I had ever met. He leaned in and we kissed passionately.

As we hopped down the stair, hand in hand I must have looked as if we had just got engaged because I looked so happy. "Have you two just got married or something?" Gemma questioned, laughing.

"No, not quite, but LOOK!" I said and held my wrist out. "Oh. My. Gosh!" Gemma shouted, "It's beautiful! Who knew my little bro could be so romantic?" She said, laughing.

The rest of the day was full of meeting friends and family. We traveled to Alderly Edge to see my family. My mum loved Harry so much, she was always cooing over us when we where together, "Aww – You two are just too cute for words," She would say and we would just laugh.

My parents were so proud of Harry and the boys. Before the live shows had started, the boys took turns at staying at each other's houses and Harry's and my house were full for around a week.

At the end of the long day we had decided to go out for dinner (a Chinese, it was Harrys favourite) and stay at mine. We constantly had to carry overnight things in the car because we didn't know where we would end up staying.

After dinner we drove to mine. My house was located down a small side lane and was surrounded by fields and forest. We turned the corner and immediately saw the lights peeping through the trees.

We stopped outside the front door and headed in. Although I had only been home a few times in the last month, it was still home. My bed felt like heaven as we both lay there. My room looked bare without picture frames, jewelry and all kinds of things everywhere. It was all inside the 2 boxes in the corner of the room marked LONDON.

The rest of the evening we lay on my bed, on Twitter and talking to the fans. Harry did a Twitcam that starred me for about 2 seconds. It was nice to see all the nice comments, but of course there would always be the haters, but I tried not to see them in the constant stream of comments. Harry stayed on Twitcam for around an hour, giving shout outs and generally being silly. It was fun to just be with each other and mess around.

I knew that the next day would be busy because the boys were all meeting and doing a secret gig for the fans in central Manchester at lunchtime, then we were having a private Christmas party with everyone's families and friends. I felt sorry for Niall, he had to travel back and forth from Ireland every time we decided to do something together.

It was getting late, and Harry had decided to stop doing #askharry on Twitter and go to sleep. It was 11:30, and it was a school night for all his littler fans!

We climbed into bed and snuggled up, the heating had switched off a couple of hours ago, and my once warm house was cooling slightly.

We were laying there, the room dark and everything silent. Suddenly my phone rang loudly, disrupting the silence. I grabbed it quickly and pressed "Answer", the number was withheld, but I already had the phone to my ear "Hello" I croaked. "Hi. Is this Sophie?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Well you're a fucking slag and you don't deserve to be with Harry." The phone rang off, and switched back to my home menu. I still had the phone pressed to my cheek seconds later.

"Who was that?" Asked Harry, quizzically.

"Some girl" I replied, stuttering. "The called me an effing slag and that I don't deserve to be with you… then hung up"

"Oh god." Harry said, sounding worried. He picked up his phone and dialed Simon's assistant.

"Hi, it's Harry. Someone's got hold of my girlfriends number and I'm worried it might be put on the Internet, can you see what you can do?"

He paused.

"Okay, great. Can you let me know if you do?" He paused again "Okay, great, thanks Megan"

He hung up. "They're sorting it right now, please don't worry" He said, hugging me tightly.

"It's fine.. I just hope my number doesn't get leaked"

"Yeah, me too. Simon's team deals with this kind of stuff all the time, it'll be fine"

Harrys phone beeped seconds later. It was a text message from Megan. It read,

"Already sorted, the phone number wasn't private and we've blocked the number from Sophie's phone. Please tell her not to worry as we've made sure it wont be leaked via the Internet. If you have any other problems please contact me. Kind regards, Megan."

I sighed heavily. What a relief. It was amazing what people with power could do within a couple of minutes.

"Please just forget about it," He said as I snuggled up to his side.

"Already have" I replied, with a smile.

My bracelet touched his warm stomach and he flinched a little. I grabbed my iPod from under the pillow and scrolled down the lists to find Stevie Wonder "Isn't She Lovely". It bought back memories of Harry constantly rehearsing for his audition for The X Factor, and it was his favourite song. I squished one earphone in his ear and one in mine.

I tapped play and as soon as the song started to play Harry smiled; I could see the silhouette of his face as he looked towards me. He gently plucked the earphone from my ear and moved closer to me. He moved my hair and put his lips close to my ear, there were only a few millimeters between us and I could hear the song being played through the other earphone.

"Isn't she lovely?" He sung like an angel into my ear. My heart absolutely melted, just like the first time I had heard him sing.

"Isn't she wonderful?" I couldn't help but smile and tear up.

I had the perfect boy, who was perfect in every way, just absolutely perfect. There were no other words to describe him.